Systems. You're either into them, or you're not. And when you're not, things start to fall into some sort of organised chaos. 


Does this sound like you?


~ You have a to do list a mile long, and it never seems to get shorter no matter how much you cross off... 


~ You're struggling to remember where all your clients are at, when you should be checking in to see how they're going, and if asked, you'd have no idea how many clients are leads, paying clients or clients who have finished their time with you. 


~ You have oodles of ideas for articles and blog posts, you've got scrap pieces of notepaper or notebooks full of ideas, your filing system is a complete shambles, and if someone asked you to pull a workshop full of worksheets and activities out tomorrow, you'd end up close to a panic attack. 

What will you learn?

You'll learn how to: stay organsied and efficient by using economical systems, programs and apps that help you manage your clients, their progress and all your content including blogs, lessons, programs and feedback mechanisms.


 Systems overview for running a small educational business

I use a number of systems, apps, programs, systems and technical solutions to run my small business. There isn't a right or wrong app to choose, it's more about what works for you and your business needs. See the low cost, low fuss options I've decided to run with! COMING SOON


Client records, contracts, invoicing and lead management

The system I use, to keep it all together. I used a variety of different systems until I found one that did everything I needed. Everything is automated, I get reminders so I never forget anything, my clients are informed and I can find, at a glance, everything I need to know about where they're at. Priceless! See how I use 17 HATS to make the admin side of my business life efficient and stress free, without a PA!


Business development and project management

The system I use, to keep it all together. There are lots of project management tools on the market, but Asana is the tool I use with 4 different organisations - my business, a not-for-profit I volunteer as Vice President of, and another two corporate organisations I manage projects for. Keep tasks in order, create workflow templates, assign tasks and due dates to team members, keep track of all conversations without the head fry associated with email tennis. 


Content planning for workshops, courses and libraries

If you're not using a system, it'll all get a bit out of hand. Use this 3 part template to plan, and keep organised, your content; whether they're articles that lead into opt-ins, lessons, workshops, courses or whole libraries. 

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