Ensure your resources improve every time you deliver them


Ensure your resources improve every time you deliver them


Ensure your resources improve every time you deliver them

Do you want to get better at delivering your content every time you deliver it?

Do you ask for feedback, but rarely get anyone actually sending it in?
If you do get feedback, is it similar to every other piece of feedback you have ever received?
Are you stuck in your ways, and tend to recycle the same content over and over?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then let me explain why the
'Continuous Improvement' stage of Learning Resources Development is what will put the HEARTBEAT back into your work...

(Otherwise, there's a fair chance your content will not only bore you, but your students as well, you'll be known as that presenter who is STILL delivering that 'same old' content, and you won't receive or know how to implement stella feedback which you can GROW and LEARN from....)

What specifically is included in this course?

There is an introductory lesson (which is free below, no sign up required!), followed by 3 full lessons. Lessons 4.2 and 4.3 DO NOT have video tutorials, and there's a very good reason for that which you'll find out in the first lesson. There is also a bonus guest interview with an expert on evaluation and review in adult education.

learn from mistakes

ind out exactly whether you need each one, and follow specific links to the pre-reading materials which will give you a sneak peak into each of the lessons. If your interest isn't piqued by the introductory module embedded below, this course may not be for you!

You will learn how to...

(click on each lesson for more information)

Introduction: recognise why getting feedback, knowing how to deal with it, and reflecting on each delivery will make you into the kind of presenter people remember for all the right reasons. (you can access this lesson free, no sign up required, further down the page. If the Introduction doesn't 'grab' you, this course may not be for you!)

Lesson 1: guarantee you’ll get constructive feedback from your clients before, during and after they have taken their learning journey with you.

Lesson 2: deal with, and implement, all pieces of feedback, however good, bad or ugly they may be.

Lesson 3: improve on any teaching and learning experience (good or bad) so that you get better every time you deliver content.

Lesson 4: get the most out of the evaluation and review process as a commitment to best practise in learning.

Is getting the right feedback really that important?

No one wants to be THAT trainer. The one who is stuck in their ways, who recycles the same content over and over, who bores the socks off every group of people that comes before them to learn. We've all been there, in that classroom, thinking 'gee I'd love to give this guy some feedback but I'm assuming it will just fall on deaf ears so there's probably no point'... right?

In this course we're going to discuss how to continuously improve your content and delivery by evaluating, reviewing and reflecting. What this helps you do, is become better at delivering your content every time, as you learn and grow from the feedback that you get from your clients. Learn why Evaluation, Review and Reflection - the three key ingredients to continuously improving your content and delivery, are the keys to solid small business growth.


The return on investment is guaranteed

I’ve recently converted my 1 on 1 career change coaching program to a home study online course. Who would have thought creating an online course would be such a roller coaster?

In the beginning I had some concerns and wanted to ensure that the online course participants get the best results possible. So, I had a 2 hour strategy session with Maria. I went from feeling excited but overwhelmed to clear and confident.

Maria gave me a structure to follow that minimised all the second guessing. Her marketing and content structure document helped me to realise that I had under-estimated the power of what I was creating. She helped me to identify deep and useful outcomes beyond what I had identified myself. Plus, Maria shared her wisdom of what to do and what not to do to ensure engagement.

I highly recommend Maria and know that the return on investment is guaranteed.

Nikki Smith - Psychologist and Career/Business Coach

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This brief introduction will give you an overview of how to apply these 3 steps in your product development plans. Click on the images below and experience the learnings the way that is best for YOU! Watch the video, read the transcript, or just listen to the audio - and yep! It's all free! No need to download or sign up for anything.

Video:  6 MIN

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Please note that originally the FOUNDATIONS Level was an e-Course; therefore in the tutorials I may refer to Courses as 'Modules', and 'weeks' of the course, which refer to the 4 different Courses that are now housed in the FOUNDATIONS Level.



Learn how to: evaluate, review and reflect on your teaching or training, in a way that leads to improved outcomes, sharper focus & higher client engagement. Continuously improve your content and delivery. Includes 1 FREE Course: Welcome Gifts PLUS 1 x 60 minute personalised 'power hour' with Maria Doyle.

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Maria Golding

Your help made all the difference

Maria! I'm sooo happy with how my presentation went! The audience really engaged and interacted with me, and even came down to my stall to reconnect with me afterwards! They joined in the experiential part, and the group sharing went really well! So happy with this presentation in terms of being able to position myself and my services. THANKYOU for your help - it made ALL the difference!

Maria Golding - Motherhood Science

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