How to create a set of learning resources from a script

You’re the subject matter expert. You know your content back to front. You don’t have the time or skills to turn it into a set of learning resources that confirm you as an expert in your field. That’s ok, because we do – it’s what my team and I specialise in! 

In short, you can create:

  • a text based script – essentially an article, which can be published on the web or if you have a series of them could become a book 
  • a video based presentation – which you can pre-record, or deliver live
  • a fully interactive online lesson – which can be authored in a variety of platforms
  • workbooks and quizzes – which complement both a presentation or an online lesson

Instead of writing you a list of ‘how to’ instructions, I’ve decided to practice what I preach and demonstrate it for you instead.

What's the purpose of creating a whole tutorial around this?

  1. to showcase the different options when it comes to turning a text based script into ‘something more’

  2. to walk you through the process I use when working with clients

  3. to demonstrate the power of a full set of learning materials by immersing you in a best practice learning experience
learning resources into a script

What are you going to learn?

This tutorial is going to help you create a set of learning resources from a single script, by showing you how to:

  1. Write a Well Structured Script

  2. Break your script into Actionable Chunks

  3. Create sections with Core Concept Questions

  4. Design Workbook Pages with Outcomes and Practical Tasks AND

  5. Develop Knowledge Checking Quizzes

How can you get the most out of this tutorial?

You have a few options. Here’s my recommendation. 

All the options below are based on an (almost) identical script. Engage with the options that you think you’d like to create for yourself, then skim the others to confirm that you made the right choice. 

Not sure this tutorial is right for you? Do this quick quiz to find out!

Anything else?

Yes. Follow the instructions. If I say to download something, download it. If I say to pause and go and open a link, do it. Immerse yourself in the process, so you can decide whether it’s a good fit for you and your learners or not. 

Click on the gold arrows on the right hand side of the boxes below, to reveal each of the learning products. 

Full Script - best for those who want to skim the content
Video Tutorial - with case studies, examples and full demonstrations

This is a fully immersive tutorial – ie – you will take part in a tutorial, in the way I recommend my clients prepare their own presentations and tutorials.

There are 7 short videos, all under 5 minutes, most 2-3 minutes (remember if you increase playback speed if hover over the bottom right hand side of the video). Take your time to download the workbook before starting the videos, and experience this ‘best practice’ self study online learning experience!

Introduction and Pre-Tutorial Tasks – please start here! (4 mins)

Video 1: Write a Well Structured Script (2 mins)

Video 2: Break your script into Actionable Chunks (2 mins)

Video 3: Create sections with Core Concept Questions (3 mins)

Video 4: Design Workbook pages with Outcomes and Practical Tasks (3 mins)

Video 5: Develop Knowledge Checking Quizzes (4 mins)

Video 6: Recap and Case Studies (3 mins)

Interactive online lesson - text and image based tutorial

Follow this link and you’ll find the interactive version of this tutorial – there’s no need to ‘sign in’ – just click on the button that says ‘CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED’.

We’d love your feedback so feel free to leave comments on the right hand side comment section 🙂 

How did that go for you?

Remember, you can pick and choose which learning resources you want to create as part of your suite. Use workbooks, don’t use workbooks. Use quizzes, don’t use quizzes. It’s totally up to you. 

Actually, it’s up to your learners, and what they will get the most out of. 

It’s most definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, different learners will need different resources. What matters most, is that they’re well structured and provide opportunities for practical application of their new knowledge.

We can help you get that balance right.

learning resources

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