Nothing like hearing from a few happy clients to help you understand what you can get out of joining me for a workshop, coaching or consulting package, right?

Following are reviews from Corporate Organisations, Education Project Managers, Small Business Professionals, Schools and Colleges.

Here's what they say about working with me....

Corporate Organisations

Debbie Gaskin

Debbie and her team needed a 25 page policy turned into an educational video series and quiz. 

As the project manager for the Alcohol and Other Drugs management policy implementation project I chose Maria to work with because during our initial meeting she claimed to be highly motivated, professional and passionate about her work.   The project has now been completed and Maria was true to her word, she was full of energy and ideas and clearly loved the work she did which resulted in an educational package which is accurate, engaging and suitable for a diverse audience of over 30 000 people.

Debbie Gaskin

Project Manager


Tony needed some inspiration for his team, during a 3 day national training workshop. 

Maria presented an empowering session on “Presentations that Engage, Inspire and Motivate” to both my HR team and National Operational leaders. The value was unanimous and all participants, including myself, were impressed with the delivery, structure and excitement created by Maria. All participants regularly develop and deliver presentations on a day-to-day basis and at the end of this session, all participants were able to identify a number of opportunities to improve and enhance the quality of training and presentations being delivered within the business.

So if you need to re-energise and empower your HR team or Business leaders to become better presenters, even if they have been doing it for years, then I would highly recommend Maria and this workshop.

Thank you Maria for being so effective in your delivery and an absolute pleasure to work with – I will certainly look forward to booking you again.

Tony Boutoubia

National HR Manager - Cash Converters

Vicky Moriarty

Vicky and her team needed to revamp their signature training program.

Relief. That's how I described what I felt yesterday after talking to Maria. Only later did I realise I'd actually had the kind of discussion that left me feeling as though I'd been picked up and popped back upright on my feet, fully set to go.

Her knowledge of education, curriculum design and learner engagement is incredible. She helps you extract what you already know so that you can produce well-structured, engaging content which meets the needs of your audience so that everything you produce is unique and high quality.

Working with Maria is so incredibly empowering, productive and energising, I can’t recommend her enough.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, she is also great at making sure that you have understood key concepts.

Vicky Moriarty

Leadership Program Manager (RACGP)


PTCWA Professional Service Award 2016

Since joining WATESOL in 2012, Maria has held the role of Executive Officer and more recently, Vice President. In both roles, she has excelled, applying her project management skills and technological expertise to update our website and branding, streamlining association procedures and improve communications.

Through her knowledge of systems and structures, boundless enthusiasm and energy, she has encouraged the association to invest in innovating for a better future. For example, she has managed the creation of a Roles and Procedures Handbook to ensure smoother handover to new office bearers. This has evolved from the organisation not having clear guidelines or direction for handover when committee members vacate positions.

Maria has been generous with her knowledge, running training sessions and creating instruction manuals and videos to teach committee members how to carry out activities such as editing the website and uploading content. Although her goal has been to make us autonomous, she never says no to a request for help, giving hours of her own time to support other in their roles.

Throughout all of this, Maria has maintained a positive outlook and fabulous sense of humour, with a dedicated focus on networking and building a stronger professional association.


Westralian Association for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Education Project Management

Sonia Ferns

Maria is effervescent, passionate and energetic with the resilience to focus tirelessly until the job is done. She is a compassionate person who considers issues and challenges from a holistic perspective ensuring outcomes and decisions are inclusive of all stakeholders. Maria’s impeccable approach and keen attention to detail culminates in an exceptionally high standard of work in terms of presentation and output.

Sonia Ferns

Manager Course Review - Curtin University, Australia

Joy Pedersen

Maria has a deep understanding of Educational Design, she is a talented teacher and inspiring mentor.I worked alongside Maria for two years in a remote and difficult context as she successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive English program for both trainers and students.

The gains in English language competence for all learner categories were impressive and, most significantly, the local English teachers achieved internationally recognised certification and the skills, understanding and confidence to sustain and take ownership of the programs developed.

Joy Pedersen

Teaching and Learning /Operations Manager, TVETSSP

As the CEO of TTS-100, a Registered Training Organisation in Australia who delivers qualifications nationally, I needed to find an ELT Professional who could assist in writing, developing and delivering a Certificate IV in TESOL. Having worked with Maria previously, and knowing of her extensive international experience with all things ESL and TESOL related, I did not hesitate in approaching her for advice.

Her extensive knowledge of English teaching and teacher training, and the fact that she has worked across the industry in so many vocational learning environments has enabled her to develop a robust Certificate IV level program. The program has passed a rigorous Australian standards audit procedure and she has been a pleasure to work with as her work ethics, efficiency and attention to detail make the work she produces clear, concise and precisely to specification.

I would not hesitate in recommending her as a professional who will be able to deliver to her clients the exact solution that they need.

Con Calameri

CEO, TTS-100, Perth - Australia

Industry Leaders


Jo had an existing course she knew was ready for an upgrade.

I had program that I knew already worked. I had delivered it many times live, so the content was all there and the results were great... But I wanted them to be OUTSTANDING. I also wanted the program to stand alone without my constant input.  So I knew I needed another set of highly skilled and objective eyes to run over the program material to create a more robust learning experience.

Maria over-delivered! She knew what questions to ask, she knew how to empathise with my target students, and she knew how to structure the content to make the experience flow more effectively. She's efficient and super awesome at creating activities and workbooks.

I'm confident now that my program is in excellent shape and will stand up as an outstanding learning experience. Maria also knows how to have a bloody good laugh, which is super important for me while doing business. The whole coaching experience was an absolute joy!


Jo Johnson


Jules needed a keynote presentation pulled together.

She had brainstormed the kind of information she wanted to get across, jotted down some bullet points but needed some help to get it across the line. This is what she had to say about the one hour session it took to bring the keynote into a cohesive whole.

I had a 20 minute keynote presentation coming up, and I knew what I wanted to say... but not how to say it in a way that was effective. In just one hour of coaching, Maria extracted all the ideas out of my head, put them into an order that made sense, and even injected some humour to make the speech more "human." Working with Maria was the best move ever - I ended up with a killer keynote, and loads of confidence going into the presentation... and it was a winner on the day too!


Jules Galloway - Naturopath

Maria Golding

Maria needed a keynote presentation pulled together. This was her message to me after the first event she delivered it at.

Maria! I'm sooo happy with how my presentation went! The audience really engaged and interacted with me, and even came down to my stall to reconnect with me afterwards! They joined in the experiential part, and the group sharing went really well! So happy with this presentation in terms of being able to position myself and my services. THANKYOU for your help - it made ALL the difference!


Maria Golding - Motherhood Science

Yvonne Hilzs

I have spoken about the PURE GENIUS of Maria Doyle before ... but I am doing it again. SERIOUSLY ... check her out if you are building your programs and courses. She is a NINJA at ensuring there are clear student outcomes and learning achieved.

I have spent the last 2 weeks practically every day writing content, brainstorming ideas, getting honest feedback with her. EPIC. This is an awesome program that is now AWESOME!!! ... and already sold to some major corporates.

If you nail your structure and your students learn and achieve what you desire ... they will be your biggest raving fans and promote you ...

PS. I don't profit or receive and monies for this ... am just a raving fan who has smashed out some incredible content and a maaaaajor project and Maria has been legendary at helping me upgrade. I have been training and speaking for years and she has seriously blown my mind with some of the tweaks and upgrades.

I am all about sharing the love and helping other people achieve outstanding results with awesome support and the right team.

Yvonne Hilsz

International Sales Strategist, Speaker and Coach


Maria! Just wanted to let you know how the workshop went ... IT WAS AWESOME!!!! ..... They took notes! They asked questions! They talked to me and each other! They gathered together in the morning tea break and chatted to each other about their projects! They all thanked me individually as they left. Then they posted a string of amazing testimonials for me on social media and the website ...  Woooohoooo!!!  So now, of course, my brain is exploding with 'what's next'.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you .... just so glad I did this with you - it seriously made all the difference. To the content, to the benefit they got, to how I felt. The one thing I really felt from the workshop was just how amazing the interaction was....  I was blown away by how well the techniques and strategies you'd taught me worked, how much better and more confident it made me at delivering the workshop - and how much it improved attendee experience. I also love the butt kicks you gave me a long the way, and how our time together helped keep me accountable to creating this workshop methodically and intentionally (rather than last minute and in a panic!) Love your work!

Amelia Lee

Founder and Architect - Undercover Architect


Lots of people talk about engagement or creating trainings or inspiring your audience but Maria is the real deal. She has literally decades of hands-on, real life experience in incredibly varying environments working on understanding learning and user/learner engagement.

Maria has a deep understanding of how learning happens and because she is just so damn good at what she does, she doesn't really explain things - she demonstrates them so you can see them in action. I saw first hand exactly how I can better communicate with my audience and not have people yawning in my videos, by watching her demonstrate and then explain different skills - this is the beauty of working with her - she really embodies what she does!

Maria inspires, motivates and truly connects with her learners.

Cat LeBlanc

Business Strategist

Nikki Smith

I’ve recently converted my 1 on 1 career change coaching program to a home study online course. Who would have thought creating an online course would be such a roller coaster?

In the beginning I had some concerns and wanted to ensure that the online course participants get the best results possible. So, I had a 2 hour strategy session with Maria. I went from feeling excited but overwhelmed to clear and confident.

Maria gave me a structure to follow that minimised all the second guessing. Her marketing and content structure document helped me to realise that I had under-estimated the power of what I was creating. She helped me to identify deep and useful outcomes beyond what I had identified myself. Plus, Maria shared her wisdom of what to do and what not to do to ensure engagement.

I highly recommend Maria and know that the return on investment is guaranteed.

Nikki Smith

Psychologist and Career/Business Coach


Ten minutes on the phone with Maria was enough to convince me that I needed her help to get my course on financial independence out of my head and into the world in the form of a fabulous learning  experience.

I've worked with her for over 24 hours now and she is far and away the best investment I have ever made in my business. She's THE expert for all things learning (including online courses) but she's also part business coach, part marketing copy expert, part personal cheerleader - and highly competent in all those areas and too many more areas to list. People like Maria are very rare in the online learning world. She is genuine, passionate, professional, a pleasure to work with and now I can't imagine working without her. When I'm ready to make my next round of training, Maria will be the first personal I consult.

Thank you Maria, I feel blessed to have met you and I'm excited about the real change we will be creating together for years to come.

Lacey Filipich

Financial Mindset Coach and Trainer

Nicole Bathurst

Working with Maria has been an absolute delight. Not only have I taken my online course to a whole new level, I also acquired many time saving tech skills. Maria helped me develop my basic course into a professional, educational and impactful learning experience. Her knowledge and expertise guided me through the maze and gave me clarity and confidence every step of the way. I am so proud of The Sugar Truth and cannot wait to share it with the world.


Nicole Bathurst

Naturally Nic

Donna Vincent

I have been working with Maria on a presentation for workshops I will be running. Her course has taught me how to structure my presentation and deliver it in an engaging and interactive way so that I know my audience have participated in, and not just slept through, my workshop.

I love that I have check lists for delivery techniques and visual aids so that I can refer to and duplicate the same professional standard for my next presentation.

I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the full VIP course and in one week I have been blown away with the progress I have made towards systemising my knowledge and content in order to turn it into a series of help videos/blogs. If you want professional results, you need to talk to a professional!

Maria is energetic and genuine and makes the learning process fun.

Donna Vincent

Hard Hat Bookkeeper


Oh my. A huge thank you.  I have recreated my course outline, reworded my welcome page done my Objective Statement framework and just  recorded my new Welcome video. I am so happy with the evolution.  Next off refreshing all modules using the objective statement framework and fixing the action sheets up. BOOM, the investment in you was gold.

Penny Locaso

Founder - BKindred


Maria, just wanted you to know that the last training I delivered, I put myself in the delegates shoes and thought about how I learnt the most effectively - and guess what? I got a card from them saying how great a trainer I was!

First time that's ever happened! I reckon its got something to do with you.

Dr Vish Ramakonar

Principal Consultant - CRM Analytics


I've been searching for something like this course (the 4 PILLARS) for years - and I finally found it! It's the best course I've ever done - and that's no exaggeration!

I've finally sorted through years of my workshops, materials, activities and books I've written and I finally understand how it all fits together.

I've been so overwhelmed when it comes to finding and piecing together materials for my newest offerings - but I'm so excited now about the new chapter that's about to start - I'm going to be so much more organised and chilled out when I get asked to do a workshop or presentation!  Thanks Maria - it's been a total game changer!

Gail O'Keefe

From the 12 Day Challenge @

Create Real Change, Create a Quality Learning Experience

quotes-leftThis is an excellent class to see a professional who know how to promote and engage with her audience. The continuity of the layout of the presentation was great. Everything from the storytelling to the visual is a total package and I wanted to engage and learn more. Have a nice day!

Complete, Succinct, Inspirational

quotes-leftMaria is an engaging speaker who covers the entire spectrum of creating a quality learning experience in 12 succinct, logical steps and inspires the learner to want to learn more. This appears to be a great overview for her more detailed online course.

Small Business Owners

Angela Bennett

Just a quick note, prompted by your newsletter, to let you know where the work you did with me has gone… this week your awesome planning tools were used to create a workshop for at-risk youth, helping them understand anxiety and depression so they can be empowered to disrupt the symptoms. Following your framework, Maria, led to 93% of these young people feeling they would handle the symptoms better in the future, and the youth coordinator said she’d never seen a better program. She was over the moon ♥

It was a group project for my tafe program (I’m switching careers, and doing a double-diploma in community services and counselling!) and there were many things that went into the success of the program (like amazing teammates) but Maria, I’m so grateful that I had worked with you and could push to build a workshop that focused on applied experience to cement demonstration and explanation. The effect on the students was massive, better than we could have hoped for. Our lecturer is falling over herself with compliments, and there’s talk of rolling the program out on a wider scale. Astounding!

So thank you. You’re an awesome educator, Maria, and an inspiration. I’m so pleased to know you =D

Angela Bennett


shireendupreez copy

On my very first call with Maria she gave me advice on a product bundle idea that became my best seller product! I also really loved the detailed practical feedback on how to better structure, deliver and sell my online course. I highly recommend you invest in her advice. Thank you Maria!

Shireen DuPreez

Recruitment and Career Coaching

Christie Clements Shepherd

Maria, thank you! Working with you has been so much fun and so productive!

The way your brain can take complex information (also known as the 20 years of theory and experience in my head!) and turn it into a structure that makes total sense, is phenomenal. That you can then turn this into a visual blows my mind! Oh and you did this in what, three sessions? Amazing!

Through what you’ve taught me, I’ve been able to nail a structure for my coaching practice and the online programs I’m creating. I feel incredibly confident now that I’ll be able to share my knowledge and experience in a way that will truly inspire and help others.

Thank you, with all of my heart! You are brilliant and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to do the 4 PILLARS e-Course and work one-to-one with you.

Christie Clements-Shepherd

Founder and Director - The Joy Society

Cheryl Bigus

The beauty of learning online is that you can find the ideal content for what you want to learn. I’ve taken many courses online, some have been great, some have sucked. This is also how I reach my ideal clients. Working with Maria was amazing because she shows you how adults learn, how to set expectations for your learner then lead them through your programs and content.

Maria demonstrates everything she talks about in her 4-PILLARS program. This program gives you a very clear understanding on how to consider your learner’s and client’s needs in the structure and delivery of your content.

I went to Maria because I didn’t want to leave clients with the experiences I was having. Even if the content was great, if the delivery isn’t how I learn or if the content was just thrown out there without consideration for my time as a learner, I let it go and moved on to something else.

I have referred many people to Maria that are delivering any part of their business through online content. The beauty of her program is that it isn’t just suited for online content but for in-person delivery as well. It’s such a shame to see really great content that falls dramatically short in structure and delivery.

If you are serious about your clients, about how they learn, about getting the full experience of what you are delivering, about getting their money’s worth, about engaging in your content instead of it sitting there doing nothing, you must work with Maria. Her expertise is second to none.

Cheryl Bigus

Euphoric Roots

Jen Wright

I guess it's always the doubt or wonder whether a person can do what they actually say they are going to do. When I first called Maria, I had so much in my head, it was so loud, confused and just ready to explode!! I judged that what was in my head was too enormous for any one person to be able to manipulate and get specific with or actually make any sense of, after talking with Maria the first time, a light actually did ignite within me, that she possibly could be the real deal and do what she promised.

After our first session and even doing the courses. Maria absolutely delivers on what she promises!! That light that ignited is turning into a raving fire!! I am sooooo elated with joy that she is resolving my enormous head giants, slaying them with her wit and practical knowledge of how to! I love it so much, I'm bursting #heartburnnnnn

Maria's really easy to work with. No matter how much of a nut I think of myself, she's have never made me feel that way. Rather, I feel more confident and empowered to be able to actually do the job because of her guidance and support. I love how she cuts out all the nonsense and is so transparent - in a way that our businesses can serve with authenticity and genuine integrity. So thank you Maria !! I couldn't have done this without you.


TV Pro, Videography Mentor - Shine On Video

Alicia Menkveld

If you want to get something done right the first time, you can struggle on your own or you can surround yourself with experts in their fields and get the job done quicker and far better than you could ever have done on your own. Experts have systems, processes, templates and they give you hope by creating beauty from your chaos!

Maria Doyle you rock my world and I am very grateful for your support and helping me bring my ConfidentYou course to life!

Alicia Menkveld

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Twice-Published Author and Performance Coach

Ro Gorrell

Maria has this uncanny knack of helping your brain make sense of a ton of information. The time I spent in her group workshop was just what I needed to re-set my systemisation skills and help me continue to pull together all the stuff inside my head into a usable format. Maria is the person to go to help you get your ducks in a row so that you’re ready to chunk and package your know-how into something that works. Plus, she is great fun to work with and is so generous with her help and support. Thanks Maria.

Ro Gorell

Director - Grow Talent

Wendy Flack

How did you feel before your session?
I was excited, keen to get a framework set up so I could build my workshops. I understood all the theory of the 4 PILLARS and had a mindmap, but didn't know where to start to build the framework.

How did you feel after your session?
Exhausted lol there's just so much more to create a valuable learning experience than I had imagined!! But I felt deeply satisfied as well, because I know now that what I'm going to produce will be worth it.

Working with Maria saw all my ideas for my workshop series come together in a clear, practical plan. The details required to set the foundations of my workshops were beyond anything I could have created on my own. She was warm, encouraging, clear, and challenged my thoughts. I left the session feeling confident and ready to create a valuable learning experience for my clients.

Wendy Flack

Coach and Author of "My Great Idea"

Kylie Bevan photo

SOOOO excited! I've just completed the theory in the 4 PILLARS e-Course and am now jumping in to create my own course(s) - to help people worldwide relocate and resettle in a healthy and happy way.

Maria, I'm so very impressed with the course you've created, it's an awesome mix of rock solid content with engaging delivery. I reached the end (not always the case with previous online courses I've committed to). And I'm going back for more! This is coming from a girl who was dragging her feet in creating an online course - just a few weeks ago it was a 'should' in my mind, now it's becoming an exciting reality. If the result is even a fraction how good 4 PILLLARS is, I'll be thrilled!

Kylie Bevan

Health & Relocation Coach


How were you feeling before you got the Course Review?

It was the fear of the unknown. Let’s face it, our businesses are our babies, so it’s hard to have someone review our programs and courses when you’ve poured your heart and soul into them. Knowing the sheer size of my program, I was a little intimidated by the changes I may have to make.

I know my program content and quality is amazing – BUT there’s ALWAYS room for improvement. I knew Maria’s background and experience in education, I’ve seen her passion first hand (I knew she really knew her stuff). AND I knew my program would be in “nothing but the best” hands having Maria reviewing it.

What's the value that you've gotten out of the Review?

Maria’s experience and authority in education shines through in a massive way. Anyone who wants to take their program or course to the next level, is super passionate about helping their clients succeed … I’d say “jump in feet first”… don’t hesitate … It’s so worth it.

Thanks Maria, YOU ROCK!

Mandy Gibbons

Business Strategist, Mindset Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer & Fat Loss Transformation Expert

Angela Raspass

On this rainy Sydney day I am holed up in a cosy spot working my way through 'The 4 PILLARS E-Course' by Maria Doyle and I have to say - it's BRILLIANT!

I am learning soooooo much that will change the structure and delivery of my Speak to Inspire, Journey Board, Freedom Kit and Wholehearted Sales Success programs that I have in development as well as my events, my Second Act Success Circle, my one-on-one mentoring - basically - EVERYTHING I DO!

If you're in the business of teaching and sharing what you know I think this course is an absolute essential experience for you to make sure you deliver fabulous programs to your audience, programs that are based on structured adult learning principles and will ensure your participants get RESULTS.

Just because I know it, doesn't mean I can effectively teach it - there is a gap I need to close and I am closing it with Maria's help!~ GOLD!

Angela Raspass

Your Second Act Business Mentor


Are you creating an online course? Then STOP what you're doing right now, and get Maria Doyle's 4 FREE videos to make sure you're creating a QUALITY learning experience.

If you want to make sure you prevent refund requests, create raving fans and actually teach your students something new, you're behind the 8 ball if you're not applying Maria's 4 PILLARS.

I'm having AHAs all over the show!

Naomi Liddell

Brand Identity and Web Design

Ingrid Joy

You should be telling the world about what you do Maria. I held on to my ecourseidea for almost a year.

I'd looked at many options for assistance however nothing seemed right until I discovered your services. I wanted to create a quality learning experience that would really solve the problems my ideal clients were struggling with.

Your many years of course creation really shows. I wanted to create a course that would boost my credibility not hinder it and you're truly passionate about helping me deliver that. Working with you has been a great decision. Get your message out there; so many people could benefit from it.

Ingrid Joy

Quit The Cubicle

I've known Maria for over a decade now and she is my go-to person for no bullshit clear and constructive advice. She is extremely intuitive when it comes to recognising what you need and how you can best move forward, and because of this she can give you clearly defined steps to take and well-defined reasons for taking them. She creates a safe space for you to talk about the things which are really holding you back and then helps you to uncover the answers for yourself and act on them. I can't recommend her enough.

Vicky Harris


Schools and Colleges

Thom Jones

Having worked with Maria through more years, countries and projects than either us may wish to count publicly, I have come to see her as a solid and reliable professional to be counted on. Her ability and diligence are only matched by her energy and enthusiasm.

In every aspect of her wide-ranging training career she has proved an invaluable bastion of dependability.

Thomas Jones

International Business Development Specialist Director


Maria is not only passionate and enthusiastic, she's also extremely professional in all the work that she does. Maria has widespread experience in the education industry, which means she brings to the table a breadth of experience from all areas of doing business in this field. From English teaching, to teacher training, and project management, Maria’s wealth of knowledge lends her perfectly to this business she has now built with Creating Quality Learning Experiences.

You can be sure that you will given 5-star treatment no matter what service you choose to use while Maria is at the helm.

Simone Samuels

Academic Programs Manager - IALF, Jakarta - Indonesia


I recall walking into the Certificate 3 course in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), nervous and yet eager to learn. Maria immediately made me feel at ease with her vibrant personality and her use of ice breakers that had us all feeling like a ‘group’ working towards a common goal from the get go.

Maria injected her brand of enthusiasm into each workshop always providing us with encouraging and constructive feedback in the practical assessment and popping in fascinating and entertaining anecdotes from her world travels designed to link our learning to real life situations.

I would absolutely recommend Maria as a trainer, there’s never a dull moment and her classes were filled with energy and positivity, leaving us feeling well prepared and excited for future teaching opportunities.

Perry Jones

Manager Course Review - Curtin University, Australia

Maria Doyle became my TESOL trainer in 2004. I decided to undertake my TESOL training primarily because of Maria’s international experience, passion and dedication to the world of ESL students.

As a trainer she used dynamic, engaging teaching strategies to teach the content of the course. Her sessions were informative, hands on and fun.As a qualified primary school teacher myself, Maria introduced me to a communicative style of teaching that can be transferred to all aspects of the teaching profession; from young children, adolescents through to adult learners.

Maria’s teaching style was so impressive that I, along with a group of my colleagues and friends, employed her as a tutor in a language other than English using the same communicative, dynamic style.

Maria is a knowledgeable and committed educationalist whose experience and skills in the area of Teaching English as a Second Language spans across the globe. She connects with people of all ages, from many countries, from all socio economic backgrounds. She has developed a range of programs, resources and initiatives on an international scale as well as being involved in overseas volunteer programs to support a range of charities. I had the privilege to observe one of her teacher training courses in Kiribati and saw how she connected with the students and inspired them regardless of the cultural diversity.

I observed her natural ability to communicate and engage the trainee teachers, provide constructive feedback and develop their confidence to become competent teachers within their community. Maria’s skills, experience, commitment and passion are an asset to the international education profession.

Di Ursell

EAL/D Specialist Teacher and Curriculum Leader

I've known Maria for over a decade now and she is my go-to person for no bullshit clear and constructive advice. She is extremely intuitive when it comes to recognising what you need and how you can best move forward, and because of this she can give you clearly defined steps to take and well-defined reasons for taking them. She creates a safe space for you to talk about the things which are really holding you back and then helps you to uncover the answers for yourself and act on them. I can't recommend her enough.

Vicky Harris


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Maria Doyle

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