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  • Are you a professional with a body of knowledge?
  • Are you running a consultancy or a small business?
  • Do you work in an organisation or Not For Profit?
  • Are you in the business of helping other adults learn from your expertise?
  • Do you deliver presentations, workshops, seminars, courses or group programs?
  • Does your work require you to share your knowledge with other adults?


  • You have lots of content, but you know it needs a revamp and you don't have enough time or know-how to put it all together in a way that gets real results for your clients.
  • You may also have lots more learning content lurking in your archives, hard drives (or still stuck in your head!) that you KNOW you should be doing something more with.
  • You also may be feeling disorganized and sense that your adult learners could get better results, if only your content was better structured, being used effectively, or actually getting out to the people who need it the most.

If you're in the business of sharing your passion, expertise and knowledge . . .
I'm in the business of making that actually happen.

I have the products and services that can help...

With 20 years of qualifications and experience in teaching and learning in the international market, I have worked with professionals, small teams and whole organisations.

Regardless of the size or nature of the work you do, there are 4 stages to creating quality content.

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Work with me if:

  • You are a professional who delivers seminars, programs or courses to adults.
  • You have lots of ideas but no idea (or not enough time) to put it all together.
  • Your content is awesome but it’s all over the place and your materials don’t let that killer content shine!
  • You’re feeling disorganized and you KNOW your clients can get better results.
  • You know you can do it, you just need a gentle, friendly, flexible kick up the proverbial from someone who has done it hundreds of times already.

Don’t work with me if:

  • You’re already getting awesome reviews and your courses are sold out.
  • You’re a killer presenter who can engage an audience from wo to go.
  • You know your clients are getting the best results they can.
  • You don’t work well with someone giving you work to do and deadlines to get it done.
  • You know how to create activities and tasks that cater to the multitude of learning styles and intelligences.

Great content stuck in your head and hard drives?

Not sure where to start?   Set it free!  Find out what you do and don’t know about creating quality content that is helpful, engaging and makes you stand out as the go-to professional in your field.


No more boring courses and lack lustre training experiences.

If you want to facilitate amazing learning journeys that transform lives and leave you feeling awesome, talk to me, or read more about how I can help.

Here's how I can help:

You can LEARN WITH ME through online courses and in-person workshops or
WORK WITH ME one-on-one through my coaching and consulting services.

Online Courses

I’ve taken my 15 years of teaching experience plus the very best bits of several teaching and training qualifications, and synthesised it into an online Library of resources, that show you exactly how to build and deliver training programs that work.

This flexible library of resources has 4 Levels. BASICS: for those wanting to sell their expertise online. FOUNDATIONS: a crash course in adult learning. EVERYDAY and SPECIALIST are coming soon, and dedicated to helping professionals run effective learning experiences in their classrooms or businesses. If you're a facilitator of adult learning experiences, but don't have much training or experience there are resources that can help.

Coaching / Consulting

Regardless of whether you're looking for an MC, a presenter, a consultant to help you pull together your learning materials or a coach to work along side you as your build out your offerings, I have products and services that can help.

I've put together a range of services to help experienced professionals work more effectively with their clients. If you need more personalised help, coachingcourse review services or face to face group training sessions, I create bespoke solutions for you and the needs of your organisation.

Access to The Library comes included with all Coaching sessions and bundles, and workshop participants also receive access to online resources to enhance their face to face or online group learning experiences.

Find out more about working with me here.


Need some focused down time to work on your business?

Some dedicated content creation time? For that book, that online course, that raft of articles or videos you've been meaning to get done, but never seem to find the time to focus on?

Some dedicated business planning time?

Know you need to get away from your every day life to get it done

How about a Content Creation Getaway in Ubud, Bali?

You need some time out. You’ve got work to do, words to write, content to create, videos to shoot – and you just need some time and space away to get it done. No distractions, no interruptions, just a comfortable working space where you can work 24/7 if you need to (in between massages and restful sleep of course). You’ve heard a lot about living and working in Bali but you wouldn’t know where to start and you’d really just like someone to arrange it all for you.

How about a private, personalised experience?

I have solo and group retreat options... experience life at Warsi House, in Ubud, Bali, hosted by myself and my gorgeous Balinese team and network of assistants, drivers, cooks, healers, classes, experiences and more.

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Maria presented an empowering session on “Presentations that Engage, Inspire and Motivate” to both my HR team and National Operational leaders. The value was unanimous and all participants, including myself, were impressed with the delivery, structure and excitement created by Maria. All participants regularly develop and deliver presentations on a day-to-day basis and at the end of this session, all participants were able to identify a number of opportunities to improve and enhance the quality of training and presentations being delivered within the business.

So if you need to re-energise and empower your HR team or Business leaders to become better presenters, even if they have been doing it for years, then I would highly recommend Maria and this workshop.

Thank you Maria for being so effective in your delivery and an absolute pleasure to work with – I will certainly look forward to booking you again.

Tony Boutoubia

National HR Manager - Cash Converters

Joy Pedersen

Maria has a deep understanding of Educational Design, she is a talented teacher and inspiring mentor.I worked alongside Maria for two years in a remote and difficult context as she successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive English program for both trainers and students.

The gains in English language competence for all learner categories were impressive and, most significantly, the local English teachers achieved internationally recognised certification and the skills, understanding and confidence to sustain and take ownership of the programs developed.

Joy Pedersen

Teaching and Learning /Operations Manager, TVETSSP Kiribati

Perri Jones

I recall walking into the Certificate 3 course in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), nervous and yet eager to learn.  Maria immediately made me feel at ease with her vibrant personality and her use of ice breakers that had us all feeling like a ‘group’ working towards a common goal from the get go.

Maria injected her brand of enthusiasm into each workshop always providing us with encouraging and constructive feedback in the practical assessment and popping in fascinating and entertaining anecdotes from her world travels designed to link our learning to real life situations.

I would absolutely recommend Maria as a trainer, there’s never a dull moment and her classes were filled with energy and positivity, leaving us feeling well prepared and excited for future teaching opportunities.

Perri Jones


Thom Jones

Having worked with Maria through more years, countries and projects than either us may wish to count publicly, I have come to see her as a solid and reliable professional to be counted on. Her ability and diligence are only matched by her energy and enthusiasm.

In every aspect of her wide-ranging training career she has proved an invaluable bastion of dependability.

Thomas Jones

International Business Development Specialist

Yvonne Hilzs

I have spoken about the PURE GENIUS of Maria Doyle before ... but I am doing it again. SERIOUSLY ... check her out if you are building your programs and courses. She is a NINJA at ensuring there are clear student outcomes and learning achieved. I have spent the last 2 weeks practically every day writing content, brainstorming ideas, getting honest feedback with her. EPIC. This is an awesome program that has already sold to some major corporates.

If you nail your structure and your students learn and achieve what you desire ... they will be your biggest raving fans and promote you ... I'm a raving fan of hers, who has smashed out some incredible content and Maria has been legendary at helping me upgrade. I have been training and speaking for years and she has seriously blown my mind with some of the tweaks and upgrades.

Yvonne Hilsz

International Sales Strategist, Speaker and Coach

Debbie Gaskin

As the project manager for the Alcohol and Other Drugs management policy implementation project I chose Maria to work with because during our initial meeting she claimed to be highly motivated, professional and passionate about her work.   The project has now been completed and Maria was true to her word, she was full of energy and ideas and clearly loved the work she did which resulted in an educational package which is accurate, engaging and suitable for a diverse audience of over 30 000 people.

Debbie Gaskin

Project Manager


Maria is not only passionate and enthusiastic, she's also extremely professional in all the work that she does. Maria has widespread experience in the education industry, which means she brings to the table a breadth of experience from all areas of doing business in this field. From English teaching, to teacher training, and project management, Maria’s wealth of knowledge lends her perfectly to this business she has now built with Creating Quality Learning Experiences.

You can be sure that you will given 5-star treatment no matter what service you choose to use while Maria is at the helm.

Simone Samuels

Academic Programs Manager - IALF, Jakarta - Indonesia

Know you need help but not sure what you need?

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I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Maria Doyle

Founder and Director
SELECT Consultants Pty Ltd trading as Create Real Change
ABN: 46 161 932 305