If you...

  • have a LOT of great content stuck in your head, or hard-drive,
  • know it's time to leverage your time and create group offerings,
  • are overwhelmed by all your options of how to start,
  • are new to the online business world, and
  • don't really know who to trust. 

There's a simple way forward.

These three courses will teach you how to:

  • Systemise and package up your knowledge base,
  • Create products that work for YOU and your clients,
  • Save time and money by DIYing the right tasks,
  • Avoid the common pitfalls so you get it done right, the first time.

Learn how to: create a loyal base of clients who refer to you as the expert in your niche, by systemising and packaging your expertise into quality learning experiences; also, assess your preparedness to embark on the content creation journey.



Learn how to: navigate the content creation process from concept to launch; including the 12 steps of creating a quality learning experience, how to get your content online, how to hire the right professionals and how to know which steps to outsource or DIY.


 Learn how to: set up, develop & run a small business or consultancy efficiently and effectively.  Learn from a number of candid interviews & tutorials with small business professionals from a variety of industries and business perspectives. Wisdom, from those who have been there. 


You will receive...


So much to do, no idea where to start?

I hear you! I've been through this process with over 150 private clients in the past 4 years alone. The Content Creation Quiz will show you exactly which steps you need help with. 



We had totally lost the love with our course - we knew we had good content but we had no idea how to pull it all together.

It had just become so huge with all the extra content we were adding into it we knew it was awesome, but it was getting way too big for us to keep track of where everything was - it was killing us! 

Now, we're in the honeymoon stage again - we're back in love with what we do, and why we do it. You've allowed us to breathe life back into our programs, we've got our excitement back - we knew we had good content, but were totally overwhelmed with what to do with it all.

Adele McConnell & Robyn Law

Small Business Coaches


Lots of people talk about engagement or creating trainings or inspiring your audience but Maria is the real deal.

She has literally decades of hands-on, real life experience in incredibly varying environments working on understanding learning and user/learner engagement.
Maria has a deep understanding of how learning happens and because she is just so damn good at what she does, she doesn't really explain things - she demonstrates them so you can see them in action. This is the beauty of working with her - she really embodies what she does! Maria really does inspire, motivate and truly connect with her learners.

Cat LeBlanc

Business Strategist


Oh my. A huge thank you.  I have recreated my course outline, reworded my welcome page done my Objective Statement framework and just  recorded my new Welcome video. I am so happy with the evolution.  Next off refreshing all modules using the objective statement framework and fixing the action sheets up. BOOM, the investment in you was gold.

Penny Locaso

Founder - BKindred

Ro Gorrell

Maria has this uncanny knack of helping your brain make sense of a ton of information. The time I spent in her group workshop was just what I needed to re-set my systemisation skills and help me continue to pull together all the stuff inside my head into a usable format.

Maria is the person to go to help you get your ducks in a row so that you’re ready to chunk and package your know-how into something that works. Plus, she is great fun to work with and is so generous with her help and support. Thanks Maria.

Ro Gorell

Director, Grow Talent

Giving Back

Proceeds from the 'Small Business Wisdom' course in the Library, go directly to funding teaching resources for underprivileged schools. Every year, I knock on the doors of schools in communities that don't have access to quality teacher training and professional development programs, and provide free teacher training workshops and much needed classroom resources.

Find out more about the 'Giving Back' program, and ways you can help, here.



includes 1 x 60 minute power hour

includes 1 x 60 minute power hour


These Courses are for you if...

you want work that flows easily to you. You want a framework for learning that you KNOW works. You have a system for collating and curating your expertise, so that you can create needs based offerings on demand, without the confusion and overwhelm. You want to bounce out of bed everyday, loving what you do and the way you do it. You want to be delivering products and services that light YOU and your clients up. You want to know what to outsource, so that you can run a successful business doing the tasks that are in your zone of genius. Your driver is helping people change their lives, creating real change in the world. 

Or maybe you'd prefer to check out the other Levels in the Library...

Learn how to systemise and sell your expertise, with a bank of small business wisdom, delivered to you by a range of experts who can help you create a location independent consultancy based on your expertise, skills and experience. 

Learn how to organise your expertise into quality learning experiences: design, structure, deliver and continuously improve your outcomes based courses, workshops, presentations or information products.


Learn how to produce quality videos and presentations, create engaging online learning products and spaces, motivate your clients to engage with each other, the content, and produce outcomes they're proud of.


Bespoke modules of content for clients with a wide range of backgrounds and special needs, including:

  • Language, Culture and Communication Skills.