How to define ‘frustrating’ in 2021

‘Wow it must be really frustrating’, they say.  Frustrating.  That’s one word for it.  You see if ‘frustrating’ was on...
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On supporting someone who is ‘going through hell’

‘Going through hell’ can take many forms.  Losing a loved one, be that a partner, friend, family member or fur...
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Travel packing hacks

After 55 days on the road, 14 flights, 2 train journeys, 2 bus trips, thousands of kilometres of driving, hundreds...
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Best of the best in Ubud, Bali

I get asked all the time what you can do in Ubud... 'isn't it all just rice paddies and healing...
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Ubud, Bali, my ‘other’ home

So people keep asking me 'Why do you go to Bali so much?' Simple answer, it's where I can chill...
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