Teaching tips if you want to create real change in the world

If you’re a teacher, trainer, or facilitator of learning, the piece of art that I recently had commissioned was created with you in mind.


Because some of you are considering not being a teacher. You’re infused with inspiration for sharing your content with the world, but on the flip side you’re not sure the training industry is for you at all. Because, let’s face it, some days it looks like all too much hard work with very little reward.

The world of education and training has given me so much. Over 12 international postings,  I’ve lived in 9 countries and travelled through over 30, as a student, teacher and trainer and SURE there are days where you need a bit of extra help (like, perhaps a road train to push you up the learning curve), but there are secrets to staying positive and making the most out of our industry, regardless of who you’re teaching, or what the subject matter.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I love helping people. I love bearing witness to those lightbulb moments, taking people from confusion to clarity, and seeing a client finally nail something they’ve been skirting around for years.

Do you love the concept of teaching? Or perhaps you’re moving towards it and not really sure if, at your core, you feel like a “teacher”. Maybe you don’t think you’re quite cut out for it.

As a facilitator of learning, a teacher, trainer, guide and mentor, my mission is simply to help people thrive.

It’s not just about ‘teaching’, or giving information so they can ‘learn’ something new, it’s about getting them to apply it, in real time, so that they can create real change in their lives – and essentially that’s why we (teachers, trainers, mentors) do what we do … right?
It’s something I’m fiercely passionate about – and so when my good friend Vicky Harris told me she was finally putting her artistic talents to good use – illustrating quotes (check out her other pieces here) –  I commissioned her to create a piece of art that would encapsulate why we do what we do.

This industry is extraordinarily rewarding. There are secrets to staying positive and making the most of the job, and to pushing through the hard days knowing that you’re doing what you do because you’re helping people thrive.

So here’s the artwork and the story behind what it signifies:

teaching tips to create real change

At the heart of any Real Change, is the bold, bright, yellow sun;

Any life changing project or mission needs a strong, powerful energy behind it. This burning heart is what motivates you to keep going through the rough patches on that sometimes bumpy road to success.

Creating Real Change isn’t always a straight forward, simple journey, but achieving success is all about continually bringing that positive energy into your life, and the lives of those you’re helping.

When you Create Real Change, you help yourself and other people to grow and blossom into the best versions of themselves.

The flowers, and the blossoms in this image, inspired by the mandala of my Create Real Change logo, remind us to always be reaching upwards and outwards. They grow from the REAL leaves, which need to be nurtured, and are given power by the energy from the sun, which encourages us to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep trying until we blossom and Create Real Change.

The roads and paths that lead us to Creating Real Change

(the lines pointing towards the middle of the image), can come or go in any direction so keep your eyes, ears and hearts open as they will continue to open before you, as long as you’re looking for them.

Behind any Real Change, whether you’re the one who is creating it or facilitating it for others, is reward

– and in this case, a diamond, sky coloured medallion. It’s why we do what we do: that feeling of “YES! I helped someone reach that “AHA” moment, turn their lives around, sort out that issue that was keeping them from moving forward”. It’s why we do what we do – right?

In essence?

To reap the rewards of Creating Real Change in the world, keep the motivation strong, and keep your heart, ears and eyes open for the paths or people who will help you, so that you, and your clients, can blossom and grow into the best possible versions of themselves.

teaching tips to create real change

Awesome, huh?

Here’s another of my favourite pieces of Vicky’s work, and if you want to see more, or commission your own piece of art, you can connect with her at her Facebook page.

If you’ve a burning desire to help people make serious change in their worlds, you’re probably already a teacher. Sorry to break it to you and welcome to the crew.

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teaching tips to create real change

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  1. What a beautiful way to wrap up your 2015 Maria!

    Have loved being one of your 50 clients this year, and the many ahas you gave (and are sure to continue to give) me.

    Enjoy your break in Bali!

    xx Kylie


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