I’m festive season FAY-MOOSE!

OK, so about that subject line – the truth is, that I’m not really that famous, but Kate Toon is, and I’m going to be a regular on her podcast (WOOT!), talking about all things crazy that you come across on the inter-webs.

Copycats podcast 2

More about that in a minute (along with the other 3 guest appearances I’ve made in the past few months – good for holiday reading and listening if you’re taking a break and want something inspiring to while away the holiday hours!).

I really just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for still being here, at the end of 2017. Taking up space in someone’s inbox these days is a privilege not to be taken lightly (no one needs more useless shite blocking up their inboxes and adding to the overwhelm), so thanks for still being on board; I hope 2017 treated you well, and that 2018 is burning brightly on the horizon for you. Mine is, and far out what a completely nuts year I’ve had. Here’s a quick summary for you:

How the year started – I absolutely love this house that I’d been visiting and housesitting for a few years, so I ended up taking on a year long lease, a team of gorgeous Balinese family, friends and staff, and then buying an Indonesian company. WTAF. Wasn’t expecting that one at all. Life pivot – ahoy! Enter the Solo and Group Getaways (all about getting your content created and having some serious pamper time); I was trialling them this year and have hosted 1 Group 6 Solo Getaways – they have definitely been a success so I’m looking forward to those that are already on the books for 2018!

Group Getaway Bali Content Creation

I’ve also been piloting some new business advisory services which have sprung up quite un-expectantly but make total sense given the experience I’ve had in this country since 1998 (Cross Cultural Communication for Foreigners managing non English speaking Staff, New Staff Interview and Induction Processes and Performance Management Policies).

How the year continued – working with over 50 clients on a range of content creation or review projects, including a major project for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Western Australia, and a conference keynote and 5 days of workshops for the Ministry of Education in Samoa. I also started working with 3 new government funded not for profit organisations who help people living with disabilities, and a range of professionals from Australasia in industries as diverse as skydiving, book-keeping, selling via Amazon, mindfulness, succession planning, career progression, business coaching, weight-loss, mothering, public speaking, neuro-science and social media management. The array of knowledge that floats across my desktop every year is truly astounding and it’s a great privilege to work with so many talented individuals and dedicated professionals!

How the year finished – with me finally getting my Trademark – hoorah! and creating a new offering for 2018 that will replace my online workshops and cater to professionals on a tight budget who need weekly accountability to get their content created, reviewed or improved. The January Content Creation Mastermind sold out within a week of putting the call out there, and I’ve already got people on the waitlist for February. If it’s something that interests you, reply with a YES PLEASE so I can put you on the wait list for the coming months!

Monthly Mastermind Content Creation

I’ve also finally made the decision to completely rebuild both my websites due to the fact that they were both built on outdated technology that simply wouldn’t ‘play together nicely’ anymore – so as I type, the preparations are beginning for the big rebuild and merge into one comprehensive site that holds all my learning content, articles and my extended CV. Talking about my CV, I’ve also been able to add 12 guest appearances to my list this year, the 3 most recent of which you might find as a good source of inspiration on your festive season downtime! Here they are, in no particular order:

    1. Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur with Kate Toon: Episode 2 Copycats – We chat about how to deal with Copycats without losing your mind. Learn: how to spot trends, when and when not to confront your copycat, whether public shaming is a good idea, how to stop looking, when to take legal action, how to learn acceptance and the name of my (neighbour’s) crazy attention seeking Balinese rooster.
    2. Teacher Wellbeing Episode 8: Unlearning Overgiving A conversation about burnout and the importance of self care. We talk about my experience with burnout, the lessons I learned after suffering multiple organ failure and the power of personal growth. We also discuss how teaching tends to attract nurturers and carers who just want to serve but often end up over-giving, and the way that approach undermines effectiveness and our ability to serve in the long run. I share how I moved from being a workaholic perfectionist, to someone who prioritises self care and serves now only from a ‘full cup’.
    3. Issue 16 of Roooar Magazine: ‘Why looking in the mirror is imperative for professional development’. Ever wondered what the key is to developing as a professional? It’s closer than you think.

Roooar Issue 16 - 3_1
Roooar Edition 16

And with that, 2017 is a wrap! I’m looking forward to a Christmas Eve feast tonight at Roots, a new Korean inspired restaurant which has opened recently in Ubud, then a Christmas Lunch 3 course spread complete with champagne cocktails and finishing with a sound healing session up at the Pyramids of Chi. Bliss! Totally blessed with the community of people I have up here in Ubud, staff, friends and fellow business owners alike.

Thanks again for supporting me in 2017 through the crazy rollercoaster ride that can be running your own business – I look forward to touching base with you throughout the year as things arise that might be of interest to you!

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