Do you need Online Learning Strategies 101?

You’re a subject matter expert that has face to face content you know works well with groups or individuals, and you’re looking at putting that content online.

You want to create an online version that helps confirm you as an expert in your field.

You know there must be a better way than creating a set of Death by PowerPoint recorded lectures.

You’re not sure where to start.

The answer is not in which platform or tech you use.

The answer is knowing which strategies to use to really get your learners thinking and taking action (when you’re not there in person to guide them through the learning experience).

What will you learn?

The idea of this course is to fully immerse you in an interactive online learning experience using best practice learning strategies so you can experience them for yourself. The strategies are immediately applicable to most online and face to face group courses and workshops.

Once you’ve experienced them in action, you’ll be given practical opportunities to apply them to the learning experience you’re creating for your own learners.

You’ll get access to 7 interactive online modules where you’ll experience first hand how to:

Why work with Maria?

I’m not a tech-expert or HR person that fell into Learning and Development. I’ve been teaching, developing curriculum and training teachers for more than 25 years. I’ve had 17 overseas postings and have worked at all levels of education and training – primary, secondary right through to vocational and tertiary. I’ve worked with subject matter experts in fields as diverse as accounting, to neuroscience and as a believer in life-long learning, I’m always enrolled in some kind of course be it another Masters, a women’s health course or cooking school.

I bring a unique and diverse skillset that includes Instructional Design, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training and Education Project Management; this skillset has been developed in a variety of culturally diverse environments having lived and worked as a student, teacher and teacher trainer in 12 different countries (I’m up to country 46 now too!)

What kind of learning do we create?

At the heart of every successful learning experience is connecting with your learners’ needs; then dedication to applying the best practice principles, strategies and methods required to deliver it in a way that is engaging, motivating and helps the learner achieve their goals.

Designing transformative learning experiences is an art – not something a cookie cutter approach can achieve.

Transformative learning experiences change lives, and that is what I’ve dedicated my career to doing: helping passionate professionals confirm themselves as experts in their niche, based on the quality of (and the results they get from) their learning experiences.

These skills are not hard to learn, and they’re easy to implement. Let me take you on a learning journey that will change the way you think about how education works, forever.

This course is immediately applicable
Maria Doyle is the best I know when it comes to curriculum development, learning design and online learning. Although I've been teaching online for a number of years, Maria's online course challenged my thinking, unearthed my assumptions and destroyed my complacency.

I took Maria's course because I want to improve my skills in delivering excellent training online while also making sure to keep learners engaged. I learnt so much! I loved the practical tips, the real-world examples, and the learning platform. I love how she demonstrated, not just taught. She had just enough detail of the theory behind what she was teaching, making it immediately applicable and 100% relevant to me. Now I have a lot more work to do!! No matter how good you think your online learning courses are, Maria will make them better - and then some. Grab this woman's genius and keep her close.


How does the course work?

Who is it intended for?
  • Professionals with a skillset they want to share with other adults.
  • Specialists, or experts in their field, who don’t have qualifications or training in how to create successful online learning experiences.
  • Subject matter experts who want to become better at teaching groups.
How long does it take to get through?
  • There are 7 Lessons, and each takes about 15-20 minutes to get through, before you can start working on applying that new knowledge in the practical tasks.
  • The time you spend doing the practical tasks, and adjusting your learning materials to reflect these best practice teaching strategies, is up to you.
  • The course is self paced so you can take as long as you like getting through the modules. Just make sure you book all your coaching sessions in within 6 weeks of purchase. 
What are the lessons and practical tasks like?
  • The lessons have a mix of audio, reading and interactive gamified learning tasks. There is a deliberate lack of video learning – this is to challenge the notion that engaging online training requires video lectures.
  • There are short quizzes at the end of each module to ensure you’ve got the main concepts.
  • The practical tasks are a mix of reflective questions, checklists, templates, planners and outlines. You can also adjust your own learning materials to include the strategies you learn about. 
What support do I receive?
  • You’ll receive twice – weekly emails for 4 weeks introducing the Lessons and what you’ll get out of them (and reminding you to book in for your coaching calls).
  • You’ll be invited for a brief 15-20 minute introductory call, mid course catch up call, and follow up call – just to check in and answer any questions that may have popped up.
  • You’ll also have up to 90 minutes of coaching time to use within the 6 week period after you sign up for the course.
    – You can split this up into two 45 minute meetings if you prefer.
    – We can discuss any of the practical tasks, or I can review samples of your learning resources and provide feedback for you.
What will I actually achieve by the end of the course if I do the practical tasks?

You will have mapped out your:

  • User Friendly Learning Experience Plan
  • ‘Test-teach-test’ Implementation Plan
  • Outcomes Based Training Plan
  • Activity Type Profile (based on your Target Learners’ Profile)
  • Lesson Plan
  • Visual Aids Planner
  • Currency and Copyright Commitment
What’s the investment? Can I upgrade?
  • AUD $895 – Course including 90 minutes of coaching and three 15 minute Check-in calls.
  • There are various add-on coaching options and packages available depending on your needs, skillset and budget. Please get in touch for more information if you’d like to upgrade for more coaching.

Course includes 90 minutes coaching and 3 check in calls with Maria Doyle

Fancy a free taste test of what's in this short course?

We’ve got a sample lesson online – where you can see one lesson that you’ll get in this course – and also do a quick self assessment to see whether you even NEED to be enrolled in this course.

Go check it out – do the self assessment, add up your score and decide for yourself whether you need what’s in this course!

Creating any type of learning experience online takes time and effort...
... if you're going to put the time and effort in, wouldn't you like to guarantee you can get those kinds of results?

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