Get the basics right before you create your online content


Get the basics right before you create your online content


Get the basics right before you create your online content

Do you want to create highly effective learning products that work, the first time?

Are you unsure who to hire to help you, or what skills you need to learn or outsource?
You know that group learning products will help you leverage your time, but are you convinced about which products you should be creating, and how they complement the services you already offer?
Do you want to make sure that your clients are raving about the success they had while working with you?
If the answer is yes, then let me explain why the
'Starter Pack' is what you need BEFORE you even think about putting your product online...

(Otherwise, you might find yourself creating products you don't like delivering (or worse still, don't work for your clients!), doing a lot of work that isn't in your zone of genius or hiring the wrong people to help you (driving you nuts, wasting time, energy and money), and worst of all, there's a fair chance you'll get highly frustrated trying to transform your business into one that works effortlessly, when it can and should be relatively straight forward!....)

Ready for the full Course Overview?

In this course, there are 6 full lessons complete with 17 tutorials, their matching podcasts, and 7 worksheets. The 7th lesson is a bonus interview. Find out exactly whether you need each one, and follow specific links to the pre-reading materials which will give you a sneak peak into each of the lessons.

Knowing is not enough by Goethe

You will learn how to...

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Lesson 1: build a business based on your strengths.

Lesson 2: choose the right products and services to deliver.

Lesson 3: recognise the 12 hallmarks of a quality learning experience.

Lesson 3b: create and sell online learning content.

Lesson 4: study the foundations of best practice teaching and learning.

Lesson 5: outsource to the right professionals, with confidence.

Lesson 6: choose the right platform to deliver your content.

Lesson 7: be inspired to create content that changes lives.


People like Maria are rare online; genuine, passionate and professional

Ten minutes on the phone with Maria was enough to convince me that I needed her help to get my course on financial independence out of my head and into the world in the form of a fabulous learning experience.

I've worked with her for over 24 hours now and she is far and away the best investment I have ever made in my business. She's THE expert for all things learning (including online courses) but she's also part business coach, part marketing copy expert, part personal cheerleader - and highly competent in all those areas and too many more areas to list. People like Maria are very rare in the online learning world. She is genuine, passionate, professional, a pleasure to work with and now I can't imagine working without her. When I'm ready to make my next round of training, Maria will be the first personal I consult.

Thank you Maria, I feel blessed to have met you and I'm excited about the real change we will be creating together for years to come.

- LACEY FILIPICH, Founder, Money School and Maker Kids Club | Financial Educator | Speaker | Chemical Engineer




Course Cost: $495

includes 1 x 60 minute personalised 'power hour' with Maria Doyle

Yvonne Hilzs

Legendary...she has blown my mind

I have spoken about the PURE GENIUS of Maria Doyle before ... but I am doing it again. SERIOUSLY ... check her out if you are building your programs and courses. She is a NINJA at ensuring there are clear student outcomes and learning achieved.

I have spent the last 2 weeks practically every day writing content, brainstorming ideas, getting honest feedback with her. EPIC. This is an awesome program that is now AWESOME!!! ... and already sold to some major corporates.

If you nail your structure and your students learn and achieve what you desire ... they will be your biggest raving fans and promote you ...

PS. I don't profit or receive and monies for this ... am just a raving fan who has smashed out some incredible content and a maaaaajor project and Maria has been legendary at helping me upgrade. I have been training and speaking for years and she has seriously blown my mind with some of the tweaks and upgrades.

Yvonne Hilsz

International Sales Strategist, Speaker and Coach

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includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

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Alicia Menkveld

Surround yourself with experts

If you want to get something done right the first time, you can struggle on your own or you can surround yourself with experts in their fields and get the job done quicker and far better than you could ever have done on your own. Experts have systems, processes, templates and they give you hope by creating beauty from your chaos!

Maria Doyle you rock my world and I am very grateful for your support and helping me bring my ConfidentYou course to life!

Alicia Menkveld

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Twice-Published Author and Performance Coach

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