Paying It Forward #4: Samoa, 2016

Paying it Forward 2016 was supposed to be in Feburary 2016, in Myanmar but due to a complete oversight and lack of planning on my part, I was deported on arrival due to having the incorrect visa. #lessonlearned #whoops What to do instead? Well, Talofa (hallo) Samoa! Yes, this awesome country was again the recipient of…… Continue Reading

Ubud, Bali, my ‘other’ home

So people keep asking me ‘Why do you go to Bali so much?’ Simple answer, it’s where I can chill out, get a whole heap of work done, and get really well looked after.   I run a house, a business and have a very full life here in Perth, and LOVE it. But when…… Continue Reading

Why am I publishing these stories?

  For 13 weeks in 2014, I published another part of my Kiribati story.   Why? Well here’s the long and short of it.    In 2010 I was lucky enough to be employed on an AusAID funded project in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in a country called Kiribati. I was posted to…… Continue Reading

The Kiribati Chronicles

Before you start reading, want to know the story behind these stories and why we’re publishing a new part every week? Click here! Want to catch up on Parts 1 to 12? Follow these links! Part 1: You’re working WHERE?, Part 2: Coconuts can kill?, Part 3: Tip #3 – if you’re game!, Part 4: Exemplary…… Continue Reading

Part 13: If only they knew…

  NB: If you haven’t already read Part 12, please click here to do so first! This is a two part story, Part 13 being the second part!   The Deputy High Commissioner (DHC) clearly realised he might have just scared the living daylights out of all three of us and decided to try to…… Continue Reading

Part 11: Three sure fire solutions for immediate insanity

So after work on Monday we go to the local petrol station and after a hilarious bout of charades get someone to look at our flat tyre.   Various highly technological procedures are performed whereby soapy water is painted onto the tyre looking for a puncture and all is well as there are no bubbles…… Continue Reading

Part 8: The best road on the atoll is WHERE?

Saturday rolls around and considering it’s my first day in Kiribati when I don’t have to go to work, I decide that a swim is in order. Surrounded by beautiful blue ocean and lagoon all week, I’ve been dying to get into that water for my first dip in the Pacific Ocean, and so we…… Continue Reading

Part 7: When the foodie faces the frankfurter

 Driving licenses in hand, off we head to the big supermarket, which is in Betio. Betio is the part of the island where a great deal of the population of South Tarawa resides; along with the better shops and restaurants, it also sports one of the highest density populations in the world. Now. One would…… Continue Reading

Part 6: It’s a fine line between…

 So day two on the job is as bewildering as the first.   As we get into the curriculum, I realise just how much there is to do: Steale has serious deadlines to meet and has been flying solo for the last 3 weeks waiting for me to arrive so there’s a backlog of work…… Continue Reading

Part 5: How to reduce your waistline in one simple step

  So off we go to the shop. 

Now this speciality shop is known as ‘I-Mart’ (name on the wall outside), ‘Nick’s’ (the guy who owns it) and ‘Blue Door’ (yes, the colour of the front door), depending on who you speak to: not confusing in the slightest. Buildings here are known by things like the…… Continue Reading

Part 4: Exemplary Customer Service Lesson #2

  So we’re up at 6.45am, which is about 2.45am Perth time, and we’re about to leave for my first day of work. Our transport while I’m here, is Steale’s beast of a late 90s sedan, and its look is completed by 3 hubcaps and a racing sticker on the back windscreen. Awesome. As I’m…… Continue Reading

Part 3: Tip #3 – if you’re game?

  Another of our colleagues came round to introduce herself before we all traipsed off for dinner. Steale promised that as a special ‘welcome to the country’ treat, we’d be going to the premier eating establishment up our end of the atoll. Leaving the sanctity of the house we headed back out into the potholes…… Continue Reading

Part 2: Coconuts can kill?

  The flight into Kiribati was… well… interesting. After 3 hours of flying over serene, dark blue oceans, the landscape changed into dots of white sand and palm trees surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water. The land appeared to be only a single narrow strip and the closer we got, the more apparent it became just…… Continue Reading

Part 1: You’re working WHERE?

  For those of you who aren’t already part of our online community, here’s an excerpt from our latest newsletter: Lots of changes with SELECT Consultants this year, but the most exciting is that by the end of this year, I’ll have published that book I’ve been threatening to write for years… and the best part of being on…… Continue Reading