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Hi! I'm Maria Doyle.

I help passionate professionals create quality learning experiences that engage, inspire and motivate their clients to create real change in their lives.

When you do that, not only do you get to make the world a better place, your clients shout your name from the rooftops and that means you're also building a referrals based business that sells itself.

If you’d like to change lives by communicating your knowledge then you’re in the right place.

Today learning is happening everywhere. Not just in formal classrooms, but in workplaces, boardrooms and of course the myriad of online options. Just because there are more opportunities to present content, doesn’t automatically mean people are being presented with more opportunities to learn.

That's where I come in.

It’s my life mission (and my zone of genius!) to take the lack-lustre courses, workshops and presentations of this world – both virtual and live – and transform them into ‘it-changed-my-life’ experiences for people (like your clients, students, soon-to-be-raving fans).

Nothing lights me up more than teaching, learning, travelling and helping others be better at what they do.

I don’t know about you, but the world I’d like to live in is one where teaching and learning isn’t a passive, forgettable exchange, but an engaging, fun, memorable experience for everyone involved.


Right now, there are far too many people sitting through grit-your-teeth torture as knowledge is delivered, consumed and forgotten. As a teacher and trainer I know there’s no greater high than watching eyes light up when they finally get something and that's a joy every born teacher knows and loves.

I also know the pain of standing up and sharing your passion only to be met with boredom, disinterest and apathy.

I don’t want your knowledge and expertise to be lost in translation. I want you to be understood and for your content to change lives. That’s the reason why my business exists.

For me, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing passionate professionals fail to translate that passion into real learning.


And by real learning, I mean life-altering learning experiences for everyone involved.


If you’re here that means you’re interested in doing things better.


You want your course, workshop or presentation to really make an impact.

I love helping passionate professionals make an impact and have created lots of ways to help you do that.

What else do I love?


Nobody works in 10 different countries unless they love travel. Exploring the world and learning about other people, customs and languages is at the heart of my journey. I've travelled through 35 countries thanks to the 13 overseas postings I've enjoyed over the last 20 years, and don't see that number staying the same for long ... All the images used on this site are from my travels, and are available for purchase. Check out my photo library here.


It's also the way I Give Back; read more about this, in the Grass-roots projects section below.



My love of languages led me to gain my first degree in languages, and since that I've picked up another few from living and working in countries where there was little English understood. Nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end!


Since my initial degree I’ve been lucky enough to work with nationals from over 60 different countries. I believe that having such broad exposure to inter-cultural communication has been the key to understanding my learners.

Omikoshi 10

Grass-roots projects.

I love using my skills to make a difference to marginalised communities and people.


From recent case work defending a young Indigenous Australian youth whose English language skills put him at a significant disadvantage to teaching refugees and migrants from all over the world as part of the Adult Migrant English Program in Australia to advocating for teachers, trainers and lecturers in the worlds of ESL, EAL/D and TESOL, I’m always looking to contribute my skills in a practical way.


Every year I find a school that would otherwise not have access to the quality education and teacher training that we're blessed with in Australia and take some time out to give back some of the expertise that I've collected along my journey. Find out more about my Giving Back program here.


Contributing to the education and small business communities.

I wouldn't be where I am in the world without a lot of help from people along the way. That's why I choose to stay connected to the small business and education communities by volunteering my time and services to those who need it.

I'm a volunteer Office Hours Mentor at Spacecubed, which is a co-working space in Perth City, and have been appointed as an Intensify Scholarship Mentor for two amazing young human beings Ryan Beckmand who is the brainchild behind Sciosity, a company specialising in education and training using Virtual Reality, and Zsuzsa Octaviano who is working with young women on meditation, mindfulness and feminine issues. Inspiring to be working with such dedicated young people!

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.28.41 am

I was also, for 2 years, the Vice President of the not for profit, volunteer run, state industry association that looks after ESL and TESOL teachers in Western Australia: WATESOL Inc., where we advocate for the rights of ESL and EAL/D teachers and students in Western Australia. I recently stepped down from the position of Vice President after taking the organisation through a complete digital overhaul including putting all their memberships, resources, events and communication methods online. I'm still in the General Committee and help out with the technical side of the organisation.


 Now for the bits of paper; here's a brief snapshot...

 Major Qualifications

+ Master of Education with Distinction (TESOL), University of Wollongong

+ Bachelor of Arts (Italian and Indonesian), University of Western Australia

+ Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE, TAFESA

+ Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages),

+ CELTA, Milner International College of English


There’s plenty more where that came from if you’re into that type of thing. Want to read a long CV? Here it is.


Major Awards

+ Professional Teaching Council of WA: Outstanding Service Award 2016

+ EduPreneur of the Year Awards 2015: Vocational Education and Training Category

+ Global Impact Awards 2015:  Second Place Winner

+ Curtin University: Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award, 2009

+ University of Western Australia: six month International Scholarship for study in Indonesia.

Edupreneur Awards

Want to read more about the awards and guest appearances Maria has won and featured in? Click here to read more. 

Think your field is a bit different to anything I've worked with before? Think again... 

I work with a diverse range of professionals from the corporate, entrepreneurial and small business worlds. Whilst working on a curriculum development project at Curtin university, I worked with academics in various departments including Project Management, Physiotherapy, Education, and Radiography.


The foundations of best practice teaching and learning can be applied to any professionals who are sharing their message to people whose lives can be improved by learning from them. Here is a range of projects and professionals I've worked with in just this last year:  


+ A suite of health and wellness programs with a naturopath

+ An online catalogue of hardware and software training for a tech company

+ Online whole food programs with a mum of three who is a health foodie entrepreneur

+ Face-to-face seminars on data mining with a technology consultant 

+ Group training sessions for a new book-keeping app and its software with its developer

+ Alcohol and other Drugs awareness package for a government department

+ Online videography courses with an expert from the TV and entertainment industries 

+ Presentations for state and federal government regarding a 25 year mining plan for outback Australia.

Want to see the full range of testimonials?

Click here for testimonials from my previous managers, coaching clients and course participants.

Here are some testimonials from a range of clients I've worked with over the last ten years.

Cat Le BlancLots of people talk about engagement or creating trainings or inspiring your audience but Maria is the real deal. She has literally decades of hands-on, real life experience in incredibly varying environments working on understanding learning and user/learner engagement. 

Maria has a deep understanding of how learning happens and because she is just so damn good at what she does, she doesn't really explain things - she demonstrates them so you can see them in action.


I saw first hand exactly how I can better communicate with my audience and not have people yawning in my videos, by watching her demonstrate and then explain different skills - this is the beauty of working with her - she really embodies what she does! 


Maria inspires, motivates and truly connects with her learners. 


Cat LeBlanc
Business Strategist 

Sonia FernsMaria is effervescent, passionate and energetic with the resilience to focus tirelessly until the job is done. She is a compassionate person who considers issues and challenges from a holistic perspective ensuring outcomes and decisions are inclusive of all stakeholders.
Maria’s impeccable approach and keen attention to detail culminates in an exceptionally high standard of work in terms of presentation and output.
Manager Course Review, Curtin Teaching and Learning

Curtin University, Australia

Joy PedersenMaria has a deep understanding of Educational Design, she is a talented teacher and inspiring mentor.I worked alongside Maria for two years in a remote and difficult context as she successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive English program for both trainers and students.
The gains in English language competence for all learner categories were impressive and, most significantly, the local English teachers achieved internationally recognised certification and the skills, understanding and confidence to sustain and take ownership of the programs developed.
Joy Pedersen, Phase 1 Teaching and Learning /Operations Manager,TVETSSP Kiribati

Looking for a guest speaker or presenter?

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The ways I can help you create a quality learning experience.

I’ve taken my 15 years of teaching experience plus the very best bits of several teaching and training qualifications, and synthesised it into an online Library of resources, that show you exactly how to build and deliver training programs that work.

This flexible library of resources has 4 Levels. BASICS: for those wanting to sell their expertise online. FOUNDATIONS: a crash course in adult learning. EVERYDAY and SPECIALIST are coming soon, and dedicated to helping professionals run effective learning experiences in their classrooms or businesses. If you're a facilitator of adult learning experiences, but don't have much training or experience there are resources that can help. Find out more here: http://www.createrealchange.com/start-here/


I've put together a range of services to help passionate professionals like yourself work more effectively with your clients. If you need more personalised help, coaching, course review services or face to face group training sessions, I create bespoke solutions for you and the needs of your organisation.

Access to The Library comes included with all Coaching sessions and bundles, and workshop participants also receive access to online resources to enhance their face to face or online group learning experiences.

Click here to find out more about working with me.

Ready to get started?

Regardless of whether you're looking for an MC, a presenter, a consultant to help you pull together your learning materials or a coach to work along side you as your build out your offerings, I have products and services that can help. The easiest way forward, is to book in for a chat with me so that we can work out the most effective and efficient way of moving forward.

If you’d like to get in touch with me directly, you can book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss working together.  Click here to book an appointment.


Wondering what the company name means?

It's an acronym for the areas I've worked in over the past 20 years, and the specialist areas that I provide resources, workshops, coaching and consulting services in. Click here to find out more about how to work with me. 


Looking forward to working with you in the near future!







Maria Doyle

Founder and Director
SELECT Consultants Pty Ltd
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