How to choose the right delivery method, platform and technical requirements for getting your training content online

One of the top questions I get from my clients, is around how they should get their training content up online.

There are just SO many options, it can all get a bit overwhelming…

Do you feel like this when it comes to working out how to go about it?

choose right delivery platform - feeling lost

You know WHAT you want to present, but you just have NO IDEA how to bring it all together and get it online?

choose the right delivery platform

Maybe you are confused about what learning platform you should be using – there are so many out there to choose from! Which is the best for YOUR content and client needs? Do you really need a full Learning Management System or is a simple Learning Platform enough? (and what’s the difference between the two anyway?)

Or maybe you’re even confused as to the format you want your course to run in – email responder series? Evergreen? Intensive? Which is the most cost effective and which is the ‘best fit’ for your situation?

You may also be unsure about how to cater for different client needs and learning styles, so that your course is effective for as many of your clients as possible. You don’t want to waste all that precious time creating content that people can’t relate to – right?!

At an absolute minimum you should first decide whether you’re going to:

  1. Send a series of emails with attachments or
  2. Have it hosted on an external platform or
  3. Create a private learning area within your own website (which can be a simple private area or a full Learning Management System which allows access to different lessons, courses or levels).

What you end up choosing will end up coming down to these main factors:

  1. Budget (design, development and hosting),
  2. How much control you want to have over who owns your content and the pricing of courses, (limited on hosted platforms),
  3. How much control you want to have over the design of your lessons, the materials you want to offer, and how you actually want to deliver them (drip fed, evergreen, intensive).

This is just a summary though.

There are so many other factors to take into account and because I get asked this question all the time, I’ve put together two webinars, and a raft of other resources for you. We created a new, public free webinar at the end of April 2020, and the full recording, including all questions and answers from the live audiences are now in Lesson 6 of the Starter Pack, in my online Library.

What we covered, in this almost 2 hour online webinar with a live audience, was:

  • How to choose the right combination of delivery method, platform and tech for releasing your online content. The parts of that process that we will cover in the webinar are namely how to: 
    • consider who will be using the content, their technical skills, their support needs and the ways in which they prefer to learn
    • choose the most appropriate learning materials, ways of learning and the best way to package them
    • consider support mechanisms and levels of interaction between the learners, including access to you or your community for support
    • structure a delivery mode that will benefit you and your clients most
  • We will showcased a number of differently learning platforms, and learning management systems, discussing the pros and cons of each, their features, and which kind of learning experiences they’re best suited for.
  • There are now 7 individual videos, complete with audio versions, broken down into the above outcomes and it also includes a 14 page workbook.

By the end of the webinar, we give you enough questions and details so that you can work out:

  • Which is the best learning platform for YOUR content and client needs.
  • The what, who, where, when and how in regards to the delivery your content.
  • What you need to answer before a developer can help you work out the right combinations of plug ins and technical requirements – be that on a hosted platform, or your very own customised membership site.
Ilana Van Geijn, of Web Vision Solutions – my right hand woman of all things tech, sales and marketing related!

Because the simple fact is, that there is no one simple solution.

Every small business or organisation has different needs – determined by their skill levels, budget, existing infrastructure, combination and packages of materials and support. Your clients (the end users of your learning content) also have different needs, so there’s no way to recommend a tech set up without first going through all the points above. Rest assured that by the end of this April 2020 webinar, you should be able to choose the right combination of delivery method, platforms and tech for releasing your online content, or at least have the knowledge required to ask the right questions and work out the best combination with the help of a solid developer. Need one of those by the way? Ilana Van Geijn is my go to woman for all things learning platform related, and makes a guest appearance in the April 2020 webinar – you can find her on this website – tell her I sent you!

Final Recommendations

How do you get the right solution for what you need? Consider all the points above, and take details notes to a reputable, experienced developer and get their take on what you need. They have the experience. Use it!

The detailed lesson below will help you consider your needs from all angles, and compile a list of wants, needs, and must haves, that will help your developer decide with you the best options available.

Consider where you are now, and where you might want to be in 5 years. Technology changes and improves – get a system that can grow with you, without expensive changeover costs. Don’t get sucked in by sales pages or others who have used LMSs or hosted platforms – their needs may be completely different to yours.

You can see a list of professionals I know, trust and recommend for all the technical aspects of getting your expertise online, on this page:

Ready for the full lesson on how to choose the right combination of delivery method, platform and tech for releasing your online content?

The lesson is available here and includes the webinar mentioned above.

It’s located in the BASICS Level of the Library, in the Starter Pack course:

Lesson 6: Choose the right delivery platforms or LMS

Click on the above link to be taken directly to the Lesson. If you’re already  a member of the Starter Pack, make sure you’re logged in! If you’re not, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can become a member.

choose right delivery platform

Great content stuck in your head & hard drives?

So much to think about . . .

>> What to put in & leave out, in what order?

>> How to package it? Or deliver it? Online?

>> Will it just be a waste of time & money?

>> Will the content actually help people and help me build my reputation as the go-to-professional in my field?

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