I work with professionals from a range of different industries, but the problems that come up when they're systemising, optimising or digitalising their expertise are always the same.

For that reason, I am continually producing training materials, which are now housed in The Library; the articles I've written showcase the issues my clients have when developing curriculum and learning materials, and give you tips and ways of moving forward.

The articles are categorised the same way as the Levels in The Library, because professionals tend to come to me for 4 distinctly different reasons during the content creation process. Choose the Level that feels right, and dive in!

Prefer to be shown exactly what you need

instead of ploughing through a whole range of articles that may be way below or beyond the stage you're at right now?

I hear you!

Find out your skill gaps, and start closing them one by one. You'll get a personalised set of emails giving you exactly the advice you've specifically asked for, to solve the problems that are keeping you stuck.