5 Myths About Online Teaching and Learning BUSTED!

OK, I’M FIRED UP.  I’m on a mission.

A mission to bring some sort of order to the chaos that is this new world of online teaching and learning. If you’re planning to sell your expertise by creating an online learning course, make sure you’re across the 5 myths that commonly held when it comes to delivering quality education, coaching, or training. The image says it all.

How many lack lustre online courses have you been let down by?  Are you holding off creating an online course because you don’t have qualifications or don’t “feel” like a teacher? Would you like to find out whether this path really is the right one for you and if you’ve got what it takes to be a good teacher? I hear you, and I can help you. But let’s first begin with THIS:

Talking at me for 1 hour with no plan, no visuals, is NOT engaging, motivating or inspiring. Do you agree?

When a concept like online teaching takes off, the dodgy cowboys (and girls!) come out of the woodwork. The sheer amount of mediocre and simply damaging information available online is extensive, and comes complete with a lot of misunderstanding about what constitutes best practice online teaching and learning and also what makes a good learning experience full stop.

So I’m calling bullshizzle,

on a few very powerful myths that are holding back passionate professionals like YOU, from being the sort of facilitator of learning that creates REAL CHANGE in the world.

Because that’s why you do what you do – right? The world doesn’t need any more luck lustre courses, seminars, presentations or workshops that are misleading, disorganised, mind-numbingly boring or not good value for money. They want to learn from people who are dedicated to helping them change their lives for the better, and walk away inspired, motivated and satisfied that they’ve invested their time and money wisely.

Creating quality online teaching and learning experiences that change lives, does not take a life-time of qualifications and experience to learn. It simply takes some understanding of the nature of adult learning – and what it takes to ace it.

Right, so now for the Myth Busting!

Have you ever found yourself thinking things like this?

I'm terrible at giving presentations but I'll get better over time, I know it.
My content is just dry - there's nothing I can do to make it fun! Who can make accounting fun?
No wonder she's an awesome teacher - she's just a natural! I could never be that good.

There’s a few myths surrounding what it takes to Create a Quality Learning Experience; some think you need to be ‘born’ a teacher, others believe you need fancy qualifications, others that their passion alone is enough to create learning experiences that are fun, engaging and actually effective. Some believe that time alone will make you a better online teacher.

These myths are absolutely not true. So let’s start unpacking them.

(Want to listen to me become the Myth Buster on this topic? You can scroll down to the bottom of this blog to watch the video instead of reading the rest of this blog. Hint. I do a Darth Vadar impersonation!)

Myth #1:

All you need is passion.

Have you ever had the idea that you are so passionate about your content, your clients are just going to learn by osmosis? How could they not, you’re so passionate, you’re so brimming with information, you’re probably CONTAGIOUS.

Well, take my Year 11 physics teacher for example: this guy was a genius! He would dazzle us with his knowledge, quoting complicated theories and principles he could explain until the cows came home.

But you know what? We all failed his course. Why? Because we just didn’t get it. He couldn’t explain or demonstrate the theories to us in words we understood, or activities that helped us see the theories in action. Being knowledgable, or passionate about your industry, most of the time, is simply not enough.

Truth #1:

Connect with your clients as adult learners.

Knowing how to get that knowledge across is about really connecting with your learners and understanding how people learn. It’s not just about regurgitating good information and hoping the message gets across.


Myth #2:

You need qualifications to create quality learning experiences.

Nonsense! Well, they can help but…

The best learning I’ve ever done is out there in the field. When I created my first online courses, I simply distilled all of the best parts of the training and education experience I’d had over the last 20 years, into really easy-to-digest packages. I wouldn’t have had even half of that content if I didn’t have the experience to go with the qualifications.

Your industry might even mean that qualifications are almost irrelevant, or that the content changes so quickly that your only real qualification is being active in the industry and keeping up with best practice and whatever is trending at the time. Dont let the lack of qualifcations stop you!

Truth #2:

Create quality learning experiences by applying the basics of best practice teaching and learning.

The cornerstone of being a good teacher isn’t rocket science. It’s actually quite simple once you know how. I have a whole course of my Library dedicated to helping you learn the basics – for free. Scroll right down to the bottom of this post to find out more.


Myth #3:

Some content is just boring.

Well, cry me a river, it’s a myth! At the end of the day, content is content. Any content has the capacity to be boring and confusing OR engaging, exciting and breeding enthusiasm in your learners.

Truth #3:

Communicate your content effectively.

It’s how you structure it, and how you deliver it, that is going to change it into either mind-numbing torture, or on-the-edge-of-your-seats, inspired learning experiences.

Believe me, if I can make accounting interesting, anything is possible! #truestory


Myth #4:

Teachers are BORN, not made, and get better over time.

Okay, this is complete nonsense! Sure, some people are naturally more suited to being patient, wanting to help their clients learn, and of course there are those who are going to improve their skills after years spent at the grindstone, but even then, the ones who are getting better are usually those who keep seeking professional development, who keep searching for better ways of getting their content across effectively.

If time simply made you a better teacher, how do you explain all those terrible teachers you had at high school? (15 years at it = still terrible.)

Time does not make you a better teacher. Learning from your mistakes does.

Truth #4:

Critiquing your content and delivery helps you improve.

When you boil it all down?  Critiquing your content is the capstone of any good teaching practice – when you’re continually evaluating, reviewing and reflecting on your content and the feedback your learned give you, its bound to get better over time. Teaching is not about creating then setting and forgetting about your content. Your clients change, the world changes, and so should your lessons.

So what REALLY makes a good teacher?


Applying the Foundations of Best Practice Teaching and Learning: The 4 PILLARS — CONNECT, CREATE, COMMUNICATE, and CRITIQUE.

If you base your courses, workshops, and presentations on the 4 PILLARS, you will transform your content into “hell, yeah! I love this!” learning experiences.

Do you want to join us on our mission to rid the world of boring courses and workshops forever? Get on board, by getting the BASICS under control. Do the free Content Creation Quiz, and you’ll be on your way to discovering and closing your skill gaps!

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>> Will it just be a waste of time & money?

>> Will the content actually help people and help me build my reputation as the go-to-professional in my field?

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