What do Curriculum Developers do?

Curriculum Developers are a rare breed. Most people don’t even know that people like us exist. We tend to be systems nerds, with a penchant for excel – and ones like me love the challenge of organising large volumes of information, intellectual property (IP) or outdated PowerPoints or worksheets, into structured, outcomes based, quality learning materials.

Content Development can be one helluva challenge – it can be confusing, overwhelming, you can quite literally put it off for months and months because the mountain of organising, labelling, curating, re-creating, honing and refining can just seem WAY TOO HARD. I know, because I’ve been there. Putting together my own Library of learning materials was one helluva humbling experience – nothing like being in the client seat for a while to REALLY keep me in touch with what you’re really going through!

So that’s exactly what I do – help people move through confusion and frustration where everything is a mess >> into an organised place with a plan in hand.

As a systems aficionado, I help people like you morph your expertise into a versatile library of knowledge you can then use any which way you need to. I know it works for an array of client personalities, business types, and industries because I’ve used it on just about all of them. Here’s a random sample of the range of professionals and organisations I’ve helped over the past few years.

Professional curriculum developers

And here’s how I’ve helped a few of them specifically:

  • Large Government Organisation: digitalising their induction process
    • Leadership Coach: organised 20 years of experience in training Corporate Managers, Thought Leaders and Executives into a series of signature workshops.
    • Ministry of Education, Fiji: developed an online learning program for Principals and School Leaders
    • Nutritionist: developed individualised support programs for families living with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.
    • Lead Trainer for a Large Retail Outlet: Re-structured and improved a 300 page monochrome training manual into a personalised workbook, presentation deck and facilitator guide.
    • Civil Engineer: designed an online wealth generation course for teens and parents to replicate her success upon producing a passive income stream that allowed her to leave the corporate world. The online course is now being sold as a fundraising alternative through high-schools.

Practical assistance from someone who has been there, is what helps you get started and go the distance.

But you often don’t realise how much you need it, until you’re about to give up.

Let me share a story about two phenomenally passionate, articulate and highly skilled clients I’ve been working with recently.


Let’s start with Dianne, a professional who has been helping her clients for the past 25 years, and gets results that change the whole course of people’s lives #truestory #changedmylife

We were focusing on the session where we’re talking about how to systemise all the expertise you have, into a simple map that you can pull your outcomes based, needs driven modules of training from, or a series of blogs, or the content for your next book.

Like so many of the people I work with, when we started Dianne was completely frustrated. She didn’t know where to start, she had bucketloads of phenomenal content in files and folders everywhere, she knew she was sitting on amazing content but she couldn’t quite figure out how to fit it into a framework.

Sound like you? You’re not alone!

It turned out that she was so confused, overwhelmed and frustrated with her filing system and trying to market what she does, that the mere thought of starting the ‘sorting it all out’ process with me had her in a not-so-mild panic.

She’s helped thousands of people over the years, and is simply phenomenal at what she does, but she’d been thrashing around in the dark, confused by how to explain what her skills, talents and knowledge can do, when they all come together to help people. This confusion was apparent through her website, her offerings and how she was marketing herself.

A few hours later, (complete with some deep breathing and some business truth telling), she finally, clearly, SAW what it is that she does.

”I didn’t just see it, I finally, clearly saw, what I’ve been doing for years. It was like lifting a dark heavy fog and seeing for the first time, this brilliant clear image of my life’s work. Priceless.”

I showed her 25 years of experience, skills and tools collated in a simple map that she can now use to create programs, workshops, her book and her series of articles.

Within a few hours of one on one, she had a new website map, a fully fleshed out editorial calendar, and her first blog was done and published.

Tears, but this time happy, relaxed tears.

She said the feeling of seeing her expertise like that, all planned out, all making sense, felt like the weight of the world had been taken off her shoulders and instead of being scared of her filing system, she was on a mission to sort it out. How’s that for a turn around?

25 years sorted out in a matter of hours.

 Success for me, is bringing about a breakthrough.

That feeling of being able to take people from a place of frustration, overwhelm, confusion and fog, one that chips away at their ability to take their work to new heights, to new audiences; to to a place of calm, centred, focus, where they’re able to create powerful new offerings that truly do change lives.

I’ve got a range of other testimonials from corporate organisations, small business professionals and colleges here.

So. Ready for the 6 step process I’ve used with most of my clients? Check out the full article that explains the first step in Curriculum Development, here: 6 Simple Steps to Systemising and Selling Your Expertise

What curriculum developers do

Ready to put the 6 Simple Steps into practice?

Fantastic! I have a quick tutorial and a content organising tool that step you through the process.

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Lesson 3: Systemise and sell your expertise

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Great content stuck in your head & hard drives?

So much to think about . . .

>> What to put in & leave out, in what order?

>> How to package it? Or deliver it? Online?

>> Will it just be a waste of time & money?

>> Will the content actually help people and help me build my reputation as the go-to-professional in my field?

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