Learn from small business owners who have been there


Learn from small business owners who have been there


Learn from small business owners who have been there

Do you have a LOT of experience in your field but you're new to the online business world?

Are you a bit unsure about how to get the right support and help to make your online business work?
Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of options out there and aren't sure who to trust?
Just want to get it right, the first time? Including all the legalities?
No idea where to start with 'online marketing'?
If the answer is yes, then let me explain why the
'Small Business Wisdom' course is what you need BEFORE you even think about putting your product online...

(Otherwise, you might find yourself isolated in your home office now knowing what to do next, frustrated by the myriad of contradictory advice out there, hiring the wrong people or wasting money on useless programs or courses, or worse still, not sure whether you should even BE in this online business world...)

Ready for the full Course Overview?

In this course, there are 7 lessons complete with 4 tutorials, their matching podcasts, and 7 worksheets. Find out exactly whether you need each one, and follow specific links to the pre-reading materials which will give you a sneak peak into each of the lessons.

Be the change you want

You will learn how to...

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Buddha statue in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Picture: Maria Doyle

Lesson 1: create a philanthropic side to your small business.

Lesson 2: create your Small Business Support Network.

Lesson 3: hire the right professionals.

Lesson 4: ensure you've got the legal basics covered.

Lesson 5: decide what search engine and social media strategies you need.

Lesson 6: ensure you're communicating effectively with your clients.

Lesson 7: invite your clients to trial your new product.

Alicia Menkveld

Surround yourself with experts

If you want to get something done right the first time, you can struggle on your own or you can surround yourself with experts in their fields and get the job done quicker and far better than you could ever have done on your own. Experts have systems, processes, templates and they give you hope by creating beauty from your chaos!

Maria Doyle you rock my world and I am very grateful for your support and helping me bring my ConfidentYou course to life!

Alicia Menkveld

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Twice-Published Author and Performance Coach



Course Cost: $495

includes 1 x 60 minute personalised 'power hour' with Maria Doyle

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includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

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Her idea became my best seller product

On my very first call with Maria she gave me advice on a product bundle idea that became my best seller product! I also really loved the detailed practical feedback on how to better structure, deliver and sell my online course. I highly recommend you invest in her advice. Thank you Maria!

Shireen DuPreez - Recruitment and Career Coaching

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