Paying It Forward #4: Samoa, 2016

Paying it Forward 2016 was supposed to be in Feburary 2016, in Myanmar but due to a complete oversight and lack of planning on my part, I was deported on arrival due to having the incorrect visa. #lessonlearned #whoops What to do instead?

Well, Talofa (hallo) Samoa! Yes, this awesome country was again the recipient of my annual Giving Back pledge. On the back of a Conference Keynote and 3 days of workshops, I added a fourth, complimentary day of workshops for all and any teachers or principals who wanted to attend, on Demystifying English Grammar and Tenses.

I was pleasantly surprised to see 80+ teaching staff turn up, during their holidays, to nut out the complexities of the English language and walk away with over AU$200 in donated resources and prizes. The Samoan people are an absolute hoot to work with, and this day was no exception. Faafetai (thank you) Samoa, for a phenomenal week – and I hope to be working with you again in the future!

The things I love about Samoa…

  • You get lei-ed straight up (I’m talking about the flower wreath that is placed around your neck to welcome you),
  • whatever gender you identify with is the way you dress on the street, at work, wherever – no judgement,
  • the harmonised singing that starts and ends every day makes me weep happy tears (seriously, these people know how to sing),
  • the self-deprecating merry-making in any situation, especially in the middle of workshops, had me constantly doubled over in tears laughing, (what a way to spend a working day) and
  • all the women proudly wear brightly coloured flowers in their hair and men are totally comfortable wearing gorgeous chunky necklaces and long skirts.

Happy, open, fun, proud, welcoming people who make you feel at ease instantly. Samoa is awesome. There’s a sort of freedom of expression that we simply don’t see on a day to day basis in Australia, and I wish more of us experienced how freeing that can be. Leaves. From their books. Just saying 🙂

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