Why even the best content is useless if the UX and UI aren’t right

Long story short? I learnt the hard way. Imagine if this was you. Years of learning the tools of my trade. Thousands of dollars and many years spent gaining qualifications and experience in Australia and abroad. Awards won, scholarships granted, kudos given, feeling like a qualified professional who has earnt her place in the corporate…… Continue Reading

How to give people what they actually NEED.

I’ve got a story for you (how unlike me). I’ve been in A LOT of sales funnels, as a prospective client, and here’s the one thing I usually do within the first few emails.   Unsubscribe. Now that’s the last thing you want prospective clients doing to YOU right? So why am I (and you?)…… Continue Reading

How do you stay organised when creating content?

What’s to follow, is an outline of the process that I use to stay sane (and help my clients stay sane) as professionals with a bucket load of knowledge, expertise and skills that need packaging into learning resources. If this is something you should be doing too (but are procrasti-cleaning at the thought of even…… Continue Reading

How much content is too much content?

This is another one of those questions I get asked all the time – how much content is too much content to include in my workshop, presentation or course? The answer this time, is really quite simple. In short? Give enough: reasons to motivate your clients to WANT to learn it, theory to help them…… Continue Reading

What’s the best number of people to have in a course?

This is a question I get asked ALOT and to be honest there’s no one size fits all kind of answer. It really depends on a lot of different factors like what content is being covered, what interaction is required between the facilitator and the participants, how much support is needed before, during and after the…… Continue Reading

How to efficiently create batches of engaging instructional videos

So I often get asked how to create a bunch of training videos so that they look streamlined, professional and have a certain flow or consistency to them. So there are two parts to this problem. 1. Creating effective visual aids, like PowerPoint presentations or slides. 2. Batching a whole set of videos (making a…… Continue Reading

The key ingredient to earning consistent income from online courses

This post is designed for anyone thinking about creating an e-Course and under the impression they’ll be sipping pina coladas on a beach in Thailand within weeks, with a consistent income flowing into their bank accounts, because there’s a simple 12 step system you can follow that includes a strategy that made the business coach 120K…… Continue Reading

4 Ways to effectively communicate your message

There is SO MUCH NOISE in the online world these days, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming – how do you know whether anyone is actually hearing what you’ve got to say?   Do you wonder whether all the time and effort you put into creating blog posts, creating awesome little nuggets of training, all those…… Continue Reading

The key to successful teaching is demonstrating, not explaining.

So what is the key to successful teaching or training? It’s the golden rule of effective facilitation, what really helps you get something across to your learners. You can explain it till you’re blue in the face but when you demonstrate it? BAM. Lightbulb moments everywhere. Next time you’re struggling to get your clients to…… Continue Reading

How to have the impact on your clients you deserve

In short? Speak to them in a language they understand; and I’m not talking about English, or their native language.   Communicate in words that resonate with your clients – if you don’t, it’s going to fall on deaf ears or at the very worst, have you misunderstood, your reputation at stake, and your business…… Continue Reading

Why ‘selling before you create’ can be a recipe for disaster

The more clients I speak to, the more stories I hear about business coaches advising their clients to sell a course or program, before they have created it.  Now just to clarify, this is not a rant about dodgy business coaching – it’s an article that will prevent you making the mistakes I’ve seen clients make,…… Continue Reading

How to avoid inadvertently alienating your clients

Imagine you’ve been working with clients for weeks and towards the end of your time working together, you realise you’ve been secretly and silently offending them. Certainly not the sort of situation that produces raving testimonials right?   The thing is, it’s a lot easier to do than you think, if you don’t follow the…… Continue Reading

One very easy way to avoid nasty reviews

In short? One really easy way to avoid nasty reviews, is to ensure that you have clear outcomes before you start working with someone then actually deliver on the outcomes that you promise. Failing to do either of these things will most definitely land you in hot water with your clients because when outcomes aren’t…… Continue Reading

How to deal with good, bad and ugly feedback

It’s one thing to ask for feedback from your clients, it’s another to actually implement the changes in a review process. The Review Process. Yes, it’s a thing of importance, and it deserves capital letters, and URGH. It BLOWS.  No really, tell me it doesn’t. You do the right thing and ask for feedback from…… Continue Reading

How important are good intercultural communication skills?

Intercultural communication. Yawn.   Or not? How important really is good intercultural communication? It probably isn’t if you’re going to live in a bubble and only ever spend your time with people who are from the same ethnic background. In this global world we live in, how realistic is that? It might also seem simple…… Continue Reading

Is ‘learning styles’ a myth that has finally been debunked?

Google ‘learning styles debunked’ and you’ll get a raft of scholarly articles suggesting that yes, indeed, it has. There is no specific research to suggest that matching the way you teach to specific learning styles is beneficial, although it isn’t exactly time to throw the baby out with the bath water either.   As this…… Continue Reading

What’s the core ingredient of developing as a professional?

Need to stand out as the go-to-professional in your field? Professional Development is key, Reflection its core ingredient. Are you a natural Reflector?  Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me you DON’T know one of those people who just keeps making the same mistakes over and over. We all know one. Eeek! In fact we can probably…… Continue Reading