One good reason why your business hasn’t really taken off yet…

It was about 2 years in to running my business, that head in hands, after being on the verge of tears for weeks, I pretty much decided to throw in the towel on the whole running your own business thing.

It sucked.

I was working so hard, harder than I’d ever worked in any other job, and really not getting anywhere except for further into debt. Every day felt like a struggle, and the tasks I had to do day to day, week to week, just left me feeling rotten. Like I’d gone and created myself another life sucking 9-5 job.

No wonder I wanted out.

Now this is not a sob story without a happy ending by the way – there’s a free webinar down the bottom of this page that will more than likely uncover the reason YOU may be feeling like I was, and what helped me flip this story upside down – so if you’re short on time, scoot down there now… if you’ve got a few minutes, read on… you’re not alone if you’re thinking this whole business thing may have been the wrong path to take…

Like you, I was doing all the right things, following the advice of people who were clearly winning at the whole online business thing, taking advice from a well meaning business coach. Doing things that made logical, rational sense. Logical, rational, business, financial and common sense. Like running e-Courses and Facebook communities. Using my 20 years of experience to create offerings that could be sold online. Leverage your time they say, stop trading money for time they say…

I was miserable.

Something had to change, and the thought of going back to a real 9-5 spurred me into finding a way to get out of the mess I’d created for myself. Surely running a small business shouldn’t be this hard?

Thanks to some fantastic advice from a business buddy, I called my clients, found out what they really wanted from me, completely changed my offerings then BAM. Things started flowing.

Work started rolling in. Referrals kept on coming and before I knew it, my business had cleared the $40k debt it had accrued while it was developing and I was in fear of actually paying tax for the first time since opening.

So what flipped the switch?

Until recently I thought it was because the previous products and services I was offering weren’t really what my ideal clients wanted, whereas the new ones nailed it.

There IS definitely some truth in that, but I think the reason the new ones REALLY nailed it, was because they were finally allowing me to operate fully in my zone of genius, doing the things that come naturally to me, the things that light me up. Living your true purpose so to speak.

This realisation finally slapped me across the face when I was talking with Ellen Ercolini; a Business Strategist who specialises in developing Small Businesses.

In short, she’s brilliant. A client of mine was telling me about how she had gone ahead in leaps and bounds since working with her and I was intrigued about her unique approach to business coaching – so we set up a call.

It only took a few minutes for the pennies to start dropping.

As she took me through her process, it was like reverse diagnosing the past 4 years of my business and exactly why the first few years were such a struggle. You know those conversations where you just hear yourself saying ‘oh. AH HA. Oooooh. That would explain it.’ over and over again?

Yeh. That type of face palm reaction that is quickly followed by ‘where on God’s green earth were YOU 4  years ago and why have I only just heard about you?’

4 years ago. If only. The months and months of struggle I could have saved myself…

Anyway. Onwards. Paying it forward so that you don’t go through the same as I did, I thought I’d get Ms Ercolini on the line so she could share her goodness with all of you – fancy having a listen?

It’s a freebie too!

(and no we’re not selling anything).

Join us for an honest conversation about why many business owners feel out of sync with their businesses.

There’s an essential ingredient they’re simply not paying enough attention to, and it’s closer to home than you might think…

What you will learn during the webinar…

1. How understanding your frequency is like fine tuning your inner compass; it allows you to make decisions easier, see clearly which products and services you should be delivering, and with confidence let go of what is meant to pass you by.

2. How understanding the frequencies of those around you, can help you communicate better and ensure that they’re in roles that will allow them to work at their highest capabilities.

3. How this knowledge has transformed the lives of Ellen, Maria and their clients.

4. How to apply this to your own business and life, with the Simple Find Your Frequency Quiz.

The result once I figured all this out for me?

I created products and services that really made me sing, and my business completely turned around. Fancy finding out more about what frequencies are, and how you can use that knowledge to create a business and a life that flows?

Here are two actions you can take immediately, to figure this out for yourself.

  1. Watch the webinar with Ellen where we talk about how to build a business based on your strengths, by isolating your specific frequencies. Click on the video below and start watching immediately – no sign up required!
  2. Read the next article, to find out how to choose the right educational products and services based on your frequencies.

So who’s Ellen?

Fancy finding out a little bit more about this Ellen bird? She’s awesome. Check out her site here.

Photos of Ellen Ercolini by Michelle Mishina Photography @mishinaphoto

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  1. Maria
    SUCh an incredible post. I can’t wait to watch the webinar, check out Ellen’s page and dive into finding out more about what you learnt from her.
    I am SO happy that you are going in a better direction – the right direction.
    Yay for you!!


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