content quantity

How much content do you provide in a learning experience?

How much content is too much content to include in your workshop, presentation or course? The answer is really quite simple. This article explains how to structure your learning content so you can create transformative learning experiences that gets results for your clients.

create learning products with your IP

How do you choose which learning products to create?

If you’re a small business or organisation trying to create training products, it can be confusing trying to figure out what learning products are going to work best – and also what is going to work best for the people in your organisation who have to create and deliver them.

How do you create multiple learning products from the same IP?

This article will step you through how to systemise your knowledge so that you can pull various one-on-one, group, live, evergreen, online, or face to face learning products like books, opt-in surveys, webinars, podcasts, keynotes or courses – all out of the same set of IP.

support someone going through hell or grief

On supporting someone going through grief

‘Going through hell’ can take many forms, and watching or trying to support someone during this time is HARD. Being someone who went through my own version of hell a few years ago, in this article I explore the concepts of grief and loss, what that can look like, and how it can affect someone you are close to.