Content Creation Getaways in Bali

Need some focused down time to work on your business?

Some dedicated content creation time? For that book, that online course, that raft of articles or videos you've been meaning to get done, but never seem to find the time to focus on?

Some dedicated business planning time?

Know you need to get away from your every day life to get it done?

Sick of seeing it on your to-do list?

How about a Content Creation Getaway in Ubud, Bali?

You need some time out. No distractions, no interruptions, just a comfortable working space where you can work 24/7 if you need to (in between massages and restful sleep of course). You’ve heard a lot about living and working in Bali but you wouldn’t know where to start and you’d really just like someone to arrange it all for you.

second bedroom 6

Get a 100% private, personalised experience.

Experience life in Ubud, Bali, hosted by myself and my gorgeous Balinese team and network of assistants, drivers, cooks, healers, classes, experiences and more.

Take a load off, get some work (and relaxing!) done, get looked after, and best of all just let someone else do all the thinking.

You make all the choices and let the running around and organisation be done for you.

No getting ripped off, no wild goose chases, be welcomed by a local who has done the hard yards before you, and will ensure your stay is hassle free and tailored to exactly what you need.

All you need to do is book your flights. The rest will be sorted out for you. Bliss!

Warsi House

Wrap your head around 6 days of this.

A house angel who takes care of everything for you – the washing, the washing up, the cleaning, even making your bed every morning. Fresh fruit magically appears in the fridge cut up into bite size portions so if you feel like making a smoothie first thing in the morning, it’s all there in the fridge waiting for you. If the thought of lifting a finger is too much, all food is fully catered; everything from banana pancakes to a traditional Nasi Goreng (fried rice) – and everything you can imagine in between: a fresh plate of Mexican food, an organic vegan salad, the best grill Ubud has to offer, the list goes on. Your only decisions in the morning really are: what am I going to do today – read my book? get a massage? or get a serious amount of work done?


What’s included?

  • 6 nights’ accommodation in a queen sized bedroom with ensuite, and private work desk,
  • super fast wifi,
  • 2 x 60 minute massages (or mani pedi),
  • 2 outings, including a traditional Balinese Hindu water blessing, and a Sound Healing session at the Pyramids of Chi. There is a range of other options available on demand such as shopping excursions, cooking classes, art classes, silver jewellery making, mountain bike tours and many more (see the full range of options here.)
  • daily continental breakfast, fresh fruit snacks, cold pressed juices, lunch and dinner
  • transfers to and from the International Airport in Bali (or Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Candi Dasar or other locations in central Ubud),
  • morning accountability sessions,
  • daily progress check-ins
  • four half day sessions with Maria Doyle, to
    • design your learning product (courses, workshops, keynotes),
    • develop your curriculum (exactly what theories, demonstrations, activities and marekting language do you need to include?), and/or
    • create your resources (presentations, workbooks, videos).
  • additional coaching available on demand if required
  • personal assistants available for hire (perfect if you need another pair of hands for video production days)

'I'm already planning the next one'...


When I signed up for Maria's coaching package, I wanted to take my online health program and turn it into an offering that was more engaging, and that would provide a better customer experience. Maria helped me to do just that. It's like she goes into your head, draws out the outcomes you want, and shows you how to restructure your course to ensure success. I now have a premium online program that I'm proud of and confident in selling!

And where better to do this project than in a beautiful tropical setting (with none of the usual home/life/housework/family distractions!). Warsi House (the office) is the perfect combo of holiday-vibes and entrepreneur-friendly get-shit-done space. I punched out my work in the mornings, and then spent the afternoons exploring beautiful Ubud and all that it has to offer.

Maria is THE go-to person when it comes to knowing where to eat and what to do in your spare time. So make sure you pick her brains when creating your Ubud bucket list (I highly recommend the mani-pedi - just ask her!). She's also the perfect hostess, throwing in those extra special touches that make you feel right at home.

Would I go back? Absolutely! It's a no brainer - I'm already planning the next one. Thanks Maria for one of the most epic weeks ever!


Naturopath - Byron Bay

Group Getaway Bali Content Creation

Need to create some videos?

You can also hire a recording studio which includes air-conditioning, bathroom, a personal assistant, lighting, tripods, lapel microphone and choice of 3 backdrops, for a fraction of what it would cost in Australia. Jane Webster of Code9Parent (pictured) managed to get all 5 sales videos and Module Introduction videos completed in one, focused day (which included a trip out through the rice paddies for a gourmet lunch).

recording studio

Why is it different to just booking a hotel or AirBnb place?

  • bilingual host on demand,
  • house maid for 4 hours per day and a fully equipped kitchen including a Vitamix for your afternoon power shakes,
  • modern, clean, fresh furnishings
  • incidentals including drinking water and daily laundry service,
  • fully equipped working space, dedicated fibre-optic internet connection (10mbps), surge protected powerboards, and electrical adapters to suit Australian devices,
  • a range of comfortable seating options including fitballs, office chairs, bean bags, couches and regular chairs
  • bookcase of travel, language and wellness reading materials including a full set of WomanKind Magazines, colouring in materials, Sudoko books, and fitness gear (yoga mats and weights)
  • personalized pre-arrival shop so your favourites are ready and waiting for you in the fridge and pantry (provided to you at cost)

In other words, it's not a hotel, it's like a home away from home, that comes complete with a host whose love it is to share this gorgeous tropical paradise with her guests. Seriously. What else do you need?

*Images of accommodation are indicative only; private accommodation is selected depending on upgrades chosen, availability and length of stay.

March Retreat Space

What does a typical day look like?

7 - 8am: We start the day with some gentle exercise (if you'd like to join me for a walk through the rice paddies),

8 - 9am: We set our intentions for the day over breakfast, where we'll discuss any blocks or challenges you think you might have, and set realistic goals to work towards for the day.

The rest of the day: We decide how we're going to spend the morning, afternoon and evening, punctuated with check ins at lunch and dinner to report on progress, and get support for moving forward.

It's up to you how and when you use your coaching hours with me. Most clients choose to spend a few hours with me prior to arrival, to make sure they have a solid plan for when they arrive. Others figure all that out when they get here.

You are in control. No pressure to work, or relax, or go on an adventure: you've got your own private working space and the day is yours to dictate.

Testimonial Bali Getaway

Hear what Shannon had to say about her experience...

Both these clients also smashed their content creation goals ...

Here are two testimonials, from Jodie Minto (March 2018) and Gail O'Keeffe (November 2017).

'I got so much accomplished'

Jodie Minto

I've just got back from a one week Bali retreat with Maria Doyle, and I cannot wait to book in my next one!
Maria's knowledge, expertise and guidance have been pivotal in helping me redevelop my online program.
Maria ensured I had a clear plan for my course with supporting actions and workbooks to ensure my students would be able to implement what they've learned. 
Escaping to Bali enabled me to have laser focus on the task at hand, without the distractions of day to day life.
I also loved the day trips Maria took me own which allowed me to experience a new, locals' view of Bali.
If you are thinking about going, DO IT NOW.  It was such an amazing experience that also allowed me to get so much accomplished.
I can't wait to come back!

Jodie Minto

Founder of iland Co, and Online Store Success

Gail Okeeffe

I attended Maria’s Content Getaway in Bali November 2017. I must admit I was feeling a little apprehensive about how much content I would produce in such an epic and idyllic setting. The pool, shopping and food experience was one of the many distractions I had envisaged getting in the way of me doing the work I was there to do.

I had also tried previously on 6 occasions to get that course written to no avail. This was due to my busy business schedule, family, procrastination and not knowing the best way or where to even start to distill over 20+ years of knowledge.

I booked a Content coaching session package with Maria prior to attending the Getaway, so that she could help me to distill that knowledge. Best single investment ever!  By the time I landed in Bali I had my Content framework fleshed out and knew exactly what my steps were to be at the Getaway. Such a relief!

Not having to think of a single thing except writing my Content was worth double the investment.

Picked up from airport with her amazing and careful driver Ketut, breakfast fresh fruit or whatever you wanted you just had to ask, amazing fresh lunches delivered to the door, every morning a quick Content Check-in & accountability session #priceless, after lunch swim in pool, more creation or if you wanted a nap or some self care.

The trips to the day spa, shopping, gourmet food choices, sound healing, water temple healing & the knowledge of Maria being a local made me feel very safe, secure and totally pampered.

The content I have created whilst here is the legacy I will leave, something that I had struggled with for over 20+ years to articulate let alone compile into an online course.

Thank you Maria for your expertise, humour, hosting I have had the time of my life! Seriously best investment in my business ever!

Gail OKeeffe

EFT Practitioner

Warsi House inside

Content Creation Getaway dates for 2018.

Choose the week that works for you. Limited availability in August, October and November.

Book in sooner rather than later to avoid missing out!

These Getaways aren't for everyone - is it for you?

The Getaways are for clients working with me on learning content creation (a book, articles, presentations, a course, a keynote, workshops, etc).

If you're not yet an existing client but you'd like to join one of my Getaways, it is advisable to complete one of the included half day sessions with me before you arrive, to ensure that you'll be well prepared and have a solid plan for when we're here working together.

working copy

Private Content Creation Getaway in Ubud, Bali

$4495 6 nights
  • 3 private half day sessions (6 x 90 minute sessions) with Maria Doyle
  • morning accountability meetings and twice daily progress check ins
  • private luxury accommodation with AC and swimming pool
  • transfers to and from the airport, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu or within 90 minutes of Ubud
  • 2 half day trips in an AC vehicle with guide and driver
  • breakfast, lunch, dinner and fresh juices daily
  • full access to online Library of professional development resources
  • fully personalised experience including choice of retreat dates, selected half day trips, lunch and dinner options, hosted by Maria Doyle and her team

'I found it easier to get in flow...'


Maria, thanks so much for such an awesome stay at Warsi House. It was great to nut out some content with you, have some R&R and breathe in the peaceful way of life in Ubud. I adjusted to 'slow' and found it easier to get in flow. The blog post I wrote there was easier to write than most (and has garnered the most likes so far!). You were the consummate host and made everything easy and fun, in a brilliant location with amazing food (important fuel!) I look forward to returning, for more work, rest and play...

Lois Keay-Smith

Founder, Career Wisdom, Author of "Make Your Move"

If I could get on a plane now to go back, I would. I got more work done in 5 short 3 hour bursts, than I got done in a month of hours of hard slog. I was highly productive without being stressed, which is the polar opposite to my everyday life! It was easy to be in touch with anyone in Australia that I needed to be in-touch with because the wifi was flawless.

It's the kind of place that would be equally as fabulous with your partner or without - you can come as an individual and not need the security of a travel buddy - you've got Maria! If you really want to experience what Bali has to offer, it's for you - if you want AC poolside resort style service, it's not for you. Book into Seminyak.

If you're wanting to get a huge amount of work done - start up, business, study, whatever you need to do - everything is online, everything is a click away, and your brain is on fire - you're honed - because you've got nothing else to think about except for the massage you've got booked 4 hours later.

It's a really genuine way to experience Bali - as some who is living the life - not just buying a package holiday. You're living in an environment where you know the locals aren't taking advantage of you - it's a symbiotic relationship that feels good to be part of.

I thought I'd want pool and aircon, because that's my previous Bali experience, but I missed neither and when I was given the opportunity of a swim, I honestly didn't feel the need. Ubud is different to Kuta or Seminyak and the thing is, if you want a pool, it's a 5 minute trip away - opposite a salon where you can get the best massages this side of Bali. It's just easy. SO easy; to eat beautiful food going out, or ringing a number and having it home delivered. If you want a few hours of "tourist Ubud", it's a 5 minutes scooter ride away. If you want shopping that's not 'touristified' where you can get things for 10% of the price, it's a 5 minute scooter ride away. If you want to meet genuinely nice people, Maria has surrounded herself with locals who are not there to exploit you, but just to enjoy your company as you enjoy theirs.

Gusti, Maria's house keeper extra-ordinaire, Nyoman, Maria's driver/local restaurant and his fabulous wife Sri, and other locals who know and love Maria at restaurants and shops wherever we went. If you want to yoga yourself silly you can, if you want to chill out you can, its easy to do whatever you want to do. Honestly, I'd be back there in a heartbeat!"

Lisa CW

Teacher - Perth, Australia

Anything is possible.

I have a range of upgrades you can choose from if what is provided in the base package doesn't provide the level of luxury or support you're looking for.

Start by filling in the application form below. All applications will be responded to within 48 hours, with an invitation for a complimentary chat to ascertain whether the retreats are a good fit.

Looking forward to seeing you up here soon - here's some fresh young coconut love for you in the mean time 🙂


Content Creation Getaway dates for 2018.

Choose the week that works for you. Limited availability in August, October and November.

Book in sooner rather than later to avoid missing out!

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