Does this sound like you?

  • You're a teacher of students who come from an ESL background and although you speak and write English fluently, you don't really understand the basics behind the tenses or the English grammar system.
  • You often have time left over at the end of lessons and need some quick, no fuss activities you can use at a moment's notice, without any preparation needed.
  • You tend to rely on worksheets or quiet time tasks and you know you'd like to introduce more speaking and listening activities into your classroom.
  • You're struggling with how to teach basic Academic English Skills.
  • You need to prepare your students for a language exam but you have no idea where to start or how you should be preparing them.

What will you learn?

Learn how to: explain the English tenses in one simple diagram, adapt activities to increase listening and speaking practice, improve academic or business English skills, prepare for language exams, and many more lessons coming soon.


 Demystifying the English Tenses


 Preparation free, communicative activities to use on the fly


 Academic English 


 Exam Preparation

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