Using AI to create online learning content

Recently, I had the privilege of presenting this Masterclass for the One Roof Community (what a powerhouse of women in business!): Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create online learning content.

AI is here to stay – we either learn how to harness it, or we keep doing what we’ve always done – it’s the biggest change to the way we work in the professional world since the dawn of the internet – are you ready for the challenge? The core outcome of this Masterclass is that you will: 

Consider how you can use AI to help create your own transformative online learning experiences. 

What don't we cover?

We don’t delve into basic AI training or advanced training on AI authoring tools within Learning Management Systems (LMSs). While these are important topics, the focus of the presentation is on exploring the broader implications and applications of AI in learning content creation. (AI wrote this bit – can you tell? It doesn’t really sound like me does it?) 

What topics do we cover?

1. What's the purpose of your learning resources?

We answer these questions:

  • Why create learning resources?
  • How is AI like a calculator?
  • What are the challenges of using AI?
  • What can AI simply not provide?
  • What are you bringing to the table that AI cannot?
2. How can AI help with learning content creation?

We answer these questions:

  • What can the tools do?
  • What’s the difference between an LMS and an authoring tool?
  • Will AI replace the need for learning content creators?
  • What level of tools do you think you could use to help you create learning content?

And in the workbook there’s a whole list of links to different ‘levels’ of AI apps for creating anything from a logo to a full online course. 

3. What are you asking AI to help you create?

We answer these questions:

  • What resources are you actually creating? 
  • What’s the alternative to death by PowerPoint? 
  • Which elements do you already have? Which elements do you need help creating? 
    • Topics
    • Well Structured Scripts
    • Learning Resources (Presentations and Workbooks) with 
      • Core Concept Questions, 
      • Outcomes, 
      • Quizzes and 
      • Practical Tasks
  • Which of the elements do you think AI could help you with?
  • Which elements do you think you need to have the most input into?
4. How can you use AI to help create your own online learning content?

We ask you to return to the original outcome and:

Consider how you can use AI to help you create transformative online learning content. 

Then watch the Masterclass here

Are you ready to create transformative learning materials that pack the punch you know they’re capable of?

The best way to work out how I can help you progress your learning product project is to have a quick chat. Book in below and I’ll send you a quick questionnaire where you can tell me more about your project.

Just one more thing… 

Here’s how AI summarised the workshop (just to demonstrate one last time…)

We focused on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise the creation of online learning content. The insights shared during this session are invaluable, offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI in the educational landscape. I’m excited to share with you the masterclass, delving into how AI can enhance the development of engaging, adaptive, and impactful online learning materials. Join me as we explore the innovative intersection of AI and education, and consider the myriad possibilities for leveraging AI to shape the future of online learning content creation.

Doesn’t sound like me does it?

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