How to distill your knowledge into quality learning products


How to distill your knowledge into quality learning products


How to distill your knowledge into quality learning products

Is one of your top priorities that your clients achieve their goals?

Are you a professional with a tonne of content you know changes lives, but overhwhelmed with the thought of trying to package it into a learning product? 
Are you an expert in your field, but don't have a great deal of teaching 'qualifications' or experience teaching groups of adults?
Want to create a product or range of products but not sure where to start?
If the answer is yes, then let me explain why downloading the
'Welcome Gifts' is the perfect FIRST STEP when it comes to turning your passion into content...

And the best part about the Welcome Gifts - is that they're yours, FOR FREE!

(Otherwise, you might find yourself going round in circles trying to systemise and package your expertise into a range of quality learning products or experiences. If you want to keep expanding your loyal base of clients who refer to you as the expert in your niche, make sure you first assess your preparedness to embark on the learning content creation journey....)

...and since this video was recorded, we've added a whole new lesson, on 'How to convert your face to face product into a successful online learning experience' - there are 7 short videos in this lesson, plus question and answer videos and a full 20 page workbook.

What specifically is included in this course?

In this free course, there are 5 full lessons complete with 6 tutorials, their matching podcasts, and 5 worksheets or e-Books. Find out exactly whether you need each one, and follow specific links to the pre-reading materials which will give you a sneak peak into each of the lessons.

The power of education - Mandela

You will learn how to...

(click on each lesson for more information)

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Lesson 1: assess your preparedness to create quality learning content.
Lesson 2: create quality learning content that qualifies you as the go-to-expert in your field.
Lesson 3: be realistic about what it takes to systemise and sell your expertise.
Lesson 4: get the most out of the training and education industry.
Lesson 5: convert your face-to-face product into a successful online learning experience.
Lesson 6: gain the knowledge required to structure needs-based, outcomes-driven learning experiences that get results.

Angela Bennett

The Co-ordinator said she'd never seen a better program

Just a quick note, prompted by your newsletter, to let you know where the work you did with me has gone… this week your awesome planning tools were used to create a workshop for at-risk youth, helping them understand anxiety and depression so they can be empowered to disrupt the symptoms. Following your framework, Maria, led to 93% of these young people feeling they would handle the symptoms better in the future, and the youth coordinator said she’d never seen a better program. She was over the moon ♥

It was a group project for my tafe program (I’m switching careers, and doing a double-diploma in community services and counselling!) and there were many things that went into the success of the program (like amazing teammates) but Maria, I’m so grateful that I had worked with you and could push to build a workshop that focused on applied experience to cement demonstration and explanation. The effect on the students was massive, better than we could have hoped for. Our lecturer is falling over herself with compliments, and there’s talk of rolling the program out on a wider scale. Astounding!

So thank you. You’re an awesome educator, Maria, and an inspiration. I’m so pleased to know you =D

Angela Bennett


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She is genuine, passionate, professional, a pleasure to work with, a rarity in the online learning world

Ten minutes on the phone with Maria was enough to convince me that I needed her help to get my course on financial independence out of my head and into the world in the form of a fabulous learning experience.

I've worked with her for over 24 (coaching) hours now and she is far and away the best investment I have ever made in my business. She's THE expert for all things learning (including online courses) but she's also part business coach, part marketing copy expert, part personal cheerleader - and highly competent in all those areas and too many more areas to list. People like Maria are very rare in the online learning world. She is genuine, passionate, professional, a pleasure to work with and now I can't imagine working without her. When I'm ready to make my next round of training, Maria will be the first personal I consult.

Thank you Maria, I feel blessed to have met you and I'm excited about the real change we will be creating together for years to come.

Lacey Filipich

Financial Mindset Coach and Trainer

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