6 Simple Steps to Systemising and Selling your Expertise

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When you reach the point where you’ve been practising your trade for years, you will more than likely have a healthy list of clients who have successfully been through your process so you know it works, you’ve refined your content and the way you deliver it, and you’re confident that your knowledge and expertise consistently produces results.


It’s at this point you may come to the decision to evolve your methods from a one-to-one model of teaching, (time consuming, not as financially savvy as you’d like) into a one-to-many model, leveraging your time and energy and delivering your teaching to more people, more efficiently.


This is the case with many of the professionals that I work with. They’re sitting on a tonne of exciting ideas and have a load of experience working with individual clients and are starting to get cluey about using their knowledge to create a group experience. They just need a plan.


If that’s where you’re stuck: you’ve got all the content but you’ve got no idea what to do with it all, you need a guide to systemise your expertise and morph it into products and services that you can sell, and I would love to share with you a simple framework that will help you do just that.



So, I’ve created a free webinar to show you exactly how to go about it.


Here's a quick introduction... if it sounds like it's what you've been looking for, there's instructions on how to access the full webinar at the end of this article.

Prefer an in person workshop?

I have practical, highly personalised, fun and very much action oriented workshops on this regularly.


The May 3rd Perth event was a hoot - 6 ladies from industries as diverse as wedding planning, SEO, holistic health, business, mental health and special needs education!

The Brisbane workshop later in May was just as powerful, and there are more being scheduled soon. Make sure you're on my mailing list to receive updates about the upcoming workshops. Do that, by signing up here.

Not sure this system is going to work with your expertise or industry area?

Think again. Follow this link to see all the professions and industries I've worked with over the years, and read about their successes.


Right. Ready for the process then?


6 Simple Steps to Systemise and Sell your Expertise:

How to create one-on-one, group, live, evergreen, online, or face to face learning experiences that translate your one to one processes into a leveraged learning product:


1. Commit to the Process

Because to get out of overwhelm and disorganisation, you need a mindset reboot. Decide you ARE going to take action by organising your content into a system that will ultimately rock the world of your clients and yourself. Set aside some time to actually getting all your content into ONE place.


2. Do a Brain Dump

When you extract your incredible content from all the random places it’s currently housed – your laptop, your filing system, your brain – you can work with it in a central location to work out what your main areas of content are, and how they’re going to be organised. Don't stop there though. What else have you got hidden in the recesses of your knowledge base? This isn't something that happens in half an hour. Keep at it. It will keep coming to you.


3. Systemise Your Knowledge Base

Grouping your newly collated content into areas assists you to isolate how many distinct modules or workshops you are able to deliver. Again, this might actually take weeks before it's all out of your head, and into some sort of order. I have amazing tools that will help you get this system in place but the best place to start is by grouping things into like areas, and naming them.


4. Use Your Knowledge Base

Once your content is systemised using the Content Organising Tool, you’ll be looking at a clear picture of what you have to create a full suite of products and services, including opt-ins, a language bank for marketing and blog posts, content for workshops, full blown courses, or even a book. The webinar above touches on the process, and the full lesson below will really walk you through the whole concept.


5. Scaffold Your Knowledge Base

When you are able to demonstrate to your clients how to use your content, at what point they’ll need it and in which order, there’s a greater chance they’ll be thrilled with your service or product. Thrilled clients means the start of a referrals based business that sells itself. It's not just about putting things in the right order, but also layering the learning experience with the right elements so that learners are lead on a learning journey, not just firehosed with information they don't know what to do with.


6. Build and Sell Your Offerings

This is the exciting part where you decide which products you’re going to create with your content. By isolating your strengths, figuring out what you can create that will be a joy to teach, and factoring in what your clients need, you can build offerings that tick all the boxes - for you (no one wants to be recreating a 9-5 for themselves right?) AND for your clients. Impress them? Off they go raving to you about you, and the impact you've had on their lives.


Ready to put the 6 Simple Steps into practice?

Fantastic! I have a quick tutorial and a content organising tool that step you through the process.


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