Create presentations that engage, inspire and motivate


Create presentations that engage, inspire and motivate


Create presentations that engage, inspire and motivate

Do you know how to keep your audience engaged?

Do you want to inspire and motivate your clients to get the outcomes you know they're capable of?
Do you want learn how to use engaging visual tools that enhance rather than distract listeners from what you are saying?
Are you lacking confidence in your delivery techniques?
Do you want to make sure your clients are interacting with you and your content and taking action thanks to what they've learnt?
If the answer is yes, then let me explain why the
'Delivery Skills' stage of Learning Resources Development is NECESSARY when creating your lessons...

(Otherwise, there's a fair chance you'll end up being that presenter who makes everyone fall asleep, snigger under their breath or walk away warning others not to waste their time with you....)

What specifically is included in this course?

In this course there is an introductory lesson (which is free below, no sign up required!), followed by 3 full lessons complete with tutorials, matching podcasts and worksheets. There is also a bonus guest interview with an expert on enhancing the user experience.

Wise Teacher Gibran

Find out exactly whether you need each one, and follow specific links to the pre-reading materials which will give you a sneak peak into each of the lessons. If your interest isn't piqued by the introductory module embedded below, this course may not be for you!

You will learn how to...

(click on each lesson for more information)

Introduction: recognise the likely (and most definitely undesired) impact on your reputation when your presentations are lacking a motivating structure, demonstrative visual aids and engaging delivery skills (you can access this lesson free, no sign up required, further down the page. If the Introduction doesn't 'grab' you, this course may not be for you!).

Lesson 1: pique your clients interest and hold their attention right to the end of your presentation.

Lesson 2: avoid death by PowerPoint by creating visual aids that enhance your presentations.

Lesson 3: ensure your clients are interacting with you, and asking questions and engaging with the tasks you set.

Lesson 4: enhance user experience through good information and document design.

You're an expert in your field - so do you really need to worry about what kind of presenter you are?

Well, no one wants to be the Dander 500 guy, now do they (watch the video to see what I mean - at least you know you'll get a giggle!)? The presenter who makes everyone fall asleep, snigger under their breath or walk away warning others not to waste their time with you... this short course is going to show you how to avoid being that presenter. Video used with permission from the gorgeous guys at

In this short course we're going to discuss how to create and deliver content that engages, inspires and motivates your clients. The introductory module is an overview of why it's not just about having a killer personality when it comes to delivering a presentation that knocks your audience's socks off.

If you're not engaging your audience?

Your content won't be having the impact you know it can have, and there's a fair chance they'll drift off, start creating a mental shopping list, and leave disappointed. Not an ideal way to get raving reviews. Right?

Success Story - Jules Galloway

I now have a premium online program that I'm proud of and confident in selling!

Jules had a keynote to write, and wanted to upgrade her online program...

I had a 20 minute keynote presentation coming up, and I knew what I wanted to say... but not how to say it in a way that was effective. In just one hour of coaching, Maria extracted all the ideas out of my head, put them into an order that made sense, and even injected some humour to make the speech more "human." Working with Maria was the best move ever - I ended up with a killer keynote, and loads of confidence going into the presentation... and it was a winner on the day too!

Then I signed up for Maria's coaching package, because I wanted to take my online health program and turn it into an offering that was more engaging, and that would provide a better customer experience. Maria helped me to do just that. It's like she goes into your head, draws out the outcomes you want, and shows you how to restructure your course to ensure success. I now have a premium online program that I'm proud of and confident in selling!

Jules Galloway - Naturopath

Fancy a free taste test of what's in this short course?

This brief introduction will give you an overview of how to apply these 3 steps in your product development plans. Click on the images below and experience the learnings the way that is best for YOU! Watch the video, read the transcript, or just listen to the audio - and yep! It's all free! No need to download or sign up for anything.

When you're done promising yourself you'll never be the Dander 500 guy, please start here.

Video:  5 MIN

Read the Video Transcript

Listen to the Podcast

Please note that originally the FOUNDATIONS Level was an e-Course; therefore in the tutorials I may refer to Courses as 'Modules', and 'weeks' of the course, which refer to the 4 different Courses that are now housed in the FOUNDATIONS Level.



Learn how to: structure your delivery based on how adults like to learn. Use presentation techniques and delivery styles that work best to engage, inspire and motivate adult learners. Create clear, motivating visual aids. Includes 1 FREE Course: Welcome Gifts PLUS 1 x 60 minute personalised 'power hour' with Maria Doyle.

Course Cost: $295

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includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

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I would highly recommend... an absolute pleasure to work with

What a Sensational Session!!!

Maria presented an empowering session on “Presentations that Engage, Inspire and Motivate” to both my HR team and National Operational leaders. The value was unanimous and all participants, including myself, were impressed with the delivery, structure and excitement created by Maria. All participants regularly develop and deliver presentations on a day-to-day basis and at the end of this session, all participants were able to identify a number of opportunities to improve and enhance the quality of training and presentations being delivered within the business.

So if you need to re-energise and empower your HR team or Business leaders to become better presenters, even if they have been doing it for years, then I would highly recommend Maria and this workshop.

Thank you Maria for being so effective in your delivery and an absolute pleasure to work with – I will certainly look forward to booking you again.

Tony Boutoubia - National HR Manager

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