Are you an organisation or not-for-profit?

If you are an organisation or not-for-profit and the information that keeps your organisation running is trapped inside the heads of your employees, or scattered around various hard’s time to change that.

Turn your collective know-how into powerful, well structured learning content for use online and offline.

Knowing is not enough by Goethe
  • If your organisation employs industry leaders and experts who need to deliver strong, effective presentations and training...
  • If you have reams and reams of great content buried in shared drives, but you have no idea how to deliver that to your clients and employees in an efficient, useful, actionable way…
  • If you’d like your courses, workshops and resources to consistently leave people feeling educated and empowered…
  • If you know you need better systems for backing up and organising your content and data, but aren’t sure where to start...
  • If you’re worried about what you’re going to do when the one guy who has encyclopaedic knowledge of a particular niche leaves...
  • If you know that in your team, you don't have the skillsets of a learning specialist or an experienced project manager for the creation and online delivery of high quality learning resources...
  • If you need an L&D specialist on staff, but you don't have the budget to employ someone full time...

I can help.

Let’s take the knowledge and information that makes your organisation great right now, and develop learning resources to help ensure it’s going to be great in the long term - even if your hard drives crash, or top-tier employees decide to move on.

And let’s do it in a way that will up-skill your team (yep, you may never need to work with me again!) keep your project on budget, and see your organisation producing a set of resources that your whole industry can be impressed by.

Sound like something you and your team are ready for? Here's how I can help.

Hi, I'm Maria Doyle, an education and training consultant.

I help professionals in organisations and not-for-profits with systemising and digitalising their expertise. Or, in other terms: I help them get knowledge and information out of their heads and hard drives, and to the people who need it - in an efficient, effective, sustainable and scale-able way. Even if they’re not sure where to start, or don’t consider themselves natural born teachers.

I've been in this industry for 20 years, am Masters qualified, have worked in 10 countries and had 15 overseas postings involving teaching, teacher training and curriculum development - for both online and offline learning materials.

I've worked for schools, universities, vocational colleges, small businesses, and government departments, but the one thing that has never changed is my passion for learning, and helping professionals create quality learning experiences that create real change in the lives of their learners.

Joy Pedersen

"A deep understanding of Educational Design, a talented teacher and inspiring mentor."

Maria has a deep understanding of Educational Design, she is a talented teacher and inspiring mentor. I worked alongside Maria for two years in a remote and difficult context as she successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive English program for both trainers and students.

The gains in English language competence for all learner categories were impressive and, most significantly, the local English teachers achieved internationally recognised certification and the skills, understanding and confidence to sustain and take ownership of the programs developed.

Joy Pedersen

Teaching and Learning /Operations Manager, TVETSSP

In short, learning and education lights me up - and I want your learning resources to light your clients up too.


I can guide, coach, or consult for you on any of these areas:

    • Online and Blended Learning Solutions, Delivery, Recording and File Management
    • Course Outlines, Overviews and Learning Product Design
    • Theory, Outcomes, Competency based training, Assessments, & Practical Tasks
    • Presentations, Keynotes, Delivery Skills and Visual Aids
    • Reflective Practitioner Skills, Course Reviews, Feedback & Evaluations

What's it like to work with me?

Well, I call a spade a shovel and I'm not into fluffing around or telling you what you want to hear. I am good at listening though, and will help YOU create the experience YOU want - not what I THINK you should have. Your circus, your monkeys.

I focus on results, and know that life comes and goes and things don't always go to plan. Most importantly, meltdowns are fine, direction changes are welcomed, and my job is done when YOU'RE happy and confident that your team can continue working on their own.

Not sure I've worked on a project like yours?

Here are some recent projects I have worked on with government, private and not for profit organisations:

  • Creating an 8 part animated educational video series from a 25 page policy document for an emergency services department.
  • Curating the IP from several departments into a range of online educational products for a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Developing a tired, face to face workshop, into two new restructured products: an online self study, blended learning format (online course materials with community support and weekly coaching calls), and the completely revamped face to face workshop materials including presentations, learner workbooks, supplementary reading materials and facilitator guides.
  • Creating a staff training manual (policies and processes) for effective, organisation wide, online teaching and learning solutions.
  • Developing a 45 question quiz, that helped build an educational sequence that delivered personalised responses in only the areas the clients self-identified as having. Need an example?



"Her ethics, efficiency and attention to detail make the work she produces clear, concise and precisely to specification."

As the CEO of TTS-100, a Registered Training Organisation in Australia who delivers qualifications nationally, I needed to find an ELT Professional who could assist in writing, developing and delivering a Certificate IV in TESOL. Having worked with Maria previously, and knowing of her extensive international experience with all things ESL and TESOL related, I did not hesitate in approaching her for advice.

Her extensive knowledge of English teaching and teacher training, and the fact that she has worked across the industry in so many vocational learning environments has enabled her to develop a robust Certificate IV level program. The program has passed a rigorous Australian standards audit procedure and she has been a pleasure to work with as her work ethics, efficiency and attention to detail make the work she produces clear, concise and precisely to specification.

I would not hesitate in recommending her as a professional who will be able to deliver to her clients the exact solution that they need.

Con Calameri

CEO, TTS-100, Perth - Australia

Here's what we can create together:

quizzes, surveys or questionnaires to help your ideal client

goals oriented, outcomes based lessons

presentations, tutorials, webinars or video training

trust building articles and books

workbooks, tape-scripts and audio-recordings

start here small business professional

The best way to do that,

is to make sure we follow best practice adult learning principles, which in short, include the four stages below: 

  • Stage 1: Design Your Product

    What product are you going to create?

    How does it work?

    How is it delivered?

    What can your clients expect?

    Are you catering for different learning styles?

    Do you have a complete user experience plan?

  • Stage 2: Write your Curriculum

    What are you going to cover in terms of outcomes, theory, examples, activities? 

    How much content do you have and can you find it all easily?

    Why do they need this content? How will it change their business or lives?

    How will you motivate them to complete the learning content?

  • Stage 3: Build Your Resources

    How are you going to create the presentations, workbooks, activity resources, tapescripts, audios, videos?

    Do you know how to structure materials for maximum engagement?

    Are your teaching skills best practice for adult learning?

    Do you want to avoid death by powerpoint?

  • Stage 4: Review your Content

    Are you improving your content every time it's delivered? 

    Are you collecting feedback before, during and after the learning experience?

    Do you know how and when to process and address the suggestions you receive? 

    Do you have content that needs a complete overhaul?

Not sure what that means? Or what it would look like for your organisation? Let me explain in a little more detail.

There are four main stages to creating quality learning resources.

We’ll work together - from wherever you’re at - to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget, and does exactly the job you need it to. Use the expander buttons in the boxes below, to read in more detail about the 4 stages. 

Still not sure what stage you’re at, or why it’s important to go through all of them?

I totally get the urge to skip ahead and get to the fun part (seeing people loving your content, having resources that are easy to find and distribute).

Having worked with a number of organisations looking to get their content out of where it's being stored, and into a quality set of leveraged, engaging learning experiences, here are the answers to the questions I get asked about the process the most: 


What do you get when you work with me?

  • Personalised Action Plan

    For moving forward with your content and task planning and creation. No more confusion, overwhelm and stress regarding what to do next, or how to go about creating a learning experience that you KNOW is going to change lives.

  • A mentor who cares

    Creating Quality Learning Experiences, and helping others OUT of their overwhelm and into a calm, organised, RELIEVED headspace, is what I excel at - my clients refer to me as a cheerleader for content creation - I'm there every step of the way - especially when the going gets tough!

  • A team of professionals

    I've spent the past 5 years building a team of professionals I know, like and trust, so whether you need copy-editing, graphic design, video editing or web development, I have professionals I will work with, to get your project done RIGHT the first time.

  • Relief

    You get to hand all the organising and systemising over  to someone who (nerd alert!) loves doing that stuff and know that it's going to come back as a cohesive learning experience that produces raving clients.

  • Confidence

    Know your learning materials are 5 star quality. Know you have the skills to deliver it well. Start falling back in love with what you do - the content, how it can change lives, and getting that message out there to the people who need it the most. 

  • Focus

    Stop second guessing yourself and stressing out about what you should be doing next. Start focusing on creating awesome content (which you're best at doing anyway).


"Maria has evolved our organisation, with boundless enthusiasm and energy"

Since joining WATESOL in 2012, Maria has held the role of Executive Officer and more recently, Vice President. In both roles, she has excelled, applying her project management skills and technological expertise to update our website and branding, streamlining association procedures and improve communications.

Through her knowledge of systems and structures, boundless enthusiasm and energy, she has encouraged the association to invest in innovating for a better future. For example, she has managed the creation of a Roles and Procedures Handbook to ensure smoother handover to new office bearers. This has evolved from the organisation not having clear guidelines or direction for handover when committee members vacate positions.

Maria has been generous with her knowledge, running training sessions and creating instruction manuals and videos to teach committee members how to carry out activities such as editing the website and uploading content. Although her goal has been to make us autonomous, she never says no to a request for help, giving hours of her own time to support other in their roles.

Throughout all of this, Maria has maintained a positive outlook and fabulous sense of humour, with a dedicated focus on networking and building a stronger professional association.


Westralian Association for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Who I've worked with

  • Austraining International, Adelaide,
  • Behaviour Tonics, Perth,
  • Cash Converters National Conference, Perth,
  • Coffey International, Brisbane,
  • Curtin University, Perth
  • Deakin University, Melbourne,
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Perth,
  • Developmental Disability WA, Perth
  • ILUKA, Perth,
  • Polytechnic West, Perth,
  • Vizcom Technologies, Perth,
  • WA Individualised Services, Perth,
  • WATESOL, Perth,
  • Wellness Designs, Brisbane,
Client Logos 2 Blue

Need some specific examples? I worked with Debbie and her team

to create an 8 part animated video series from a 25 page policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs, for a large, state wide government department.

Debbie Gaskin

"Full of energy, accurate and engaging"

As the project manager for the Alcohol and Other Drugs management policy implementation project I chose Maria to work with because during our initial meeting she claimed to be highly motivated, professional and passionate about her work.   The project has now been completed and Maria was true to her word, she was full of energy and ideas and clearly loved the work she did which resulted in an educational package which is accurate, engaging and suitable for a diverse audience of over 30 000 people.

Debbie Gaskin

Project Manager

Ready to get started?

Let’s talk practicalities and pricing (because I know that’s the bottom line). You can work with me on any of the 4 stages of learning materials development, and I have a few levels of support I can provide.

It's like having an L&D expert on call, without having to go through the rigmarole of employing someone on a long term basis. Packages (samples below) can be created to suit your specific organisation’s needs; we can work on any or all of the following stages intensively, or at your own speed.

  • Stage 1: Design Your Product

    What are you going to create, and what can your clients expect? Do you have a complete user experience plan?

  • Stage 2: Write your Curriculum

    What are you going to cover in terms of outcomes, theory, examples, activities? How much content do you have and can you find it all easily?

  • Stage 3: Build Your Resources

    How are you going to create the presentations, workbooks, activity resources, tapescripts, audios, videos? Will they be best practice for adult learning?

  • Stage 4: Review your Content

    Are you improving your content every time it's delivered? Do you have content that needs a complete overhaul?

Learning Product Development Plan

$2495 AUD
  • Designing the learning products based on organisation needs and desired outcomes
  • Full written report including estimated budget, timeline, recommended contractors
  • Full access to online Library of professional development resources

Content Development

  • Curriculum: theory, outcomes, demonstrations
  • Assessment: activities, tasks, quizzes
  • Content: slide decks, scripts, workbooks
  • Delivery: presentation skills, user experience
  • Feedback: evaluation, review mechanisms
  • Daily email support as required

Project Management

  • learning resources production (hiring and managing contractors for graphics, video, tech)
  • online learning system set up (selecting, populating, optimising user experience)
  • daily email support as required

Got questions about the packages?

It's a big step. You have questions. It's only natural! You just have to explain what level of support you need and how I can best help you, then I can tailor a package to what your organisation needs.

Know this: I love working with professionals and organisations who are ready to invest in their learning content, to ensure it's of the highest quality, and created as quickly and efficiently as possible; after all, it is the core of your business, the product that will herald you as the experts in your field, the resources that are going to create such positive change in the lives of your clients that they spread the (good) word about you - it's worth the investment right?


Not sure what you need?

All good. Some times you just need a few hours of strategic planning, sometimes you need a short term consultant to manage a project. I hear you. Book your Complimentary 15 minute Strategy Session so I  can help you move forward with your content and delivery plans. Every client is different, every solution is different.

Sonia Ferns

"Impeccable approach ... an exceptionally high standard of work"

Maria is effervescent, passionate and energetic with the resilience to focus tirelessly until the job is done. She is a compassionate person who considers issues and challenges from a holistic perspective ensuring outcomes and decisions are inclusive of all stakeholders.

Maria’s impeccable approach and keen attention to detail culminates in an exceptionally high standard of work in terms of presentation and output.

Sonia Ferns

Manager Course Review - Curtin University, Australia

I worked with Tony and his team

to bring some pizazz to a week long professional development and strategy conference for the managers of Cash Converters, a national company.


"I would highly recommend... an absolute pleasure to work with"

What a Sensational Session!!!

Maria presented an empowering session on “Presentations that Engage, Inspire and Motivate” to both my HR team and National Operational leaders. The value was unanimous and all participants, including myself, were impressed with the delivery, structure and excitement created by Maria. All participants regularly develop and deliver presentations on a day-to-day basis and at the end of this session, all participants were able to identify a number of opportunities to improve and enhance the quality of training and presentations being delivered within the business.

So if you need to re-energise and empower your HR team or Business leaders to become better presenters, even if they have been doing it for years, then I would highly recommend Maria and this workshop.

Thank you Maria for being so effective in your delivery and an absolute pleasure to work with – I will certainly look forward to booking you again.

Tony Boutoubia

National HR Manager - Cash Converters

Interested, but not quite ready yet?

My Content Creation Quiz can help.

The Content Creation Quiz takes you through the myriad of different things you need to consider BEFORE you start creating content, so you save yourself time, energy and effort doing things the right way, the first time.

It's just one of many resources I've got for clients like you, in The Library; which is packed full of lessons, tutorials, worksheets and templates designed to solve the problems that my clients have experienced while working through the content creation process with me.

Have great content, but don't have a course yet?

These resources will give you the blueprint to get started!

Made it to the bottom of this page? Hello! I get the feeling you *might* be fairly interested in getting started...

Book your Complimentary 15 minute Strategy Session so we can find out whether we're the right fit to be helping you move forward with your content and delivery plans.

In short, learning and education lights me up - and I want your learning resources to light your clients up too.

Find out more about my background here.
For a full set of qualifications and work experience details, click here.
Hear what my clients say about working with me, here.

Maria Doyle

Founder and Director
SELECT Consultants Pty Ltd trading as Create Real Change™
ABN: 46 161 932 305