Need to create a set of quality learning materials?

Then you'll need to have a fairly specific skill set if you're going to do it right, the first time - and you place a high value on your time, money and energy. 

I help experienced professionals manage the whole process; I take the guess work out of how to efficiently systemise, optimise and digitalise your knowledge, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Deliver 5-star courses, workshops and presentations. Be a leader in your field. Confirm yourself as the go-to professional in your industry. Create real change in the lives of your clients. That's why you do what you do right?

Great content stuck in your head and hard drives?

Want to do it right the first time?    Find out what you do and don’t know about creating quality learning materials that will confirm you as the go-to professional in your field.

Learning is happening everywhere. Not just in formal classrooms, but in workplaces, boardrooms and of course the myriad of online options. Teaching and learning is evolving quicker than Apple can bring out their latest iPhone, and if you're at the top of your game, you'll have learning content that's available online. Simple as that.

The thing is though, that just because there are more opportunities to present content, doesn’t automatically mean that people have the skills to create quality learning experiences out of their expertise, and neither do they necessarily have the time, energy or patience to figure it all out for themselves.

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That's where I come in...


Who loves taking lack-lustre courses, workshops and presentations and transforming them into ‘it-changed-my-life’ experiences? Me. Bit special I know. Seeing the transformation of the materials and the professional who is delivering them, is, quite simply, inspiring. #learningjunkie #bitspecial

I have the skill set. I have the experience. 20 years' worth in fact, working in 12 different countries, honing the skill set you need for this process.

I navigate the whole process for you, so you can stay in your zone of genius and out of unnecessary time wasting diversions. Focus on doing what you do best instead - building the kind of reputation that sells itself, because your clients are getting results and referring you left, right and centre. Be confident in the fact that together we're going to create a set of resources that will confirm you as the #1 professional in your industry.

She is genuine, passionate, professional, a pleasure to work with, a rarity in the online learning world

Lacey Filipich

Ten minutes on the phone with Maria was enough to convince me that I needed her help to get my course on financial independence out of my head and into the world in the form of a fabulous learning experience.

I've worked with her for over 24 (coaching) hours now and she is far and away the best investment I have ever made in my business. She's THE expert for all things learning (including online courses) but she's also part business coach, part marketing copy expert, part personal cheerleader - and highly competent in all those areas and too many more areas to list. People like Maria are very rare in the online learning world. She is genuine, passionate, professional, a pleasure to work with and now I can't imagine working without her. When I'm ready to make my next round of training, Maria will be the first personal I consult.

Thank you Maria, I feel blessed to have met you and I'm excited about the real change we will be creating together for years to come.

Lacey Filipich

Financial Mindset Coach and Trainer

The world I’d like to live in is one where teaching and learning isn’t a passive, forgettable exchange, but an engaging, fun, memorable experience for everyone involved.

What learning experience do you want for your clients?

Do you want your course, workshop or presentation to really make an impact?

For me, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing an experienced, knowledgable professional fail to translate their skills and expertise into real learning.

And by real learning, I mean life-altering experiences. Where clients walk away with real-world skills being put into practice, not just more information they don't know what to do with. 

If you’re here, and you're still reading, it tells me that you're interested in creating quality learning content. This video explains the 4 stages you need to go through if you're wanting your content to hit the mark.

How much of the skill set do you have?

Find out what you do and don’t know about the whole process of designing, developing and delivering quality adult learning materials - offline and online.

Think your field is a bit different to anything I've worked with before? Think again...

I work with a diverse range of professionals from the corporate, entrepreneurial and small business worlds.

The foundations of best practice teaching and learning can be applied to anyone who is sharing their knowledge with adult learners. Here is a range of projects and professionals I've worked with:

  • a suite of health and wellness programs with a naturopath, 
  • an alcohol and other drugs awareness package for a government department, 
  • online training content to compliment skydiving camps and clinics,
  • face to face workshops and online training resources for a book keeper,
  • online courses for organisations specialising in assisting those living with disabilities,
  • blended learning materials for media professionals helping small businesses get featured in radio, TV and print,
  • accredited training programs for an organisation helping workplaces create accredited wellness programs,
  • online courses for a neuroscientist working with people on brain health,
  • the Ministry of Education in Fiji, to create professional develppment training for their Heads of Schools and Principals,
  • and the list goes on...
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Impeccable approach ... an exceptionally high standard of work

Sonia Ferns

Maria is effervescent, passionate and energetic with the resilience to focus tirelessly until the job is done. She is a compassionate person who considers issues and challenges from a holistic perspective ensuring outcomes and decisions are inclusive of all stakeholders.

Maria’s impeccable approach and keen attention to detail culminates in an exceptionally high standard of work in terms of presentation and output.

Sonia Ferns

Manager Course Review - Curtin University, Australia


No more boring courses and lack lustre training experiences.

If you want to facilitate amazing learning journeys that transform lives and leave you feeling awesome, talk to me, or read more about how I can help.

You can LEARN WITH ME through online courses and in-person workshops or
WORK WITH ME one-on-one through my coaching and consulting services.

There are three ways I can help:

I’ve taken my 20 years of teaching experience plus the very best bits of several teaching and training qualifications, and synthesised it into an online Library of resources, that show you exactly how to build and deliver training programs that work.

This flexible library of resources has 4 Levels, and is included free of charge when clients are working with me. No need to waste time during sessions, instead do the learning in your own time, prepare your documents and bring them to the sessions so we can efficiently move forward in your content creation project. Everyone loves saving time, money and energy right? This Library is the simplest way to download all my knowledge - whether you're working with me one on one, or not!

BASICS: for those wanting to sell their expertise online, or build a service based business that operates online.

FOUNDATIONS: a crash course in adult learning. If you're a facilitator of adult learning experiences, but don't have much training or experience, these resources can help.

EVERYDAY and SPECIALIST are coming soon, and dedicated to helping professionals run effective learning experiences in their classrooms or businesses.

I've put together a range of services to help experienced professionals work more effectively with their clients. If you need more personalised help, coachingcourse review services or face to face group training sessions, I create bespoke solutions for you and the needs of your organisation.

Access to The Library comes included with all Coaching sessions and bundles, and workshop participants also receive access to online resources to enhance their face to face or online group learning experiences.

Find out more about working with me here.

Need some focused down time to work on your business?

Some dedicated content creation time? For that book, that online course, that raft of articles or videos you've been meaning to get done, but never seem to find the time to focus on?

Some dedicated business planning time?

Know you need to get away from your every day life to get it done?

How about a Content Creation Getaway in Ubud, Bali?

You need some time out. You’ve got work to do, words to write, content to create, videos to shoot – and you just need some time and space away to get it done. No distractions, no interruptions, just a comfortable working space where you can work 24/7 if you need to (in between massages and restful sleep of course). You’ve heard a lot about living and working in Bali but you wouldn’t know where to start and you’d really just like someone to arrange it all for you.

How about a private, personalised experience?

I have solo and group retreat options... experience life in Ubud, Bali, hosted by myself and my gorgeous Balinese team and network of assistants, drivers, cooks, healers, classes, experiences and more.

For more information.

What do you need help with?

Find out what you do and don’t know about creating quality content that is helpful, engaging and makes you stand out as the go-to professional in your field.

Legendary...she has blown my mind

Yvonne Hilzs

I have spoken about the PURE GENIUS of Maria Doyle before ... but I am doing it again. SERIOUSLY ... check her out if you are building your programs and courses. She is a NINJA at ensuring there are clear student outcomes and learning achieved. I have spent the last 2 weeks practically every day writing content, brainstorming ideas, getting honest feedback with her. EPIC. This is an awesome program that has already sold to some major corporates.

If you nail your structure and your students learn and achieve what you desire ... they will be your biggest raving fans and promote you ... I'm a raving fan of hers, who has smashed out some incredible content and Maria has been legendary at helping me upgrade. I have been training and speaking for years and she has seriously blown my mind with some of the tweaks and upgrades.

Yvonne Hilsz

International Sales Strategist, Speaker and Coach

I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Maria Doyle

Founder and Director
SELECT Consultants Pty Ltd trading as Create Real Change™
ABN: 46 161 932 305