Course Review

Why would I need a Course Review?

Well, you don't really. It depends on the sort of professional, trainer, coach or mentor you are.

If you’ve got a course, workshop or presentation and you do actually care about whether your clients are getting the best out of what your content has to offer, then a Course Review will definitely help you.

I believe in that so whole heartedly that I have a money back guarantee. More on that later though. If you’re not interested in knowing whether your course is delivering real results, this review is probably not for you ...

What we, in the teaching and learning business, call ‘a reflective teacher’ is
someone who is able to reflect and critique their existing materials and delivery style.

All the best teachers are reflective ones.

If you're passionate about creating real change in the world,
you're a professional who has the knowledge, experience and a bucket load of content,
and you're finally ready to NAIL that group program you've been working on,
you're probably ready for a Course Review.

You may be feeling:

+ Unsure you content is as well delivered as it could be.
+ Overwhelmed with how much content you've created.
+ Confused by how to put it all together so it's easy for you and your clients to navigate.
+ Frustrated with getting ordinary feedback and low completion rates.
+ Disappointed with having come so far but feeling so lost!

1. feeling lost
8. feeling relieved

A course review is designed to:

+ Help you fall back in love with your content, courses and serving your clients.
+ Give you the confidence that your content is delivered effectively, and aligned with the core principles of effective adult learning.
+ Provide you key recommendations for improvement based on the foundations of best practice teaching & learning-tools you'll use in every aspect of the way you work with adults.
+ Inspire practical action so you can easily upgrade your course so that it makes even more of a difference for the people who take it.

What’s included?

Well, it depends on the type of review you're after. All reviews will start with a + 30 minute initial consultation to ascertain your review goals, and  a one hour follow-up consultation to guide you through the key recommendations.

If you go for the 'Stepping Up' Review,

you'll receive a Comprehensive 15-20 page Course Review Report provided to you within one working week of receiving all documentation (see image for a 6 page sample).

If you go for the 'All In' Review,

you'll also receive a  Full Content and Task Planner complete with visual representation of your modules and how your content is linked (see Adele and Robyn's Before and After shots below).

Course Review Report

Let's hear from Adele McConnell and Robyn Law, of Make Some Real Dough, who decided to bite the bullet and employ a full 'All in' Course Review.

So Adele and Robyn, how were you feeling before you got the Course Review?

We had totally lost the love with our course - we knew we had good content but we had no idea how to pull it all together - it had just become so huge with all the extra content we were adding into it we knew it was awesome, but it was getting way too big for us to keep track of where everything was - it was killing us!

Now, we're in the honeymoon stage again - we're back in love with what we do, and why we do it. You've allowed us to breathe life back into our programs, we've got our excitement back - we knew we had good content, but were totally overwhelmed with what to do with it all.

What's the value that you've gotten out of the Review?

The handoverability aspect of it! The ability to just hand it all over to you was priceless - we just want to give you all our money and get you to do ALL OF IT ! Creative people just shouldn't have to do all that side of things - they should just be able to create!

The value of the Review is 'I don't want to do it and I don't care what it costs'  - we outsource other things like copywriting and graphic design and the financial investment is equivalent to getting a series of emails or images created, or a few sessions with a top notch coach. Totally worth it, because it's just not in our zone of genius to be doing this stuff!

It's such an important part of running a business that is based on education - having a system that works and keeps everything in order so our clients can find things easily and really engage with the learning journey - we just want to create though - our heads don't work in that way - and yours does - so good to be able to hand that whole side of our business over to you!  Such a weight off our shoulders - that someone's brain actually works like that - and that we can hand it all over to you!

That list of recommendations I'm applying to Vegiehead too - not just MSRD - so valuable and the suggestions are SO spot on - and so easy to understand!

There is so much value in that Content and Task Planner!!

It's GOLD! The colour coding, the way you group things, it just makes it so much easier to see the relationship between the different parts of our course - I never really saw it like that before and now it's so easy to see it!

It's brilliant - it'll make planning our resources and keeping track of where we're up to SO MUCH EASIER - especially as there's two of us working on it!

The visual picture you created of our course - the one with the arrows that shows people how to move through the course - it's genius! So simple, but so effective!

Before Course Review
After Course Review

What was the best part of getting the Review done?

YOU! You're so personable and easy to work with - it was something we've been dreading and putting off because we knew how big and daunting the task felt - but you reassured us it'd all be fine and gave us the courage to gather our documents together and get started!

We didn't have to spoon feed you - you're the expert, we could just hand it all over to you and you came back to us with it all sorted out - magic!

Thanks ladies - was a pleasure working with you!

Sounds great but what's the investment?

Every course, trainer and container of expertise is different, which is why I prefer to discuss where you're at and where you want to be, before I make a formal quote on your Course Review.

You may want a full Content and Task Planner created for you, which requires systemising your content and creating a framework.

You may just want me to look over your existing course which is well organised and scaffolded, to make recommendations for improvements to the learning journey your clients are experiencing. You may want both of those services and then further help creating and curating your content.


The scope is quite broad which is why it definitely needs a discussion before I can send you a quote!

Click here to book in for your complimentary 15 minute chat  so that we can tailor a solution that fits your needs.

More happy Course Review clients...

Angela Raspass

Angela Raspass

Maria you are truly worth your weight in gold! The way you led me so deftly out of my content jungle and into clarity and confidence was such a gift to me AND my future participants – thank you!!!

Your Next Chapter


Mandy Gibbons

'So easy to implement the changes Maria suggested - I was really worried but shouldn't have been - the report was so simple and easy to follow!'

Virtual Fitness Trainer

Not sure you really need this?

Go on, try me. You could actually get all your money back.

What if my course is already really effective and the recommendations turn up nothing?

You'll receive a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. If your course is already highly effective, good on you! Having reviewed courses for years, I know a solid course when I see one. In that case, it will be an absolute PLEASURE to rate your course accordingly - at my expense - and I'd be more than happy to endorse your course in a testimonial for having the 4 PILLARS of a Quality Learning Experience seal of approval!


What if my course needs a bit of work?

Well, in the report you'll get a range of recommendations. The recommendations will be about what major areas you can work on in terms of your documents, structure or delivery style.

There will be a list of areas that you can work on individually - if you're comfortable working through them alone, there are self study lessons and courses that can help you in The Library.


What if I need help? I don't know that I'm very good at this - can I get someone to help me do it?

Of course! If you do need a bit more one on one help, we can work together in a Coaching style agreement, or you can hire me as a Consultant to get specific jobs done. Curriculum and Resource Development is one of my key areas of expertise!

My one-on-one packages are designed to help you achieve the results you're after - whether I'm helping you to create your own materials, or creating them for you, we will create a package that will work for you and your specific requirements.

There is no one size fits all package in my book! Click for more information about Coaching or Consulting.

Ready to find out more about how to get started on you Course Review?

Click here to book in for your complimentary 15 minute chat.

No obligation, just an honest chat about where you're at, where you want to be, and how I might be able to help you!

How were you feeling before you got the Course Review?

It was the fear of the unknown. Let’s face it, our businesses are our babies, so it’s hard to have someone review our programs and courses when you’ve poured your heart and soul into them. Knowing the sheer size of my program, I was a little intimidated by the changes I may have to make.

I know my program content and quality is amazing – BUT there’s ALWAYS room for improvement.  I knew Maria’s background and experience in education, I’ve seen her passion first hand (I knew she really knew her stuff). AND I knew my program would be in “nothing but the best” hands having Maria reviewing it.

What's the value that you've gotten out of the Review?

Maria’s experience and authority in education shines through in a massive way. Anyone who wants to take their program or course to the next level, is super passionate about helping their clients succeed … I’d say “jump in feet first”… don’t hesitate … It’s so worth it.

Thanks Maria, YOU ROCK!


Mandy Gibbons

Business Strategist, Mindset Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer