If you...

  • are a professional, expert or coach who doesn't feel confident teaching groups of adults,
  • are ready to leverage your time and create group offerings
  • want to create a powerful group program that gets results,
  • don't know how much to include, or in what order,
  • want to stand out as the go-to-professional in your niche.

A crash course in adult learning may help.

These four courses will teach you how to:

  • develop learning products your clients rave about,
  • design outcomes based programs that get serious results,
  • be the sort of presenter that people never forget (for the right reasons),
  • create programs that signal you as the expert in your niche.

I often get asked whether you need a Certificate, Diploma or Degree to be an effective teacher; the simple answer, is no. This FOUNDATIONS Level of the Library contains the 20 years of qualifications and international experience I have in teaching and learning, synthesised into 4 simple mini e-Courses. My original flagship course on Creating Quality Learning Experiences, the original 4 PILLARS Program is now 4 separate mini e-Courses.


 Learn how to:  tap into client needs, so you’ll create the right content and share it in ways they’ll engage with. Cater to preferred learning styles & modalities. Set realistic expectations for what they will achieve.



 Learn how to: design an outstanding curriculum. Structure  needs-based, outcomes-driven learning experiences that get results. Scaffold the learning journey, stay organised and plan the course content and materials.



Learn how to: structure your delivery based on how adults like to learn. Use presentation techniques and delivery styles that work best to engage, inspire and motivate adult learners. Create clear, motivating visual aids.



 Learn how to: evaluate, review and reflect on your teaching or training, in a way that leads to improved outcomes, sharper focus & higher client engagement. Continuously improve your content and delivery.



Learn how to: develop effective online learning experiences that engage, motivate and get results for your learners. Create an an online learning experience that gets results and packs the same punch as doing it live.


You will receive...


So much to do, no idea where to start?

I hear you! I've been through this process with over 150 private clients in the past 4 years alone. The Content Creation Quiz will show you exactly which steps you need help with.

Kylie Bevan photo

Rock solid content with engaging delivery

SOOOO excited! I've just completed the theory in the Foundations e-Courses and am now jumping in to create my own course - to help people worldwide relocate and resettle in a healthy and happy way!

Maria, I'm so very impressed with the course you've created, it's an awesome mix of rock solid content with engaging delivery.

I reached the end (not always the case with previous online courses I've committed to). And I'm going back for more!

This is coming from a girl who was dragging her feet in creating an online course - just a few weeks ago it was a 'should' in my mind, now it's becoming an exciting reality.

If the result is even a fraction how good the Foundations e-Courses are, I'll be thrilled!

Kylie Bevan - Health and Relocation Coach

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour
(includes Starter Pack)

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

* Please also note that there is a 3 month expiry on any coaching hours that come with the purchase of any online course or courses bundle.


These courses are for you if...

you want to know that you're creating products that your clients need, will engage with, and will achieve serious outcomes from. You want to be known as a leader in your industry who has a proven track record for getting results. You want an organised system of content, that leads to action based activities and tasks that can be used by a variety of different clients. You want learning materials that are updated regularly, and so effective, that your clients are referring you left, right and centre as the go-to in your field; a talented facilitator of learning, a fierce change agent and a professional leader in your field. 

Or maybe you'd prefer to check out the other Levels in the Library... 

Learn how to systemise and sell your expertise, with a bank of small business wisdom, delivered to you by a range of experts who can help you create a location independent consultancy based on your expertise, skills and experience.

Learn how to systemise and sell your expertise, with a bank of small business wisdom, delivered to you by a range of experts who can help you create a location independent consultancy based on your expertise, skills and experience.


Learn how to produce quality videos and presentations, create engaging online learning products and spaces, motivate your clients to engage with each other, the content, and produce outcomes they're proud of.


Bespoke modules of content for clients with a wide range of backgrounds and special needs, including:

  • Language, Culture and Communication Skills. 
Cheryl Bigus

Maria demonstrates everything she talks about

Working with Maria was amazing because she shows you how adults learn, how to set expectations for your learner then lead them through your programs and content.

Maria demonstrates everything she talks about in her Foundations e-Courses. These courses give you a very clear understanding on how to consider your learner’s and client’s needs in the structure and delivery of your content.

I went to Maria because I didn’t want to leave clients with the experiences I was having. Even if the content was great, if the delivery isn’t how I learn or if the content was just thrown out there without consideration for my time as a learner, I let it go and moved on to something else.

I have referred many people to Maria that are delivering any part of their business through online content. The beauty of her courses is that they aren't just suited for online content but for in-person delivery as well. It’s such a shame to see really great content that falls dramatically short in structure and delivery.

If you are serious about your clients, about how they learn, about getting the full experience of what you are delivering, about getting their money’s worth, about engaging in your content instead of it sitting there doing nothing, you must work with Maria. Her expertise is second to none.

Cheryl Bigus

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