Client Success Stories

I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with amazing and inspirational clients, and would like to share with you some of their success stories to help inspire and motivate your business growth! Click on the success story you would like to read.


Client Success Story #1: Lacey Filipich & Money School

I work with phenomenal clients every day, and rarely share the good work that they’re doing so I decided it’s about time that changed!

Introducing Lacey Filipich,

Director of Money School, which is a course to help you and your family achieve financial freedom! Now who wouldn’t want that?

an inspiration

Where did the course come from?

Lacey learnt about how to manage and grow her assets, and adapt to the ever changing market, from her mum, Fran White and as a result now lives on an income that is being generated from the assets she has invested in, starting at the age of 19.

From what Fran taught Lacey, they created Money School, a flexible program which is now being rolled out in universities and high schools to help kids and their parents learn the basics behind how to achieve financial independence.

Article - Money School

Inspired by the idea of financial freedom?

Tell me about it – helping Lacey create this course made me realise how important the concepts are that she’s delivering! It’s perfect for families, singles, couples, teens, kids, really, just about anyone. Unless, of course, you already have a consistent residual income flowing into your bank account from your assets, there’s something in this course you’ll benefit from – hands down, that’s a promise I’m willing to guarantee! Read on below to find out more about her course, and the products she has available.

Got a course idea but need some inspiration?

Fancy having a listen to the journey she went through to get this course out of her head, and into a successful online course? You’ll hear about what roadblocks she came up against, the things that saved her the most time and money, and things she’d do differently if she had her time over. Have a listen to the interview below, and get inspired by candid images of her as she went from concept to launch in 28 days!

Ready to become financially independent? Want your kids to be finance savvy too?

Lacey’s online shop has a range of very low cost products that help kids learn about money too – got a kid in your life who you’d like to see get off on the right financial footing? There’s nothing else like this on the market – and to be honest I think it should be across all school curriculum – why AREN’T we taught this stuff in school?

Family pack

Click on the image below if you’re an adult who is struggling with debt or wanting financial independence. She has a range of products for you too!


Client Success Story #2: Amelia Lee & Your Reno Roadmap

I work with phenomenal clients every day, and this one in particular is a huge inspiration – for anyone thinking about translating their knowledge into an online course, which just so happens to end up in the hands of a celebrity! (Yep, no word of a lie!)

Introducing Amelia Lee,

The Undercover Architect, who has created a course to help you navigate your way through your next reno – regardless of how small or large it is! Your Reno Roadmap is built on her 20+ years of experience and has recently been featured on Deborah Hutton’s new website Renovation Rookie, which is following Deborah’s renovation progress.

Amelia is a guest expert writer on her site, and Deborah has even enrolled in Amelia’s course herself.

Can you imagine how much you don’t even realise you don’t know about all the steps to consider before you start a renovation? These are just the first few steps… I seriously had no idea how complex it can be!

6 reno roadmap

Find out about the journey she had to get her content online, and into the hands of a celebrity by watching the video below. Before that though, here’s what Deborah has to say about her #proudmoment

I’m really excited this week to introduce Amelia Lee, the Undercover Architect. Amelia has agreed to share with us on Renovation Rookie some of her wisdom and insights. As an architect and serial renovator, Amelia has two decades of residential design, renovating and building experience and has created a service to help renovation rookies like myself navigate the confusing and mind-boggling process from start to finish. I love Amelia’s website and have recently enrolled in her online course “Reno Road Map”.

Amelia created Undercover Architect to bring change, education and empowerment to the way Australians create and transform their homes. “I know the right home design can simplify your life. Make it more fun, more beautiful, more convenient,” Amelia said. “Winning design awards is not my goal. (They’re lovely, and I have a few, but that’s not what this is about!) And neither is forcing my views on you, or overspending your budget. “This is about getting bang for your buck, demanding more home for your money, and getting it right. Simply and with confidence.”

Amelia says she is passionate about design and the difference it can make to your life. “I know how to create homes that work, are beautiful, on all budgets, and that their owners love to live in,” she said. “Teaching you, guiding you, empowering you and designing for you … it’s what I love to do! Let me help you create a home that makes your life better.”

Undercover Architect is going to be my secret ally.'

Got a course idea but need some inspiration?

Have a listen to the journey that Amelia has been on to get this course out of her head, up to the high standards she knew it deserved to be, and out to the people that need it most. Hear about how she went from being nervous, overwhelmed and completely confused about how to deliver her signature introductory workshop, to filling seats, doubling her prices and being asked to travel interstate to fill the training void that exists in her industry Australia wide. If this interview doesn’t inspire you, and motivate you to get that idea out of your head and into action, I’m not sure what will!

Ready to find out more about her course and how to get involved?

Visit Amelia's website where you'll find the different ways she can help you and your renovation dreams. She offers one on one services, and her online course includes access to an online community where you can get live, personalised help. She also has a podcast that will keep you up to date with what you need to be considering if you want to save time, energy and money when you're renovating.  There's nothing else like this on the market - and to be honest I think it should be mandatory training for anyone even considering a renovation. I've been through the content with a fine tooth comb and I can guarantee she leaves no stone unturned!

16 Amelia Lee

Client Success Story #3: Media Bootcamp

Do you want media coverage for your business, event or personal brand?

If you answered yes to the question ‘Do you want media coverage for your business, event or personal brand?, I have the solution for you. Media Bootcamp, created by two working journalists who will give you all the tools, information and insider knowledge you need to ace it. They’ve even got a free course for you (all details are below), but let me first introduce the two stars of the show: Ginger Gorman and Sue White, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past year. I love sharing client success stories – and this is definitely one of them.

Ginger Gorman and Sue White: acclaimed journalists and co-founders of Media Bootcamp.

Ginger Gorman and Sue White: acclaimed journalists and co-founders of Media Bootcamp.

Sue and Ginger asked me to help them turn their popular face-to-face program into a first-class online course and holy moly is it one comprehensive set of learnings! Media Bootcamp is 40 years of experience wrapped in a professional, engaging and information-packed online media training format.

Separately, Sue and Ginger’s experience in the media is impressive. Together, it’s truly quite unbeatable. I’ve seen inside every lesson, activity and demonstration and FAR OUT you simply don’t know what you don’t know about getting publicity – especially in this rapidly changing world of media that we live in! The course is PACKED with their knowledge, and actionable items so you literally have the blueprint for getting your brand, event or product seen, nail your interviews and become every journos best friend (think repeat appearances… them coming to YOU when they need a story…)

They are super generous in sharing their knowledge via insider tips, real world examples, activities and demonstrations designed to ensure their students get real world results. If you want an insight into exactly what’s covered, check out their curriculum here.

I’d highly recommend Media Bootcamp to anyone who wants to REALLY understand how to get publicity for their business, or be awesome in their next media interview. Even though I’ve been a fly on the wall through the many months of development for this one, I’m so impressed I’m going to be doing it myself start to finish! I’ve also had 4 clients do this training with Sue and Ginger (small world hey?) and they have all raved about how practical the training is, and how much they got out of it. Need any more reasons to check this course out?

So here are your options (and no, I don’t get any kickbacks for promoting this – I just love sharing good content that is genuinely worth the investment and will guarantee the results it promises!)

If you want a complimentary taster, try Media Bootcamp EXPRESS and the Media Cheat Sheet. The Express option gives you three complimentary lessons and will give you a good insight into what learning with Sue and Ginger is like.

If you just want to learn how to nail an interview, check out the Nail the Interview Online course.

If you just want to learn how to pitch like a professional, check out the Pitch Like a Pro Online course.

If you’re ready for the whole shabang, (which includes the two courses on nailing your interview and pitching like a pro,) then Media Bootcamp Online is for you!


I look forward to working with you in the near future.

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