Client Success Stories

I am incredibly grateful to work with awesome clients, and on this page you'll see the journeys they've had creating learning content - and the successes they've had!

Why am I sharing their stories with you?

Sometimes it isn't easy taking the first step, actually, they say this is the hardest step to take. Great things never come from your comfort zone, and by sharing these stories, I hope they can help inspire you to take the plunge and create the success you've always dreamt of.


Follow the journey!

These inspirational professionals share how they blazed a path to glory in their zone of genius.

Client Success Stories

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Client Success Story #11: Holly Bridges & Zebr

Having the tag line 'Create Real Change' came about because I love working with people who are doing just that - creating real change in the lives of their clients, learners and the world around them. Holly definitely fits that description - working with people on the autism spectrum.

She came to me originally to help her map out her signature 7 month course and we've since not only done that, but also created all the learning resources, gotten her online school up and running and now created a 6 week Express version of the longer course.

The work Holly does in the world is truly inspirational - a complete paradigm shift when it comes to living and working with autism - as you can see by the many happy testimonials on her site from her clients, and the parents, teachers and families of people living and working with people living with autism. If you know anyone who fits that description, send them Holly's way - she has lots of ways to help - books, courses and one on one sessions - in person or online! You can find out more about her newest course, the A.R.T. Express 6 Week Online Course here.

You can find out more about Holly and the work she does here:


Client Success Story #10: Marnie Downer & Great Dames

What an absolute pleasure to introduce Success Story #10, Marnie Downer and Great Dames. Marnie has created a phenomenal set of resources for women approaching an 'uncertain age', and the process of working with her to achieve this set of resources was a joy and a delight - I wouldn't have believed that you could make a topic like menopause hilarious - but Marnie being Marnie has done that in a spectacular fashion. Have a listen to find out the power of outsourcing, what it means to have your own personal cheerleader and project manager, and get a sneak peak of a few pages inside each of the guides that are now available for download. An absolute pleasure to work with, and so so proud to see these products finally out there. Do yourself a favour and point any women in your life towards the Survivor's Guide at least - you'll get a proper giggle and some solid information while you're at it.

If you want to learn more about Great Dames, work with Marnie or download one of her guides, visit her website here.


Client Success Story #9: Paul Higgins

Working with Paul Higgins, a 7 figure sales mentor, was an absolute delight, and so lovely to get this feedback from him on what the process was like in getting his course into an online learning format.

If you want to learn more about Paul's mentoring and courses, visit his website here.


Client Success Story #8: Katrina Walton & Wellness Designs

I love a good corporate success story!

I started working with Katrina Walton and her boutique workplace wellness business Wellness Designs a few years ago, and since then they have created and delivered new digital versions of their signature Academy training programs in their new fully customised online learning management system.

This was such a good interview! All of the processes involved have taken over 3 years to complete so as you can imagine the interview is full of 'gold nuggets' of wisdom and experience. If you're also thinking about taking the plunge, learn from the people who have been there, done that! During this interview we discuss:

  • Why students engaged in tertiary education compared the Wellness Designs experience as second to none; the keys to keeping learners engaged online.
  • How they transformed what they had in a face to face environment, into an online learning experience that packed the same punch... and how that process made their face to face training even better.
  • How current trends in online learning shaped the way they've captured and delivered their learning experience.

If you'd like to see more of Katrina Walton and Wellness Design's work, visit their website here.


Client Success Story #7: Jennifer Bicknell

Introducing Jennifer Bicknell, a Most Un-Lawyery Lawyer

Jennifer Bicknell is a lawyer and an absolute HOOT to work with - but her hope is that you'll never NEED to work with someone like her if you do this online training "Difficult Conversations in the Workplace: A Lawyer's Guide to Not Needing a Lawyer". Jen wanted to create something that would honour the brand she's spent over 25 years building - fun, personable and down to earth goodness; what you'll see and hear about in this video is what it took to go from a bunch of powerpoint slides, to online video training complete with animation and workbooks.

If you'd like to see more of Jennifer Bicknell's work, visit her website here.


Client Success Story #6: Change Optimised

Introducing Ro Gorell and Charlotte Mawle, of 'Change Optimised'

I first started working with Ro and Charlotte about 5 years ago; structuring their content into outcomes based modules. They recently attended a workshop I was doing online how to convert face to face into online learning and wanted to share how much they got out of it, and how much their training and learning materials have changed for the better thanks to what they've learnt.

If you'd like to see more of Ro and Charlotte's work, visit their website here.


Client Success Story #5: Media Bootcamp

Do you want media coverage for your business, event or personal brand?

If you answered yes to the question ‘Do you want media coverage for your business, event or personal brand?, I have the solution for you. Media Bootcamp, created by two working journalists who will give you all the tools, information and insider knowledge you need to ace it. They’ve even got a free course for you (all details are below), but let me first introduce the two stars of the show: Ginger Gorman and Sue White - I love sharing client success stories and this is definitely one of them.

Success - Media Bootcamp story

Ginger Gorman and Sue White: acclaimed journalists and co-founders of Media Bootcamp.

Sue and Ginger asked me to help them turn their popular face-to-face program into a first-class online course and holy moly is it one comprehensive set of learnings! Media Bootcamp is 40 years of experience wrapped in a professional, engaging and information-packed online media training format.

Separately, Sue and Ginger’s experience in the media is impressive. Together, it’s truly quite unbeatable. I’ve seen inside every lesson, activity and demonstration and FAR OUT you simply don’t know what you don’t know about getting publicity – especially in this rapidly changing world of media that we live in! The course is PACKED with their knowledge, and actionable items so you literally have the blueprint for getting your brand, event or product seen, nail your interviews and become every journos best friend (think repeat appearances… them coming to YOU when they need a story…)

They are super generous in sharing their knowledge via insider tips, real world examples, activities and demonstrations designed to ensure their students get real world results. If you want an insight into exactly what’s covered, check out their curriculum here.

I’d highly recommend Media Bootcamp to anyone who wants to REALLY understand how to get publicity for their business, or be awesome in their next media interview. Even though I’ve been a fly on the wall through the many months of development for this one, I’m so impressed I’m going to be doing it myself start to finish! I’ve also had 4 clients do this training with Sue and Ginger (small world hey?) and they have all raved about how practical the training is, and how much they got out of it. Need any more reasons to check this course out?

So here are your options (and no, I don’t get any kickbacks for promoting this – I just love sharing good content that is genuinely worth the investment and will guarantee the results it promises!)

If you want a complimentary taster, try Media Bootcamp EXPRESS and the Media Cheat Sheet. The Express option gives you three complimentary lessons and will give you a good insight into what learning with Sue and Ginger is like.

If you just want to learn how to nail an interview, check out the Nail the Interview Online course.

If you just want to learn how to pitch like a professional, check out the Pitch Like a Pro Online course.

If you’re ready for the whole shabang, (which includes the two courses on nailing your interview and pitching like a pro,) then Media Bootcamp Online is for you!


Client Success Story #4: Donna Vincent & Solo Accounts

Introducing Donna Vincent, and Solo Accounts

Donna has over 30 years of experience as a bookkeeper, and has a wealth of knowledge which she wanted to put into an online course so small business owners could better understand and feel confident with their bookkeeping requirements - as well as helping them avoid a lot of hard work and saving them time and money.

Donna and I had a lot of fun working together to create a course on - let's face it - a subject no one really enjoys, and turning it into an engaging, easy to understand online course, perfect for small business owners and tradies. I hope you enjoy watching the video in the below link where Donna shares with us her Success Story around the launch of her online course, Everyday Bookkeeping for Australian Sole Traders.

Here's what she had to say about the process of getting her course launched:

'Thank you for all your help - it really was a great experience - very professional, and just made it so easy. I had 30 years of knowledge I had to get out of my head and when we went through the process it just made it so simple and so sensible - it made turning it into a course so easy - I now feel like people are going to work through it in a sensible order, rather than just scrambling and throwing information at people - the system was amazing and really helped me, so thank you!'

If you would like to feel confident by taking control and understanding the admin and data associated with bookkeeping, the Everyday Bookkeeping for Australian Sole Traders online course is for you.

Visit: and use discount code: 100MARIA to receive $100 off the course!


Client Success Story #3: Jane Webster and Code9 Parent

Introducing Jane Webster,

Jane is an experienced social media specialist, working with many organisations and businesses to help them gain a greater understanding on social media to grow their business, raise brand awareness and engage with their clients.

Where did the idea for come Code9 Parent come from?

Jane started to notice how many of her clients were now asking questions about other platforms that aren’t typically business apps, like Snapchat and Specifically around how their children are using these apps and what should they as a parent be doing about it. They were eager to learn what risks or dangers they should look out for, should they even let their kids use these platforms, and frequently she found the conversation ended up with the age-old cry of frustration around ‘how on earth do I even use this app?!’

She wanted to build a place that parents could go to be informed and armed with the tools required to support their children online, so she launched Code9 Parent and created a number of easy to follow courses.

Listen to this short interview to hear about how she went from concept to launch, with my help as her curriculum and learning resources developer.

Do you need short, easy to consume tutorials and information on online apps?

Visit Jane’s website where you'll find various short and easy to consume courses on some of the most popular apps and social media platforms being used. You can undertake courses on specific apps or purchase the complete bundle of courses available where for a single fee per month you will get access to all the Code9 Parent courses, updates to courses and future courses.

If you are a parent and don’t understand what your children are getting up to online, these courses are invaluable!


Client Success Story #2: Amelia Lee & Your Reno Roadmap

Introducing Amelia Lee,

The Undercover Architect, who has created a course to help you navigate your way through your next reno – regardless of how small or large it is! Your Reno Roadmap is built on her 20+ years of experience and has recently been featured on Deborah Hutton’s new website Renovation Rookie, which is following Deborah’s renovation progress - more on that, below.

Got a course idea but need some inspiration?

Have a listen to the journey that Amelia has been on to get this course out of her head, up to the high standards she knew it deserved to be, and out to the people that need it most. Hear about how she went from being nervous, overwhelmed and completely confused about how to deliver her signature introductory workshop, to filling seats, doubling her prices and being asked to travel interstate to fill the training void that exists in her industry Australia wide. If this interview doesn’t inspire you, and motivate you to get that idea out of your head and into action, I’m not sure what will!

Back to working with Deborah Hutton, Amelia is a guest expert writer on her site, and Deborah has even enrolled in Amelia’s course herself.

Here’s what Deborah has to say about her #proudmoment

I’m really excited this week to introduce Amelia Lee, the Undercover Architect. Amelia has agreed to share with us on Renovation Rookie some of her wisdom and insights. As an architect and serial renovator, Amelia has two decades of residential design, renovating and building experience and has created a service to help renovation rookies like myself navigate the confusing and mind-boggling process from start to finish. I love Amelia’s website and have recently enrolled in her online course “Reno Road Map”.

Amelia created Undercover Architect to bring change, education and empowerment to the way Australians create and transform their homes. “I know the right home design can simplify your life. Make it more fun, more beautiful, more convenient,” Amelia said. “Winning design awards is not my goal. (They’re lovely, and I have a few, but that’s not what this is about!) And neither is forcing my views on you, or overspending your budget. “This is about getting bang for your buck, demanding more home for your money, and getting it right. Simply and with confidence.”

Amelia says she is passionate about design and the difference it can make to your life. “I know how to create homes that work, are beautiful, on all budgets, and that their owners love to live in,” she said. “Teaching you, guiding you, empowering you and designing for you … it’s what I love to do! Let me help you create a home that makes your life better.”

Undercover Architect is going to be my secret ally.'

Ready to find out more about her course and how to get involved?

Visit Amelia's website where you'll find the different ways she can help you and your renovation dreams. She offers one on one services, and her online course includes access to an online community where you can get live, personalised help. She also has a podcast that will keep you up to date with what you need to be considering if you want to save time, energy and money when you're renovating.  There's nothing else like this on the market - and to be honest I think it should be mandatory training for anyone even considering a renovation. I've been through the content with a fine tooth comb and I can guarantee she leaves no stone unturned!


Client Success Story #1: Lacey Filipich & Money School

Introducing Lacey Filipich,

Director of Money School, which is a course to help you and your family achieve financial freedom! Now who wouldn’t want that?

an inspiration

Where did the course come from?

Lacey learnt about how to manage and grow her assets, and adapt to the ever changing market, from her mum, Fran White and as a result now lives on an income that is being generated from the assets she has invested in, starting at the age of 19.

From what Fran taught Lacey, they created Money School, a flexible program which is now being rolled out in universities and high schools to help kids and their parents learn the basics behind how to achieve financial independence.

Article - Money School

Lacey created her online learning content in 28 days... think you can do the same?

Fancy having a listen to the journey she went through to get this course out of her head, and into a successful online course? You’ll hear about what roadblocks she came up against, the things that saved her the most time and money, and things she’d do differently if she had her time over. Have a listen to the interview below, and get inspired by candid images of her as she went from concept to launch in 28 days!

Inspired by the idea of financial freedom?

Tell me about it – helping Lacey create this course made me realise how important the concepts are that she’s delivering! It’s perfect for families, singles, couples, teens, kids, really, just about anyone. Unless, of course, you already have a consistent residual income flowing into your bank account from your assets, there’s something in this course you’ll benefit from – hands down, that’s a promise I’m willing to guarantee! Read on below to find out more about her course, and the products she has available.

Ready to become financially independent? Want your kids to be finance savvy too?

Family pack

Lacey’s online shop has a range of very low cost products that help kids learn about money too – got a kid in your life who you’d like to see get off on the right financial footing? There’s nothing else like this on the market – and to be honest I think it should be across all school curriculum – why AREN’T we taught this stuff in school?

Click on the image below if you’re an adult who is struggling with debt or wanting financial independence. She has a range of products for you too!

 'All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.'

Earl Nightingale

The inspirational success stories I love to share.


Jo Johnson - Copywriter, Marketer and Book Writing Coach, founder of The Content Coach 

Jo is a copywriter, marketer and book writing coach, who worked with me to optimise and digitalise a Content Marketing fundamentals program she had run live a number of times. The course content was already working and she was getting great feedback but she knew there was room for improvement in the way she was delivering it, and she also wanted to create more structured workbooks and activities the participants could take away after each session. Jo is currently focusing on her book coaching clients, and thanks to the skills she developed while working with me, is working on a new book writing coaching program which is due to launch in 2020. You can find out more about her programs here.


Jodie Minto - Online Business Coach, Business Strategist, Founder of Iland Co and Online Store Success

Jodie is an online business coach for women in e-commerce; she founded iland Co and started as most small businesses do, selling her clothing line at markets. She then took her venture online and over time worked out a formula for bringing more traffic to her store; she now regularly enjoys 30K months. Knowing that she could help other women in e-commerce enjoy the same success, she worked with me to take the training she'd delivered in live rounds, to create a structured online course complete with video training and workbooks that would help her clients plan and track their e-commerce success.


Jules Galloway - Naturopath, founder of Jules Galloway

BHSc (Nat)

Jules is a qualified naturopath who originally worked with me to create a digital version of her program on Adrenal Fatigue; she had all the content but needed to make sure it was properly structured and had weekly practical activities so that her clients could achieve the health outcomes they were working with her to achieve. We also worked together on pulling together a keynote for a conference she was presenting at, making sure that it was engaging, and really spoke to the heart of what the audience needed to hear. Jules continues to work with clients all over Australia, has recently opened a dispensary as part of her practice and is currently creating a membership site to house all of her learning resources. You can find out more about working with Jules here.


Nicole Bathurst - Dietitian, founder of Naturally Nic

BSc (Nutrition and Food Science), Grad. Dip. Dietetics

Nicole is a qualified dietician who wanted to pull together a program she knew worked one to one, into a series of workshops - The Sugar Truth. Because of the work Nicole did with me, she was easily able to develop another course - Survivor to Thriver - to help women with their cancer recovery diet and lifestyle; the original program, The Sugar Truth program is now a segway into that journey of healing after cancer. You can find out more information about working with Nicole here.


Andrew EP McAuley - Registered Migration Agent, founder of Visa Makers Online

Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1278335)

Andrew is a registered migration agent in Australia, and offers a 1 to 1 service to help people apply for and receive a range of different visas - including skilled, partner and graduate visas. He knew there was a market for a DIY visa application course - to help people who don't have the budget to employ an agent to do the full visa application for them - so he worked with me to get all the knowledge out of his head about each specific visa application process, and get online courses created - what documents you need, how to fill them out or create them so your application won't get rejected, the order you need to do things in, there's just so much you wouldn't know if you were going it alone, wading through the information on the government websites! He currently has 3 courses in the pipeline, with the first launching in September 2019.


Jane Webster - CEO and Founder, Code9 Parent

Jane has created an online resource and education hub which is specifically designed to assist busy parents, in particular, understand online social media platforms and apps, how to use them, and to know what risks or dangers they should look out for. Jane and I worked together to get all the content out of her head, and into a series of educational courses for parents, teachers and guardians of kids using social media apps. We focused on creating short, easy to digest tutorials, and through working together she continues to develop and update her courses ensuring she is using best practices and providing her target market audience with exactly the kind of learning platform they need. You can find out more about her programs here. Interested to read more about Jane’s success story? You can read her full story here.


Melissa Harvie, Super Charge Skydiving

Melissa came to me wanting to create an online version of her skydiving courses - we started that process and then realised that her priority was actually getting herself a website and web presence - so we went about creating copy for her site, working out how to describe the packages she offers, and how to effectively describe what people can achieve by doing her programs.

What we found, was that the real value in her offerings came from the personalised nature of her coaching - having the website has helped her articulate her expertise and that value - and this has been the key to enabling her to engage more effectively with the wider community and her target audience.

Who would have thought that an initial desire to get an online course up and running, could turn into something so much more practical, pragmatic and appropriate to market what she does!

Her website has just launched and I just received this gorgeous message from her:

In a way I am excited about what the new normal can become. And how I can use this time; preparing for the new world, getting my background processes in place, refreshing my materials, whilst also being creative now, running workshops online, coaching fact my brain is too busy, need to collect my thoughts.
Thank you for all the learning and mentoring you have given me so generously over the last couple of years, it's because of your inspiration and coaching that I feel positive right now

You can find out more about her courses here.

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