What if I invest in creating this online course but it doesn’t sell?

Ahhhh, that old chestnut!

Are you sitting on an idea that involves creating an online course, coaching product or service, because you’re worried you might invest time, money and effort into creating it and then no one will buy it?

This is a common fear and I totally get it!

I’m not going to try to convince you that it’s not a valid fear either, because it most definitely CAN be a waste of time, money and effort if you’re not creating something that your ideal clients want to actually buy.

But here’s the thing: digitalising your IP, if done systematically and broadly enough, can suit a myriad of different products and services.

  • A book (yes, it can be that simple).
  • Online self study course.
  • Group program.
  • Signature 1-1 offering.
  • Mastermind.
  • Keynote presentations.
  • Workshops or seminars.

Anything really, at any price point. The core of what you do is in any product or service you offer – systemising and digitalising it, just helps you see it clearly in a defined structure – so you can do whatever you want with it, for any client or business offering you decide to create. It gets you off the ‘recreate the wheel’ cycle every time you have to deliver it to someone, and gives you a solid framework on which to build any offering.

So if your content could be created into ANY coaching product or service, and you’re STILL concerned that it ‘won’t sell’, then what you’re really saying is that your business is not viable – and we both know you wouldn’t BE in business if that was true – right?

So dig deep for a second – what do you really fear isn’t going to sell?

  • You? Your business as a whole? Because there’s no one out there that needs what you have to offer?
  • Or a version of your IP that you decide to digitalise and package in a specific way?

If the answer is the first option, I’m not sure I can help you.

If the answer is the second option, I think you’ve just answered your own question. Here’s your solution.

Create the product that your clients want and need, and it WILL sell, because you’ve done the research and know there’s a viable market.


Better still, create a QUALITY product, and the product will sell itself into the future because the people who benefit from it will sell it for you with their success stories, reviews and testimonials.

I’ve been in business 8 years and all I can say is that when you’re in the coaching space, having a product or service that works, and clients who openly rave about you and refer you, is a way more cost effective way of marketing than any Facebook ad set will ever be.

Ready to face your fears head-on? Sign up for my Welcome Gifts mentioned below, read through some of my client success stories to hear their journey, or hit me up for a free 15 minute consult call. Let’s digitalise your IP systematically, and create a product you KNOW you have a market for.

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Great content stuck in your head & hard drives?

So much to think about . . .

>> What to put in & leave out, in what order?

>> How to package it? Or deliver it? Online?

>> Will it just be a waste of time & money?

>> Will the content actually help people and help me build my reputation as the go-to-professional in my field?

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