Letting Go and Embracing the New

A few years ago when my Auntie Pam was in Perth, she handed me a manila envelope full of emails I’d written her detailing the crazy adventures I was on at the time and said ‘Maria. Write the book.’ Well, the first chapter of that story is being published. WOOT! First time published author, as part of a 10 author strong anthology about Letting Go and Embracing the New.
Those of you who have known me for a while will know that 14 overseas postings and travelling through 35 countries has made ‘Letting Go’ a fairly regular part of my life – and that ‘Embracing the New’ is my kinda normal – the chapter focuses on the lessons I learnt from giving up the substances, relationships and workplaces that no longer were in my highest good – it’s been one helluva journey and this is just the first chapter.
Stay tuned for the rest of the chapters that are due out before the end of the year.
This short interview with John Spender who compiled and published the book, will give you some insight into the journey that I’ve taken to get here, what inspired the chapter and my major takeaways when it comes to ‘Letting Go and Embracing the New’. The book is on sale from Sunday February 25th, 2018, on Amazon/Kindle, and will be only 0.99c until Thursday March 1st. Use the following links depending on where your Amazon account hosted! Australia, UK, Canada, USAGermanySpainItalyHolland, Japan
Paperback copies will be available soon.

A Journey of Riches - letting go embracing new

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