Organisations and NFPs

Are you an organisation or an NFP?

Do have learning content trapped in your hard-drives or the heads of your employees?

Could you do with some help from a specialist in online learning content? 

Your organisation probably has employees who need to deliver presentations and training as well. Often, they will be industry leaders, experts in their fields, who train because they're passionate about their subject; not necessarily formally trained in how to best get their message across to adult leaners.

There's a fair chance you have reams of content buried in the depths of your organisation's shared drives and you also might be worried that a lot of your IP will be lost if one of your experts leaves your organisation or worse still, if your hard drives crash. You know you need to do something with all your IP but your team doesn't have the time, skills or motivation to get the project completed.


Wouldn't you prefer to have all that content organised, systemised and optimised for both digital and face to face delivery?

I can help. I have a range of sessions that can be adapted for a wide range of organisations, regardless of whether you have a large team or just a few team members. Think of me as an on demand, L&D expert you can add to your team for short projects. Get the projects done properly, the first time, for a fraction of what it would cost you if you and your team were wasting time trying to figure it all out yourselves.

These sessions and workshops have been delivered to, and have received very positive feedback from the following organisations:


Corporates, Associations, Government and Not for Profits

  • Austraining International, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA,
  • Cash Converters National Conference, Perth, AUSTRALIA,
  • Coffey International, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA,
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Perth, AUSTRALIA,
  • Developmental Disability WA, Perth AUSTRALIA,
  • Polytechnic West, Perth, AUSTRALIA,
  • Vizcom Technologies, Perth, AUSTRALIA,
  • WA Individualised Services, Perth, AUSTRALIA,
  • WATESOL, Perth, Australia



Hi, I'm Maria Doyle, an education and training consultant.

I've been in the industry for 20 years, am Masters qualified, have worked in 10 countries and had 13 overseas postings involving teaching, teacher training and curriculum development - for both online and offline learning materials. I've worked for schools, universities, vocational colleges, small businesses, and government departments, but the one thing that has never changed is my passion for learning, and helping professionals create quality learning experience that create real change in the lives of their learners.

I can guide, coach, or consult for you on any of these areas:

  • Course Outlines, Overviews and Materials
  • Assessments, Practical Tasks  & Evaluations
  • Delivery Skills and Visual Aids
  • Reflective Practitioner Skills

Learning lights me up - is it lighting up your team?

Find out more about my background here.
For a full set of qualifications and work experience details, click here.
Hear what my clients say about working with me, here.

What that means, is that you can...

>> hand all the organising and systemising over  to someone who thrives on this work, and know that it's going to come back as a cohesive learning experience that produces raving clients.

>> stop second guessing and stressing about what you should be doing next and start focusing on what you and your team do best. 

>> start falling back in love with why you and your team do what you do - how your content can change lives, and getting your message out there into the world. 

Some recent projects I have worked on with government, private and not for profit organisations:

  • Creating an 8 part animated educational video series from a 25 page policy document.
  • Curating the IP from several departments into a range of online educational products for a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Developing a tired, face to face workshop, into two new restructured products: an online self study, blended learning format (online course materials with community support and weekly coaching calls), and the completely revamped face to face workshop materials including presentations, learner workbooks, supplementary reading materials and facilitator guides.
  • Developing a 45 question quiz, that helped build an educational sequence that delivered personalised responses in only the areas the clients self-identified as having. Need an example?

Great content stuck in your head and hard drives?

Want to do it right the first time?    Find out what you do and don’t know about creating quality learning materials that will confirm you as the go-to professional in your field.

Think your organisation would benefit with a similar style of quiz or self selecting introductory material? You can more than likely help your clients in a myriad of different ways, but let me guess - they don't all have the same exact problems, right? There are low cost solutions you can implement within days, so that the right information is getting out to the right clients. Contact me. I can help.

Client Logos 2 Blue

I worked with Debbie and her team

to create an 8 part animated video series from a 25 page policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs, for a large, state wide government department.


I worked with Tony and his team

to bring some pizazz to a week long professional development and strategy conference for the managers of Cash Converters, a national company..

I have a range of workshops and sessions that I can tailor to the specific needs of your organisation.

Below will give you an idea of the types of work I can help your organisation move forward with.

Content Development Services


If you have an existing course that’s not reaching the mark, or you know it could be a lot better than it currently is, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process of getting stuck into a full review and revamp. I hear you. I've been there, and a Course Review might help. Check out the details here.

moo cards quotes


For those organisations who need a job done quickly, education and training advice, learning  materials design and creation, training plan proposals or accountability and support to get the job done right, the first time, and don't want to go it alone, I have a few levels of support I can provide. It's like having an L&D expert on call, without having to go through the rigmarole of employing someone on a long term basis.

If you just need a little help to get you started...

5. the home page

I have a 2 hour Session + Library Bundle which will give you instant access to all the Courses in my online Resource Library. These courses were created to help professionals create quality learning content and to get it online. So if you're on a lean budget, you have a dedicated team who have the time and focus required to upgrade their skills and complete the content development projects with minimal support, this option will work best for you.

There is a free Content Creation Quiz which will pinpoint exactly the areas that I can help you with, and show you the courses in the Library that may also be able to help. Book in for a quick 15 minute chat first, do the courses you need, take the recommended actions, then book in for your session and get your questions answered. Simple!

If you know you're going to need more support...

I work in 8 and 40 hour bundles, because this type of work is different for every client. Some need a half day session straight up, others need fortnightly 2 hour meetings to review progress on their materials. We work to the beat of your drum, within the framework that suits your project. Book in for a 15 minute discovery call here, so that we can work out whether we're the right fit for the work that you've got planned.

Do you really need an L&D consultant on call?

Well, it depends how much you value the time and energy of your team. Having an L&D consultant on call, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get dedicated one on one time, to nail a specific Project Plan (what you're going to achieve in the time we'll be working together), you'll also get the opportunity to have your content reviewed, piloted, edited or completely outsourced for you - if you'd prefer not to DIY the entire process yourself!

The content creation journey can be a long, hard, solitary place of confusion, overwhelm and to do lists, if you don't really know what you're doing.

There's a certain collective power however, a collective energy if you will, that is gathered when a group of people are working together on something, and guided by someone who has been there before - we all know how important it is to be supported when you're going out on a limb and nailing something you've been wanting to achieve for a long time.

It doesn't have to be hard, confusing and lonely - do it with  a curriculum developer and teacher trainer who has 15 years experience creating learning experiences that change people's lives; whether it's a course, series of workshops, online or offline projects, I've worked with colleges, universities, passionate professionals and organisations. You don't have to make all the same mistakes they have - do it with someone who can help you navigate the unpredictable world that is quality content development, and come out celebrating a product that you KNOW is going to change lives!

What's it like to work with me?

Well, I call a spade a shovel and I'm not into fluffing around or telling you what you want to hear. I am good at listening though, and will help YOU create the experience YOU want - not what I THINK you should have. Your circus, your monkeys.

I focus on results, not deadlines, and know that life comes and goes and things don't always go to plan. Most importantly, meltdowns are fine, direction changes are welcomed, and my job is done when YOU'RE happy and confident to keep working on your own. 

Read more testimonials

Not sure what you need?

All good. Some times you just need a few hours of strategic planning, sometimes you need a short term consultant to manage a project. I hear you. Book your Complimentary 15 minute Strategy Session so I  can help you move forward with your content and delivery plans. Every client is different, every solution is different.

What Will You Get?

  • Personalised Action Plan

    For moving forward with your content and task planning and creation. No more confusion, overwhelm and stress regarding what to do next, or how to go about creating a learning experience that you KNOW is going to change lives.

  • A mentor who cares

    Creating Quality Learning Experiences, and helping others OUT of their overwhelm and into a calm, organised, RELIEVED headspace, is what I LOVE doing.

  • A team of professionals

    I've spent the past 5 years building a team of professionals I know, like and trust, so whether you need copy-editing, graphic design or web development, I have professionals I will work with, to get your project done RIGHT the first time.

Interested, but not quite ready yet?

Do my Content Creation Quiz here.

The Content Creation Quiz takes you through the myriad of different things you need to consider BEFORE you start creating content, so you save yourself time, energy and effort doing things the right way, the first time.

It's just one of many resources I've got for clients like you, in The Library; which is packed full of lessons, tutorials, worksheets and templates designed to solve the problems that my clients have experienced while working through the content creation process with me.

Have great content, but don't have a course yet?

These resources will give you the blueprint to get started!

Ready to Get Started?

Book your Complimentary 15 minute Strategy Session so I  can help you move forward with your content and delivery plans.

If you're not sure whether we're the right fit, fill in the form below and I'll be in touch within 2 working days.

Maria Doyle

Founder and Director
SELECT Consultants Pty Ltd trading as Create Real Change
ABN: 46 161 932 305