How to embed graphics into high quality videos

  One of the questions I get asked all the time, is ‘how do you get your video inside your Powerpoint Presentations? It’s really powerful but I can’t work out what order I’m meant to do things in to make it happen!’ I also get clients asking me question like when do I record the…… Continue Reading

The digital tools that I swear by.

Ahhhhh, technology.   It’s a blessing when you have the right combinations and a curse when you don’t. It’s taken me a fair few years to get this combination working for me but now that I have it, I’d never go back. Having the right combination of tech and systems makes your work day SO…… Continue Reading

What really happens when you try to take professional videos

If you’re trying to create professionals videos, there’s one thing you really have to learn how to do. Laugh at yourself. Honestly. While I was producing the video content for my online courses in Bali, I decided I was going to have to put together a blooper reel to expose the not so perfect side…… Continue Reading

Banishing Bad Behaviour; is it really possible?

We’ve all been there, be it with students (or employees for that matter!) of any age range; those that don’t want to be there, those that don’t want to learn, those whose mission in life it seems to disrupt every activity and learning opportunity and apparently make your teaching life or supervisory role hell on…… Continue Reading