The True Cost of Systemising and Selling Your Expertise

A case study to help you create realistic goals and expectations when planning your next promotion.

The true cost of systemising and selling your expertise

One strategy for selling yourself online, is to create a webinar that will ‘sell’ people into your program, online course or coaching services.

A lot of clients come to me with this idea in mind, and are completely overwhelmed when they try to start putting together all the marketing material – because the truth is, there’s a LOT to think about – and there are a lot of professionals out there making it look super slick, simple and straightforward.

If you’ve given it a go, there’s a chance you have found yourself feeling like a bit of a floundering failure – how do they make it look so easy when you have spent so much time, put in all this effort, and still don’t really have all the pieces of the puzzle you need – and to be honest, you’re not even quite sure what is missing and what you actually need to be doing?!

You can let out a sigh of relief; I have you covered!

The true cost of systemising and selling your expertise

We decided to catalogue the actual cost in time, money and effort that goes into creating, promoting, delivering and then repurposing content – to bust the myth around how simple it is to make a recurring income (passive income pfffffft!) from providing online learning programs.

I have worked on a 6 month promotional plan for delivery in January through to June of 2020 – yes, in the middle of COVID #greattiming – and the thing is this (COVID notwithstanding) – IT WAS A LOT OF WORK!!!!

So together with one of my team members, Ilana van Geijn, we want to share with you our case study, and help you understand the steps, time, skill level and effort involved so when you are putting together your next launch strategy you can systematically work your way through the to-do list and successfully sell yourself online like a pro.

In this case study, we will show you how to:

The true cost of systemising and selling your expertise
  • Set realistic goals and expectations around creating and promoting your next webinar
  • Systemise and prepare your content to best promote your product
  • Prepare the marketing material you need for pre, during and post your webinar
  • Repurpose your webinar content for your website, program, online course or coaching services

By the end of the case study you are going to understand the 7 core areas to organise when doing a webinar product launch:

The true cost of systemising and selling your expertise
  • Choosing the topic/area of expertise you will focus on
  • Gathering your topic resources
  • What you need to publicise your expertise
  • The tasks involved to set-up your webinar
  • The items you need to publicise your webinar
  • The preparation work needed for your webinar
  • Your post-webinar tasks

Final Result?

You should have the knowledge required to systematically put together a webinar to launch your online content with ease – and to then repurpose the material for future use and promotion.

Ready to to start systemising and selling your expertise?

Fantastic! The case study is presented, along with a quick tutorial and a content organising tool, that will help you through the steps of systemising and then selling your expertise.

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steps systemising selling expertise

Great content stuck in your head & hard drives?

So much to think about . . .

>> What to put in & leave out, in what order?

>> How to package it? Or deliver it? Online?

>> Will it just be a waste of time & money?

>> Will the content actually help people and help me build my reputation as the go-to-professional in my field?

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