4 Steps To Creating Quality Online Training That Sells Itself

We’ve all been there. Dazzled by the pretty promise of a course that completely failed to deliver.

Those big, flashy sales pages with beautiful branding and gorgeous imagery can be oh, so alluring. On a quest to find that one course that would deliver what you needed, so so ready to dive right in and upskill.

You pressed that BUY NOW button almost on a reflexive impulse and then worked out you’ve been duped. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Imagine if they felt like that about YOU and your course. Not the sort of experience that has you racing to recommend someone right?

creating quality online training

It’s a huge let down, isn’t it.

The content, the person who put it together, and it makes you question your own judgement, and the authenticity of any courses or workshops you see on offer. There’s nothing productive about wasting time, energy, and money right?

And what are you meant to do when someone asks you how that course went? Tell them the truth? Somehow doesn’t seem right openly dissing someone and their content (no-one’s perfect) but still, it’s just a yuck situation to be in fullstop.

creating quality online training

Wouldn’t you prefer to feel like the image above? (me looking like I’ve found gold…)

Yes, of course you would.

and that’s exactly how you want your clients to feel about YOU too.

So, how can YOU avoid being a disappointment to your clients?

Creating quality online training and courses isn’t something that happens overnight, regardless of what some Facebook Ads will lead you to believe. ‘Create your online course in 2 minutes!’. Nonsense. Sorry, but unless your online ‘course’ is a 2 minute tutorial that the software designs, develops, practices, captures, edits and publishes for you automatically, that’s not physically  possible.

If this is your first time attempting to digitalise your workshops, or the first time you’re getting your knowledge out of your head and into a learning product, you’ll still be feeling the same:

You simply don’t want it flop.

creating quality online training

You’ve to the time, money and energy to put into making your learning content quality, and you want to do it right, the first time. I hear you.

What you want is to create a quality learning experience that:

  • applies best practice teaching and learning principles,
  • engages, inspires and motivates your clients to create real change, in their work, business, family or personal life,
  • is well put together, comprehensive, takes into account different learning styles and gives solid, goal based solutions that participants in your course can walk away with and immediately implement,
  • and, super importantly, is so good that your clients rave openly about it and recommend it to anyone who has a similar problem to them, before they worked with you.

That’s what we call a referrals based business model. Courses, services or products that simply sell themselves. Now wouldn’t that be nice….

Your course should look good from the outside, and then once learners get started, they should be quite simply blown away.

Then, what happens is your learners:

  • feel as if you delivered on promises,
  • are thrilled with the way your course has changed the way they do business,
  • get so incredibly excited about having found you after all the muck they’ve trawled through before and because you’ve actually SOLVED their problem – that they go and tell EVERYONE about you.

(No sweaty palms and hasty changes of subject!)

creating quality online training

And the best part?

You’re the teacher, trainer, coach, or guide that gets results. You don’t have to spend so much of your precious time marketing and advertising how fabulous you are, because you have raving clients doing it for you.

Sounds great! But how do you do it?

If you want a sell-out online training and course, if you want to be known as the expert in your field, then focus on Creating a Quality Learning Experience – one that’s going to get real, tangible, shout-it-from-the-rooftops results for your clients.

creating quality online training

Start with figuring out what areas you need to work on. Do you have your 4 PILLARS, or the Foundations of Best Practice Teaching and Learning in hand?

Stand with me. Stand for quality.

Follow the 4 Steps to Creating Quality Learning Experiences:

1. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Connect: Learn how to tap into the genius of your clients, so you’ll create the right content and share it in ways they’ll really love. Know their needs. Cater to adult learning styles. Set realistic expectations.

2. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: Create: Design an outstanding curriculum. Find out how to structure a needs-based, outcomes-driven learning experience. Scaffold the learning journey and plan the course content and materials.

3. DELIVERY SKILLS: Communicate your content effectively: use a dynamic presentation structure, create powerful visual aids and apply engaging delivery techniques.

4. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Critique: evaluate, review and reflect on your teaching in a way that leads to improved outcomes, sharper focus & higher client engagement. Continuously improve your content and delivery.

Ready to put the four 4 Steps to Creating Quality Learning Experiences into practice?

Fantastic! I’ve put together a free lesson for you – that includes a simple blueprint and 4 quick videos that step you through the process of creating a quality online training.

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Great content stuck in your head & hard drives?

So much to think about . . .

>> What to put in & leave out, in what order?

>> How to package it? Or deliver it? Online?

>> Will it just be a waste of time & money?

>> Will the content actually help people and help me build my reputation as the go-to-professional in my field?

My quiz can help!

Do this 3 minute quiz, and find out exactly which areas you need help with.

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