Does this sound like you?

  • You ask for feedback, but you rarely get anyone actually sending it in.
  • You get some feedback, but it sits in a pile and you never end up doing anything with it.
  • You keep getting similar feedback again and again so you just decide it's not even worth asking for it anymore.

With the Continuous Improvement Course you will learn how to:

Lesson 1: guarantee you’ll get constructive feedback from your clients before, during and after they have taken their learning journey with you.

Lesson 2: deal with, and implement, all pieces of feedback, however good, bad or ugly they may be

Lesson 3: improve on any teaching and learning experience (good or bad) so that you get better every time you deliver content.

Lesson 4: get the most out of the evaluation and review process as a commitment to best practise in learning?

What specifically is included in this course?

There is an introductory lesson, followed by 3 full lessons. Lessons 4.2 and 4.3 DO NOT have video tutorials, and there's a very good reason for that which you'll find out in the first lesson. There is also a bonus guest interview with an expert on evaluation and review in adult education.

Find out exactly whether you need each one, and follow specific links to the pre-reading materials which will give you a sneak peak into each of the lessons. If your interest isn't piqued by the introductory module embedded below, this course may not be for you!


Is getting the right feedback really that important?

No one wants to be THAT trainer. The one who is stuck in their ways, who recycles the same content over and over, who bores the socks off every group of people that comes before them to learn. We've all been there, in that classroom, thinking 'gee I'd love to give this guy some feedback but I'm assuming it will just fall on deaf ears so there's probably no point'... right?

In this module we're going to discuss how to continuously improve your content and delivery by evaluating, reviewing and reflecting. What this helps you do, is become better at delivering your content every time, as you learn and grow from the feedback that you get from your clients. Learn why Evaluation, Review and Reflection - the three key ingredients to continuously improving your content and delivery, are the keys to solid small business growth.

Fancy a free taste test of what's in this short course?

This brief introduction will give you an overview of how to apply these 3 steps in your product development plans. Click on the images below and experience the learnings the way that is best for YOU! Watch the video, read the transcript, or just listen to the audio - and yep! It's all free! No need to download or sign up for anything.

Video:  6 MIN

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Please note that originally the FOUNDATIONS Level was an e-Course; therefore in the tutorials I may refer to Courses as 'Modules', and 'weeks' of the course, which refer to the 4 different Courses that are now housed in the FOUNDATIONS Level.

Learn how to get feedback from your clients before, during and after they have taken their learning journey with you.


Because in this way you can review their experience in light of their original starting position, and how they finished. It also allows you to review their feedback in context of how they performed as your client – which will allow you to make judgements on the quality of the comments, and whether you believe them to be ‘valid’ enough to make changes in your course or not. This lesson will show you many different ways you can easily gather evaluations from your clients.

If you don't gather this kind of feedback?

You're leaving serious gold on the table! Find out what your clients want, address their concerns, and see the positive reviews increase 10 fold!

Don't think it's important?

Find out how my clients have lost their marriages and homes thanks to not asking for feedback before investing their life savings into creating a course they THOUGHT would fly. No word of a lie. Read the article here.


Learn how to process your evaluations.

This might not sound like rocket science but a lot of professionals ask for feedback, and then simply never do anything with it because it ends up in the 'too hard' basket. Learn some simple methods for dealing with all pieces of feedback, however good, bad or ugly they may be. Use the GOLD that your clients give you, to improve your content and wow the next set of clients who engage with it.

Not sure it's really that important?

Read this article to find out why it's the most important component of developing as a professional and why if you're planning on being the go-to-expert in your niche, you can't afford to ignore it.


Learn how to reflect and improve on any teaching and learning experience.

If you've got this far, it's because you're truly interested in teaching and learning and you're ready to find out how to truly learn from every experience that passes you by.

The last video, and the accompanying workbook, is the capstone for the FOUNDATIONS e-Courses, and only available once you have taken the end of course online survey.

Why? There's a method to my madness and you'll find out once you're enrolled in the course.

Think Reflection is all a bit WOO WOO and not really for you?

Find out here how it completely changed the way one of my clients approached his life, study and family - and consequently made me an advocate of reflection for life.


BONUS! Join us for a discussion about the power of Evaluation, Review and Reflection. Claire is a lecturer at the University of Adelaide, and has been a marketing manager and consultant for the last 15 years.

We discuss the power of evaluation, review and reflection - something she feels so strongly about, why she's thrown away her corporate career to pursue a business that is based on the power of it, and how it can seriously change lives.

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