What doing a jigsaw and running a small business have in common

Last weekend I took some time off to visit a friend and somehow ended up engrossed in a jigsaw puzzle #therapy I realised there were so many parallels between running a small business and doing a jigsaw I thought I’d share them with you. #callmecrazy #gottagetoutmore #lessonsfromdoingajigsaw   Thing 1: Get the outline done first, and it gives you…… Continue Reading

Client Success Story #2: Amelia Lee & Your Reno Roadmap

I work with phenomenal clients every day, and this one in particular is a huge inspiration – for anyone thinking about translating their knowledge into an online course, which just so happens to end up in the hands of a celebrity! (Yep, no word of a lie!) Introducing Amelia Lee, the Undercover Architect, who has…… Continue Reading

Paying It Forward #4: Samoa, 2016

Paying it Forward 2016 was supposed to be in Feburary 2016, in Myanmar but due to a complete oversight and lack of planning on my part, I was deported on arrival due to having the incorrect visa. #lessonlearned #whoops What to do instead? Well, Talofa (hallo) Samoa! Yes, this awesome country was again the recipient of…… Continue Reading

Client Success Story #1: Lacey Filipich and Money School

I work with phenomenal clients every day, and rarely share the good work that they’re doing so I decided it’s about time that changed!   Introducing Lacey Filipich, Director of Money School, which is a course to help you and your family achieve financial freedom! Now who wouldn’t want that? Where did the course come…… Continue Reading

How to create a ‘passive’ income without an e-Course

An honest conversation with Ellen Ercolini, about why e-Courses aren’t the holy grail to a passive income stream. WATCH THE BRIEF INTRO HERE – FULL WEBINAR IN THE LESSON LINKS BELOW E-Courses They’re touted as the be all and end all for all small business owners online. Quite simply, they’re not. They work for some…… Continue Reading

12 points to consider BEFORE you create content

Warning, this is a long post, but here’s the thing. If you don’t have 5 minutes to read this from start to finish, you simply cannot afford to be creating content. I’m serious. It’s a bit like going travelling without insurance. Nuts. Such a small investment, such a massive ROI when things don’t go to…… Continue Reading

How to get your content online, fast

Got skills and knowledge you know can help others? Want to get that knowledge into an online offering so you can leverage your time instead of charging by the hour?   We hear you. We’ve been there, and we want to help.   The idea for this expert panel came about while working with a…… Continue Reading

What educational product or service should you be delivering?

Are you seeing other professionals and organisations creating e-Courses, Workshops, online and face to face offerings and feeling a bit confused about what you should be delivering? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices? Have you created a bunch of offerings and are now drowning in the sea of responsibility you’ve created for yourself?   Wouldn’t you prefer…… Continue Reading

How to find work that lights you up

It took 15 years of teaching, travelling, and consulting overseas, 1 medical evacuation from my posting in the Pacific, and multiple organ failure to make me realise something was going to have to change.   Organ failure, I tell you, it’ll do it to you every time.   If you’re reading this with no inkling…… Continue Reading

Teaching tips if you want to create real change in the world

If you’re a teacher, trainer, or facilitator of learning, the piece of art that I recently had commissioned was created with you in mind.   Why? Because some of you are considering not being a teacher. You’re infused with inspiration for sharing your content with the world, but on the flip side you’re not sure the…… Continue Reading

Do you really need SEO, SEM and SMO?

Do you have an online component to your business, even if it IS just a static website, essentially just your digital business card?   Do you hear the terms SEO, SMO and SEM bandied about, and think ‘yeh, I should probably know what they mean and work out what I need to be doing for that…all the…… Continue Reading

4 Key PILLARS for Creating Professional Courses

This new online learning explosion; awesome, isn’t it? The ability to learn anything, at any time. A heavenly new combination of accessibility, few regulations, and an abundance of information can’t possibly be a bad thing – can it?   It can, and it is. If you’re worried that you don’t have a teaching or training qualification…… Continue Reading

How does Udemy stack up?

Not sure which delivery platform you should be using?   I had heard that Udemy was a really good place to put up online courses – so I decided to give it a bash, by transferring the 12 Day Challenge to Create Real Change, complete with a few extra goodies onto Udemy in the form…… Continue Reading

4 Steps To Creating Quality Online Training That Sells Itself

We’ve all been there. Dazzled by the pretty promise of a course that completely failed to deliver.   Those big, flashy sales pages with beautiful branding and gorgeous imagery can be oh, so alluring. On a quest to find that one course that would deliver what you needed, so so ready to dive right in and…… Continue Reading

6 Simple Steps to Systemising and Selling your Expertise

When you reach the point where you’ve been practising your trade for years, you will more than likely have a healthy list of clients who have successfully been through your process so you know it works, you’ve refined your content and the way you deliver it, and you’re confident that your knowledge and expertise consistently…… Continue Reading

The 5 Professionals who Help with Creating Quality Content

At the point of the journey where people start looking for me is when they’ve come up with their ground breaking, ass-kicking idea, gotten really excited about it, morphed it into game changing content and then realised they can’t quite figure out how best to turn it into… something.   Google just about breaks them…… Continue Reading

5 Myths About Online Teaching and Learning BUSTED!

OK, I’M FIRED UP.  I’m on a mission.   A mission to bring some sort of order to the chaos that is this new world of online teaching and learning. If you’re planning to sell your expertise by creating an online learning course, make sure you’re across the 5 myths that commonly held when it comes to…… Continue Reading