Workshops for Professionals

Wanting to leverage your time by selling your expertise in group learning experiences like workshops or e-Courses?

I get it. Where do you start? So many options and opinions on what you should be doing and how to do it best! I've worked with over 120 professionals in the last 3 years alone, so I've seen first hand the myriad of options available and all the pitfalls you can fall into.


I have a range of Signature Workshops: tried and tested group workshops that can be adapted for a wide range of audiences, including private one on one sessions. Each also have online courses which you will receive as part of the workshop, so that you can do the learning BEFORE you come to the workshop to get your specific questions answered.


These workshops have been successfully delivered with very positive feedback at the following coworking spaces:

  • Spacecubed, Perth, AUSTRALIA
  • Take Flight Series, Perth, AUSTRALIA
  • Hubud, Bali, INDONESIA
  • BubDesk, Perth, AUSTRALIA
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If one of the Workshops below doesn't suit exactly what you're looking for, I can tailor a workshop to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Fill in the enquiry form below with the details of what you're looking for and I'll be touch within 48 hours.


Looking to book a signature workshop, or a fully customised workshop for your co-working space or small business?

Happy to oblige! Answer the following questions if you can,  and I'll be in touch shortly. My work takes me all around the Asia Pacific region so there's a fair chance I'll be near your city soon!

  1. Which city are you in?
  2. When do you need the workshop delivered?
  3. How many people will attend the workshop?
  4. Is there a signature workshop of mine that is similar to what you're after? If so, which one?
  5. If not, what specifically do you need covered?
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