Does this sound like you?

  • You're ready to start creating group learning products so you can leverage your time, but you have no idea what products you should be creating.
  • You know it's going to be quite a large undertaking, and you have no idea who to hire to help you, or what skills you're going to need to learn or outsource.
  • You really just want to get it right, the first time - to create highly effective learning products that WORK and have your clients raving about the success they had while working with you so you are known as the expert in your field.


The Starter Pack (Located in the BASICS Level and included with your purchase of this course.)

With the Product Development Course you will learn how to:

Lesson 1: get inside your clients' heads and plan for their needs, by incorporating their specific circumstances.

Lesson 2: design content that will appeal to the broadest range of clients, by catering for various learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Lesson 3: design a learning experience that sets clear expectations, and minimises refund requests and complaints.

Lesson 4: communicate with your clients in language that resonates with them specifically.

What specifically is included in this course?

There is an introductory lesson, followed by 3 full lessons complete with tutorials, matching podcasts and worksheets. There is also a bonus guest interview with a copywriter.

Find out exactly whether you need each one, and follow specific links to the pre-reading materials which will give you a sneak peak into each of the lessons. If your interest isn't piqued by the introductory module embedded below, this course may not be for you!


Do you really need to be Developing Outcomes Based Products?

Outcomes based product development is about creating products that work so well, that your clients go away raving about the success they've had working with you. It's all about knowing the NEEDS of your clients, how they are best going to DIGEST, LEARN and APPLY that information, and then designing a product or service that seriously gets results.

If you don't do this?

In a nutshell, they'll be telling others about you for all the wrong reasons! When you fail to really identify your client needs, the different ways people learn, and the exact expectations around the full user experience, you open yourself up to refund requests, mismatched expectations and a minefield of 'but I thought I was getting X' type complaints.

My advice?

Be prepared. Be prepared to create a learning experience that gets raving reviews, touts you as a life changing expert and truly changes lives. Plan it properly and get it right the first time.

Fancy a free taste test of what's in this short course?

This brief introduction will give you an overview of how to apply these 3 steps in your product development plans. Click on the images below and experience the learnings the way that is best for YOU! Watch the video, read the transcript, or just listen to the audio - and yep! It's all free! No need to download or sign up for anything.

Video:  6 MIN

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Please note that originally the FOUNDATIONS Level was an e-Course; therefore in the tutorials I may refer to Courses as 'Modules', and 'weeks' of the course, which refer to the 4 different Courses that are now housed in the FOUNDATIONS Level.

Learn how to fully get inside your clients' heads, so that you can begin to plan for their needs, to incorporate their specific circumstances including educational backgrounds and industry experience.

What happens when you don't, is that you start creating content for problems you THINK they have, or that you may have had when YOU were going through the same process, but 5 years on, the landscape has completely changed so pitching the same, or trying to solve the same problems still, is completely missing the mark. You may also find that you're telling them things they already know, insulting their intelligence and generally rubbing them up the wrong way.

Not sure you need this lesson?

This article will demonstrate what can happen when you don't know your clients well enough, BEFORE you start working with them. Stories. Lots of stories about egg, on someone's face, that someone, being ME. Learn from my mistakes - know your clients and their specific situations so that you can tailor the learning experience to their needs!


Learn how to design for universal engagement, by catering for various learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Why is this so important? There are many different learning styles, and sometimes our preferences change depending on what we're learning. I'd much prefer to watch someone doing something mechanical like changing a tyre, before giving it a go myself, but with cooking? Hand me a recipe and let me work it out for myself. Do you know the preferred learning styles of your clients, for your content? Or are you delivering awesome content, in a mode that they simply won't engage with?

Think learning styles is a load of nonsense or a long standing myth that's recently been debunked?

There's been a bit of a buzz around this topic lately, but this article gives you the low down on the current research and summarises why it's still imperative to address them when you're designing your product, curriculum and resources. 


Learn how to fairly design all facets of the learning experience so that you and your clients know what to expect and where the boundaries are.

Because when  you don't? Hold your hats! You'll be fielding a myriad of complaints and miscommunications over what people thought they were getting. Terms and Conditions are imperative but even before that, understanding exactly what you're delivering is crucial if you're going to clearly communicate that to your prospective clients. Under promise, over deliver, a sure fire recipe for referrals based business booming!

Not sure how to decide what expectations are fair?

Like how many people you should have in your course? This article will give you some solid food for thought and a breakdown of the absolute minimum you should be addressing in your course outline, workshop advertisements or sales pages.


BONUS! In this interview you can listen in, and learn how to bring clarity to your copy, so that you can tap into your clients'  needs, speak their language and be able to communicate clear expectations regarding the user experience. In essence, this interview brings together everything from this course on PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: how to develop an outcomes based product that really speaks to your clients, from the perspective of a copy editor.

Think you've got this covered?

If you're dealing with people from different countries whose native language is English, you're still at risk of making mistakes - this article takes you through a few issues I have had over the years - being completely misunderstood by Scottish, Irish, English, American and Canadian people!

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