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Need professional help to accelerate your business?

Are you a small business owner, consultant or professional who is feeling a bit tired and needs a bit of fresh wind in your sails? You've been working HARD at your business and you're ready to slow down, and start leveraging your time better. We hear you. We've been there. And we've helped a bucketload of clients who have been there too. Hi! We're Maria Doyle and Ellen Ercolini - and we think we might be able to help you move forward.

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 Does this sound like you?

  • You've got a cracking one to one service, that your clients rave about, but you've been stuck in the hustle, you're exhausted and you know the next step is to create a leveraged product or service.
  • You want to help many people at once, without YOU having to be there 100% of the time, so you can buy back some time for yourself, and your personal life.
  • You've got a bucketload of experience. You value your work, you KNOW it changes lives and you want to blow it out of the water - so it has the biggest impact it can have (and brings in the mula!) but you know you need guidance. You know you need to design, package and market your genius, but you have no idea where to start.
  • You value working with professionals who have been there, done that. You KNOW they can help you save time, money and energy to get the process done efficiently, and you're ready to invest in yourself, and your business.
  • You've tried to do it all, the social media side, the writing, the facilitating, running the online forums, but there are parts that just aren't YOU - they don't light you up and working on them is a struggle.

We hear you.

If your’e building something to LAST, it needs to play to your strengths, because when it does, it will stand the test of time. When it does that, your reputation will grow as the expert in your niche and prospective clients will search you out, having heard about how you've helped to transform other people's lives.

Let's just say that again.

- THEY will find YOU. You won't have to spend hours and hours trying to find THEM. Isn't that what we all want?


Who are we and how can we help you?

We're two visionary business women who not only have built our own thriving businesses, but we've dedicated ourselves to building and growing other people's too. We’ve been under the hood of hundreds of businesses - we know what works - and how to get you there the quickest - and here's how we do things differently:

We don't use a cookie cutter approach.

  • Every client we see is unique.
  • Every client we see has a different set of skills, strengths, passions and experience.
  • There are no two businesses we've worked on that are the same and that's exactly how we approach every new client. A blank canvas, ready to create exactly that unique blend of products and services that are going to work best not only for their clients, but for THEM. The person who has to live it. The person whose working life we're helping to create.

You need to choose how to leverage your work - so that it best suits YOU - then learn how to make that learning experience so impeccable, it’s a transformational experience that generates raving fans, and therefore a rolling base of clients who are knocking down your door to work with you.

The reason why we're partnering, is because we have a complimentary skill set. Ellen is a wizard when it comes to understanding your strengths, your frequencies, and the type of products, services and the business model that is going to suit you best. Maria is a wizard at extricating all that juicy knowledge out of your head and then helping you design, develop and deliver those products and services - namely, creating quality learning experiences that transform the lives of the people who take them.

We believe that businesses should be customised to who you are as the business owner.

Sadly that’s a fundamental part that is missing from a lot of ‘build your business’ type training and coaching that’s out there. One size does NOT fit all; our clients and our businesses are living proof of that. Whichever way you choose to work with us, it will be a unique, personalised approach.

We have a small group experience or a private version of the same product: it's  designed for maximum  impact and action taking, which is in alignment with your core values, strengths. Rest assured you will NOT simply be a number in our systems, and that Ellen and I will both be working with you individually.

Even our hashtags love each other.

Check this out: Ellen and Maria, teaming up to help you #showcaseyourshine so that you can #createrealchange in the world. SNAP!

What's it like to work with us?

Funnily enough, we're quite similar. We call a spade a shovel and we're not into fluffing around or telling you what you want to hear. We are good at listening though, and will help YOU create the experience YOU want - not what we THINK you should have. Your circus, your monkeys.

We focus on results, not deadlines, and know that life comes and goes and things don't always go to plan. Most importantly, meltdowns are fine, direction changes are welcomed, and our jobs are done when YOU'RE happy and confident to keep working on your own.


So what will you actually DO in the your time with us?

  • Design unique offerings based on your unique skills, strengths and frequencies.
  • Create quality, transformational learning experiences that lead to a steady stream of referred clients.
  • Develop an action plan for getting it out the door with support and accountability.

You can do this work with us privately, or in a group.

Group Accelerator

4 Week Program

AUD $1895+GST; (Minimum 5, maximum 10 participants) includes VALUE of us to AUD $3936:

  • Ellen's personalised Frequencies Analysis complete with calendar and personalised resources.
  • Access to the Business BASICS and FOUNDATIONS of Adult Learning Courses in Maria's Library.
  • 3 x 2 hour action based group webinars (including Q & A sessions).
  • 1 x 2 hour private frequency analysis and strategy session with Ellen.
  • 2 x 90 minute Product, Curriculum and Resources Development Sessions with Maria.
  • $ Priceless:
    • One month of personalised accountability and support in our online forum: Maria and Ellen answering your questions regularly throughout the month.
    • Community Support: watch and learn from others going through the same content creation journey as you.
  • NEXT INTAKE: Coming soon
  • Would you like to be part of an intimate group of professionals joining us to kickstart their 2017 business year? APPLY HERE now! Limited spaces are available to ensure a personalised experience.

 Private Accelerator

2 Week Intensive

AUD $2895 +GST; to work with us individually, this is valued at AUD $4190

  • Private, personalised sessions with adequate time in-between session to make considerable progress in Product and Curriculum Development.
  • Pre-work:
    • Ellens' Personalised Frequencies Analysis
    • Full access to Maria's Teaching and Learning Library
    • Day 1: 1 x 90 minute joint introductory session with Maria and Ellen
    • Day 2: 1 x 2 hour private Frequencies Analysis and Strategy Session with Ellen including personalised Frequencies Analysis, with calendar and personalised resources.
    • Day 5: 1 x 90 minute Product and Curriculum Development Session with Maria.
    • Day 10: 1 x 90 minute Curriculum and Resources Development Session with Maria.
    • Day 14: 1 x 90 minute Implementation Planning Session with Ellen and Maria.

Consider this your official permission to stop hitting your head against a brick wall and to finally let your content shine.

I get it - that sometimes passion just isn't enough, that you've got so many ideas, and are so keen to get it all out there but organising it into a cohesive whole and making sure it's an experience that will leave your clients raving about you, isn't as easy as it sounds.

You've tried. You're overwhelmed, you're a bit frustrated, and you're losing love for the work you're passionate about - and that's just not right. 


You're passionate, you're a professional, but you're not a systems freak and you need someone on board to show you the right way - the first time, instead of blundering around in the dark trying to do it yourself.

You love your content, and you just want it to WORK. You need to employ a brain that can do all that side of things for you, or at least show you how to do it so you're not wasting time, money and energy on something that is simply not in your zone of genius.

I get it. I've been there. I'm running a small business. You can't do everything yourself, but you CAN employ people who are much better than you at the things you can't stand doing. Right?

Group Accelerator

$1895* 4 weeks
  • Minimum 5, Maximum 10 participants
  • Private Sessions + Group Learning

Private Accelerator

$2895* 2 weeks*
  • Dedicated, personalised, flexible program.
  • All sessions private and confidential.

*These packages are in $AU and  involve meetings at the Perth office or online. GST will be applied for Australian Residents at the checkout. 

 The content creation journey can be a long, hard, solitary place of confusion, overwhelm and to do lists that never get done.

There's a certain collective power however, a collective energy if you will, that is gathered when a group of people are working together on something - we all know how important it is to be supported when you're going out on a limb and nailing something you've been wanting to achieve for a long time.

It doesn't have to be hard, confusing and lonely - do it with a curriculum developer and teacher trainer, and a brilliant business strategist, who have 20 years experience creating learning experiences that change people's lives and earn them more money; professionals who look at you and your skills as much as what your industry needs.

Whether it's a course, series of workshops, online or offline projects, we've worked with colleges, universities, passionate professionals and organisations. You don't have to make all the same mistakes they have - we can help you navigate the unpredictable world that is quality content development, and come out celebrating a product that you KNOW is going to change lives!

What will you get?

A personalised action plan

for moving forward with your content and task planning and creation. No more confusion, overwhelm and stress regarding what to do next, or how to go about creating a learning experience that you KNOW is going to change lives. 

 Two mentors who care

We do this because we love it - we love seeing the ahhh moments and we know that when you're working from your strengths, you create products and services that change lives - that's what inspires us! How awesome to get to work with people who #showcasetheirshine and #createrealchange everyday?

A systems freak

let me help YOU work out your plan for moving forward effectively, efficiently and without the head*ck that curriculum and resource development can be!

A personal cheer-squad

I know - this content development stuff can be hard yakka - but I celebrate every win that you have - and will be cheering you on from the sidelines - support, encouragement, you name it - when you're celebrating, I'm celebrating! That's why I do what I do!

Interested, but not quite ready yet?

Take Ellen's free Frequencies Test

Ellen has a load of resources on her website as well that will help you understand more about your unique strengths and areas that you're naturally suited to.

Do Maria's free Content Creation Quiz

If you're after a whole bunch of other free resources, you might find The Library more useful. Packed full of resources designed to solve the problems that my clients have, you'll find more information about how to access everything here. These awesome resources explain not only why understanding the 4 Key Principles of Adult Learning will transform the way YOU work with YOUR clients, but also allow you to rate your course structure and delivery.

Haven’t got a course yet?

These resources will give you the blueprint to get started!

Please let us know if there’s anything we can help you with.

We're more than happy to have a 15-minute chat with you to help you figure out exactly what you need - book in for a chat here with Maria , or with Ellen at this link. Until then, do what us facilitators of learning do best:

Engage, Inspire & Motivate your clients to Create Real Change in their worlds!