Photo Library

Wondering where I get all the images that you see on my website? Simple story. Working: 12 overseas postings. Travelling: through 35 countries. A trusty old Pentax and a keen eye that loves finding the intricate patterns that exist when we look below the surface panoramas that most eyes lock onto.


Simple as that.

Few things light me up more than that clicking sound a camera makes, and it's a craft I've been honing for the past 30 years. Ask my mum, she'll tell you I used to walk around the house with her vintage Pentax, with an empty film canister inside, snapping picture after picture.

Fancy a print, or a canvas? They're no longer just trapped in my hard drives...

One of my first business ventures, during a break in teaching, was the original site which was solely dedicated to selling my images - on canvas, on prints and in calendars. Realising I didn't want to do this full time, I went back to full time teaching until my consultancy in education and training was born and the photos simply sat by the wayside.


Thankfully, a friend inspired me to get them back online and now they're ready for sale. Below is a snapshot of what's available.


Looking for a unique present?  On this site, search my name and either Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, Bali, Cambodia, India, Dubai, Germany, Karijini, Kiribati, Laos, Newman, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand or Vietnam Use the code SANTA to get 20% off before 18/12/2016!


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